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pigletting blog three. results.

it is worth noting I had my taxes done professionally on february the sixth. the expected results were I’d have something to say about the speed at a cost/convenience of said. I do.

I believe the cost was about 227 dollars of which fifty fast cash was given straight away or 277 – 50. the federal of which they were granted permission to withhold their bill of services was about found to be in my bank via a transfer by the 16th of february – this was not a treasury check but whichever bank this tax place utilized of which was less a 40 nearly transfer fee … this is included in the 277 above. thus this is in truth a hidden loan towards the return. however it sure would look damn bad if a professional service can not accurately do one’s taxes provided they’ve accurate information of which one has to sign on fraud against the government and theft / collusion as well against the place of business for. the checkmate was 3/05/15 or less than 30 days for the state return however by mail it took 4 days to receive. so 33 days was how this month worked out or 30-37 days is this year’s average less 277. laster I file on the 11th and received checks both ways about the 28th of march or doing my own taxes saves me 277 dollars but costs me14 or more days. I know the smarter of you can smell a manufactured value of time for a bit of money. but, 20 dollars a day I have to wait for regular service, it is worth considering again professional services.

there is another result, despite every possible chance to have made this tax and savings plan disappear I only lost 300 buck empiric cash money to visit a fancy party and have everyone pinch in their time to make sure I got there. yes it pains me to put acknowledgement to printable evidence that I am more supported than it feels like. so 2 grand towards sears/kmart via city/shitty bank leaving me less than 2 months in debated after aprils outlay is paid which isn’t last july sure but shit happens. but I seriously wanted a working oven and can not drive and appreciate the chance in reality to have handled it versus cried crocodile tears over please landlord buy me a even more disgusting appliance please. I wanted a new dishwasher that fit my space needs and again I can not drive so that too delivers, I wanted a couch and television and computer 0which of course breaks out of warranty…dag rabbit. and I just had to have a suit for the party!!! 😉 lol or I can add up every want/need excuse and tabulate that such is easy and fast to rack up bills and this doesn’t explain the retarded amount it cost me in every possible nickler and dimer for the house which is how I really look at the money I got recompensed. so without fully losing focus on the gratefulness of support I received, I note again I made a goal, I have put huge investments toward my home often seemingly unfairly…yet I have had stability enough to do the most I can for others….AND MYSELF.

so with any luck, I may have a shot to achieve my other goals of maintaining work for my two year anniversary but please not if the hours remain cut and the bullshit the same… it is a struggle to remain composed but to remain stably employed is a nice boost to respond back that I am not without employment which instantly equals bum/mooch despite excuse. I also obviously wish to be 2 months ahead on rent which leaves me free to move. I also wish to be entirely debt free which means that I have 3 month’s income to manage any basic move. and I cap this with the hope I can not use credit so wish to add one additional month in cash just to have that fully loaded financial freedom. I may again not achieve this prior to lujly but again 21 months to have saved 21 months isn’t unreasonable a hurdle this gives me til the end of the year and that would push me past two bother goals to make on paper 2 years work already mentioned but 2 years in social security work credits which isn’t june but september due to vagaries of paperwork… and christmas’ check marks the longest I ever held a job period or a little over 2.5 years which would be nice to say if I can put up with no other job prospects as all my time is someone’s playground never mind the law principles or paycheck now. and the niggling time to be stolen as it’s not paid for but expected and no time remains for said because on paper there is time…then there’s the constant calls to ultimately require face time to solve which isn’t paid. again paycheck or principles and also please note a bias warning of neglecting the WHOLE truth…surely any adult should laugh and expect i left a few details out. 😉 so. these are the goals, hopes and challenges but also

the results.


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15 responses to “pigletting blog three. results.

  1. ordinarybutloud ⋅


  2. theinfiniterally ⋅

    It sounds like you’re pretty well on track.
    Where would we be with all the facts?

  3. Good goals and hopes and challenges and results!
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…there were TOO MANY numbers in this post. It made my pea-brain numb. 😉 😛 😉 😀

  4. PPS…you blog-ed a lot today! 😮

  5. Wow! Yay! Congrats on having her to write to and interact with! 🙂 Keep writing away! 🙂

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