GE/e the Reveal

Just before stepping home yesterday, I was given the GE Revea; on lighting at the target. it is 4 pack for 25 bucks. about what you’d expect for a bargain premium versus the Sylvania brand’s 3 pack for 24 at Kmart. However, while i can not get the 13 waters as cheaply as i used to, I did spot 20 waters cfl’s at 15 a 5 pack which is about right where they’d be from 2008 pricings with increase.

I also saw a 3 cup bodum coffee press. I can out coffee the unsuspecting at work?? perhaps.

today i stopped into the pub for a beer as I didn’t want to go straight home nor wait 15 minutes for the bus after the train. so I did everything and …waited 15 minutes for the bus lol. but before this next paragraph I must say i had the hendricks cucumber gin finally along with you better belief I bought a meal! but it didn’t matter I got home and had to take a nap… I mean the sugar won out not the alcohol.

what brings me here to discuss pricing is the weird notion it’s tied to what it costs to make it of course…but the price point is still arbitrary. I get renegades from hammer and sickle beer… it’s a four pack of 12 oz cans in a fancy plastic holder and at 9% abc there is a grenade quality to them. but as russian coffee stout goes expect if you can hang with such a heavy beer a fine fade into the evening. by size it’s two glasses of wine. yet the wine would be 2 cans at 8 dollars and y et this stuff is 10.00 a 4 pack. or about 3 a can. I never am likely to forget that somehow things cost what they do but somehow also it just doesn’t quite make sense.
because if one follows box win value it’s 4 more for a box which is 12 drinks not 4. or, in other words, the actual alcohol content of things per price wildly varies.

energywise, I shopped my feet on the path to prove again still i can walk 3 miles nonstop home. that target thing was a bit of a stomp and what was just unfair was all my sugars from lucy at the chinese place kung pao chicken steamed rice scoops ate half water… and I couldn’t have been much higher in lack of sugar control as evidenced then as today by the naps after these adventures not from booze but strictly sugar…the outcome is the same…nap…but how I get there is an entirely different feeling.

I’m not shopping for different work but I suppose it shan’t be long before I may truly feel the pressure to. I’m down to 4 hours per day which means no lunch and afternoons 1-5. this is barely my cable bil plus the bus fare to get there. not the rent or close enough. but I suppose they chose me and I mean the thank you in my heart for that as long as I can possibly afford to. I have also gotten the big punch of a chance to close out the balance on a major card and hold on the other factor/makestill some progress. so they help me i can feel in a way I return the favor… I hope.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “GE/e the Reveal”

I hope your hours increase. I know what you mean about barely covering the bus fare to get there. I often laugh at how I’m working to pay for the car that I need to reliably get me to work. If I didn’t have the car I wouldn’t need to work. The only reason I have the car is to get me to work. (work barely covers the essentials: shelter/food.) It’s a sick world. 🙂

well, there you have it 😀 if only you go barefoot guru 😉 as to the hours, bugger as I’m greedy 😀 but think now they chose me and kept me, surely I’ve stepped on someone’s toes by now. now while thisn’t a blood tied debt of honor just a job, remember I did get it after five years of nothing with no hope hardly left. I’m keen to share that even in the bad times I will not forsake them if possible. honoring people at their worst is a solid message.

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