53 inches

there was a sky where I could see the stars
they told their stories and for once i could see
northern star or the big and little dippers
I could drink it all in so I knew it was a dream
then I put on a movie and it was there again
the sky where I could see it all written up

I chose as some of you know an approach
let us see if I can live to it – march with it.
it costs risks, it may for a time see no support
yet, it matters to me I have certain things
th e power to choose and be successful
sure, this might meet with success of mute meaning
but why can’t I wield destiny some
not land where it whims

I bought a collection of biblical stories
I shouldn’t fight the stories but succumb
but they suck so very badly! highlighting men
I dislike the tales that call to the divine
in a look what I’ve done so fine.
it eviscerates the magic and the power.
a still beating heart impaled on a stick
all before one’s dying eyes.

I knew I’d should rush to have all my taxes done
I knew timing was critical. but i didn’t know why
the day after I had the advanced loan part one?
my hours are cut. a new fridge sits in the closet
figure it out, it costs the hours I lose if I’m right
amazing how a fridge is more valued than I.

I knew I’d should rush to have all my taxes done
I knew timing was critical, but i didn’t know why
the day I looked at what remained of that
with the main month in was the day she called
I felt rich even if I knew I was actually behind
with the main month in was the day she called

if the reason this reads poetic seems odd
it’s my thoughts compressed to save you time
if you want a funny, I miss the one who not cheers
but jeers each attempt at boasting aloud
take for instance my ceiling fan, I have pulled the old one
I see 3 cracks now the length of the ceiling and the mount’s loose

of course I defend I didn’t install the one before
but here it is a month from the last five minutes spent
only to be defeated in a 30 minute project again
it only took 30(?) minutes ‘worry’ to find MY tools buried in anthers
the ladder now loose to the floor thus unstable
and I again afraid to put it up as it was before but working anew

I need only tell you I suffer the hell of learning
learning to say my no, to not worry the ass before did it wrong
I’m the new ass and it’s not a mountain each of these molehills
I’m not the first person to see all the wants trimmed to only the needs
I’m not the first to cuss my misfortunes only to hear others want to add
to share my grand fortunes overall…yet say yes or no with wisdom

to understand I am a juggernaut surely
but often one only to destroy everything
I must care a bit less – to let go only then do *I* gain.
I won’t have the pinnacle of perfection each chance
yet I can have excellence if I strive wisely
but fate laughs at what I find important, I can just hear it.

53 inches is all my router needs to be moved one so i have internet. 53 inch not even five feet! FUCK YOU. you want it the other side ppay 300 dollars and pay someone else to rewire the house for your happiness. 53. inches is a lll I need to get a stable signal so 3 months of my life wasted was all it was. 53 inches. because of someone else’s abuse of form. FUCK YOU. move it and I will rip your heart out of your chest and kabob it in front of your dying eyes.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “53 inches”

fate does seem to have fangs. it is easy for my brain to paint it as a helper, a trickster god, learning me to let go. sorry about he 53 inches. a better worry than too few? yes, that was entendre.

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