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Because I Misspelled the last one

vision vs. perception. let’s talk of irony. royal purple comes from about the ugliest creature ever…yet is prized for it’s beauty….and rarity – yet as so little of the substance dyestuff’s in the sea critter, it takes a high multiplicity of these creatures to obtain a suitable amount of dyestuffs.
a color wheel exists where we can compare and contrast all the colors we perceive. this is a rare moment when I doubt a single person wouldn’t find it rather neat that thee most boring subject of school, algebra, is in fact rather dang neat when we realize a color wheel makes use of an inverse of the colors as numeric values within a range of the electromagnetic spectrum as values flipped between 0 and 1. yes, it can sound nap-inducingly boring. yet, here are two ways algebra is damned neat and YOU KNOW IT”S TRUE…oh crap, I’m going to start singing milli vanilla and we all know they didn’t actually sing millie vanilli…big scandal.

a color wheel

the basic thing of positive and negative or “flip” of color in photographs… and now another example where it isn’t so potently obvious

a not so obvious color flipped image imagine this picture at night with a blue sky with purples and deeper blue / navy colors as in ambient light.

Irony is much of life is like this too, it’s not so fun when it’s obvious…who, but the poor author, rereads the who-done-its? when the mystery’s gone? who want relationship leftovers ON PRINCIPLE not the actual person. Who really stands for their principles at work when the mortgage’s due? How many gush at the love and beauty onscreen when they use pancake makeup to hide the 30 years of cocaine wrinkles and lots of cash must trade hands for the greatest show on earth?

and while we’re on tho irony, how come the most powerful damned things ever….are always illusions or invisible?


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6 responses to “Because I Misspelled the last one

  1. If you are incapable of getting the jokes… the title does NOT mean I actually spellchecked this blog either. nor did I try very heard to convey any salient point….this blog like its predecessor is just as rambling. as to the not so obvious demonstration of the a color flipped photo… you may look up the values of it flipped/inverted BUT not the original values are or must be heavily changed in contrast/brightness…or to put it a different way, this picture seems to be a doctored reject of a photo damn near black that didn’t turn out due to poor setup…that magically can appear to be magic-ART if it or you wants to utilize…vision or perception…and a few neat tricks. Algebra will probably remain high up on the dullest subjects ever but it is damned useful….even if one always here’s it is hardly ever useful in life…which I rather beg to differ….even if I’m about the least qualified person to say so as I am quite the pathetic student of it.

  2. ordinarybutloud ⋅

    relationship leftovers…yikes. I love color wheels. I have one in my desk.

  3. HA! You SHOULD sing Milli Vanilli, since they didn’t! 😉 😀
    This was a fun, non-nap-inducing post! I love colors and learning about colors…and algebra…and irony! 🙂 So I stayed awake through the whole post! 🙂
    Yes, the irony of all of those things you mentioned is interesting.
    ColorfulHUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…two of my fav quotes about irony…
    1. Women spend more time thinking about what men think, then men spend thinking!
    2. It’s funny how the people who know the least about you, always have the most to say.
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    BTW: My ironing board cover is wrinkled. How is that possible!?!? There’s some IRONy! 😉 😀

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