pick your picnic

I’ll take that and a bucket of chicken – well it’s a silly enough rejoinder. However, I’m thinking of things I want to accompany my bucket of delights. How do you fried chicken?

macaroni salad – avoided usually as I’ve enough carbs coming
potato salad – I prefer the american style extra mustard stuff
three bean salad – I haven’t had that in ages!
coleslaw – I’ve had a boulder slaw and yet still tend to like the sugar-crack kid kfc sweet junk
baked beans – I’ve this cuss of who has the best sides and it’s usually not the originating main dish joint…cuss! but, there’s this new trend with bbq joints and burnt ends and beans and oo lala!
red beans and rice – the stuff is just heavenly to me yet oddly I’m just not into it with fried chicken.
corn – be it cobb with a drowning in butter or kernels.. i have this carb thing and love corn but avoid it as a side. I never have to date like cream of corn… I haven’t tried lately so I may be in error.
greens. I like collards, chard, turnip and even kale and even snappy mustard greens…even with bacon 😀 mmmmmm but kale /tomatoes is good – but I haven’t tried it with fried chicken/just swiss steak.
salads proper – sure but I just can’t remember when I bought fried chicken AND a salad together.
lettuceless salad- like three bean salad already mentioned, I do think a dressed bit of fruit/veg can be delightful – I have a nice spicy tomato salad…but I again can’t think of a time I put that with fried chicken.
mashed potatoes and gravy. I’m saddened that the mashed/gravied’s are lame lately – I do have a new reason to do up my own instant or scratch… I know how…and put an onion gravy to them. mmmm
other potato offerings be it scallops country fried or french of the fries or chips/crisps… I’ve seen it…. I usually don’t try to get it.
begall – a vegetable medley with lima beans and carrots corn green beans that’s typically better with butter and a splash of vinegar….. I again don’t go out of my way to get this but I have had it and it isn’t bad.

I’m reminded of about the oddest thing I saw for fried chicken which was peruvian kebobs or a spiced assortment of potato chunk and squash perhaps onion and a bell for color.

but the point still remains how do you pick your picnic?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

12 replies on “pick your picnic”

firstly, time passes and now it’s the little orange building. but while some of the recipes have changed with operations which is a pity to memories… I’m telling you that little yellow building had some of the best refried beans going. the overall place is very similar yellow to orange. in fact here’s a menu.!burritos“tostadas”enchiladas please scroll to the bottom of the page and read if possible about huaraches, soap and such.. it’s rather fun to know it was almost yesterday a soap became a huarache because of a choice to make them said shape… but while this place deserves it’s continuing 4 stars… it’s technical name is rodeo 2 mexicn restaurant and as I have said it isn’t the as when I found it. I show up on my birthday to live mariachi music…I was and still am impressed to sit 3 feet from an upright bass.

Is the question picnics or chicken, for these are different topics!
Yes, the cheapest sandwiches you can make for roadtrip picnics (thinking pimento, chicken salad, egg, tuna, ham, turkey…not all together, of course…with the crust cut off, just to hearken back), grapes, chips. Most of our picnic trips to parks were proceeded by a trip to the local taco shack, so I tend to think of tacos when I think of picnics. Sad but true.

Chicken? It’s taters, precious.

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