I did unusual things today. I awoke to the neighbor hollering for what turns out to be the opening line of HEY! can I cook you breakfast? what, now? in about an hour….my usual minimum morning tv warm up without the tv time….I arrived intrigued what the repast was over… oh come on! you know it’s a BRIBE! it was a tomato tarragon egg scramble with a double portion plus of thick cut bacon. … fairly generous bribe! this bribe was to move a stored trailer covered but otherwise empty from storage to hooked up….it was buried in yuck knee-deep white….it took a double breaks as my hands got wet and I cold…but I was able to successfully help earn my breakfast 😀 this led immediately to the other neighbors for a tour of my requirements of collect my check and then deposit the check and then go grocery shopping – more about this latter adventure in a moment… only to have brother bring home wine when i got too lazy to go do the last bit myself.. I end the evening after his, brother’s thrill, by going grocery regretting as in cleanup shopping with the morning neighbor. 🙂

if you wish to skip the shopping portions of this adventure due to bragging designed to make you hungry even if I’m only pleased how lucky I can potentially be during a week where it calls for snow til next thursay …. well, here’s your chance… I made good on the hoped for option for weird african beans with chicken thighs and drumsticks for shake’n’bake-able bbq chicken. I also have a chuck roast with potato and carrot enough to make a simple wined up one of those…might have to get kohlrabi for this…can’t remember if its anise celery or just anise the stuff… I have a standard party shrimp ring the half sized big boy platter which is about the limit of what i know I can eat myself as if lol I’d have trouble finding help…as if… a peach pie and because i had a ride a rare treat perhaps of michigan cherry cobbler ice cream. green beans can look forward to a tangy cranberry nut trail mix along with butter so as to be…tangy. there’s sour cream and butter for potatoes and tone I think steaks reasonable but lower grades marble remind me to butter poke and not incinerate…and by butter I mean butter oil blend which with a FEW holes means there is a chance at keeping a medium at most from not being shoe leather…. yes folks I can cook I kick myself as certain things I can not do with proper blind skills but I have duplicatable skills I can teach you… there is hotdogs, my kind hebrew nationals all repackaged down so I can share or not share and save too. I have basic salad and cheeses so I can toasted. I have kenyan coffee enough for the weekend start 😀 I have wildflower honey the small bear looking kind which is enough for a biscuits day and tea. I even have reeds extra finer beer…mmmm along with diet cherry coke as in cherry coke zero.. I have milk a lil cereal left from last visit shopping I have bread proper for tunafish sandwiches WITH some lettuce 😀 I have a bit of slam and razor meat beef for a different sandwich. I even can salivate over the rare time I’ll blow good money on an indian selection from an organic store of chicken tikka masala… okay it won’t be off a grill but in a sauce it should be palatable. I have star fruit /kiwi and white grape peach along with only a need for wine and seven up to extend this option. I have american kraft singles and tortillas along with a bit of fontena which I can’t remember anything about and some gouda which is …gouda. I even have this new regret I picked tomato basil string cheese which is okay just not vavoom. I believe with mild pick ups or even without I have enough stuff to suitably enjoy being snowed in which means it’ll not be any worse than it got to which is…8 I can’t do. 35 I can’t last in except carefully and timed rightly walk and return home trips no longer than 20 minutes ish as I start getting too cold. I did get eggs and the regular bread also includes a markdown bag of bagels with cream cheese. . yes, you heard me right, I didn’t stop in for beer and wine, I went to a super market complete with razor meals in case I can’t hack real food 😉 i.e. having to prepare it. it I even have a short supply of disgustingly typical snacks like dorritoes for bean dip and pretzel waffle kind for enjoyable luxurious laziness. I thus look forward to getting a pinot noir which doubles as useful for the pot roast and sitting down to a joy

brother’s joy was a 1893 mason & hamlin pump organ he’s bringing home tomorrow. I might have to develop a joy of bach, I do know whom to call for a bach do up as…well it’s handy studying orchestra in school 😉 while I can’t say I’m interested in organ, it lends itself that if I can manage a piano I can conceivably manage an organ. maybe… I’m not dreading it…I look forward to seeing it. I hope I don’t have to struggle to learn something dumb like PLAY BALL! or some such. I suppose I can get impressive and study more of the ancient music like king david’s lyre as while reed instruments were writing she a loutish harp thin gum was music, there is a decided cadence to ancient stuff. heh, devise some pervert sumerian poetry to a melodic beat… heh. it has possibilities.

there will be hametashen and some selections of esther book of wednesday evening. this is the jewish timed celebration of purim. I am again not Jewish nor of the faith yet hope that those whom are want to get excited. I hope wanting to care counts as I may not have much more to do with this than simply courting it could happen with cool cookies….which my supervisor wants to try. I have my schedule allowance to work early enough I’m only pinching an activity. I still am not sure of many things there but maybe I’m not in the dogjouse… maybe.

my ride visited batteries plus for watch batteries and I viewed their selection of compact fluorescents in party colors. it’s not a bad price 6 bucks. or might have been five far better than the fifteen I saw them at last time I remembered thinking of them… I was however disappointed in the 40 bucks for the cell phone batteries when they’re 25-60 new. ouch.

I can look forward to a weekend of work. It’ll snow. but i can then look forward to whickeyed evening of shlock raio with phillip marrow. there even was a script of one show available in some writers course! I know it doesn’t seem a perfect fantasy to hope for popcorn evenings which wil ll have to be quesodillas as while I have dental tools I like quessodillas more. I have enough to make a potao soup even. I can’t do enough of the skiing lol too cold for me. but I may pick up a book and make a pot of coffee and get wired. on indoor living. here’s to shopping up the right life?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “shopping”

All this food talk makes me hungry! 🙂
Wow on the pump organ! Can he play it?! It will be cool just because it’s so old! I love classical music on organ. Maybe you can learn to play “Ode to Joy” or you’re right…the “Play Ball” would be good! 😉
I have Jewish friends who have taught me a bit about their faith. 🙂
Hope your work weekend went well! 🙂 Pot soup on a cold night is good! 🙂 (Pot as potato in a pot, not the wacky weed!) (Ha! that IS very gouda! 😀 )
I’llBeBach-HUGS!!! 🙂

the weekend was, saturday I screwed the pooch on lunch hour thinking I was a good ten minuter and 30 disappeared oops nearly 30 late from lunch. as to sunday lol I had mom get me as I was doing good to keep up my notes and it was a new month not set up in paperwork so 2 hours later off the clock I got to leave. this is not a time frame to argue work done work paid for as I have a specific shift and it’s cut hours. its like five minutes a day if I were to write these next month things all out according to mathematics that skew as in I do not work 24 days a months I work 8 and thus that math says it’s fifteen minutes. but it is beyond me to argue against people’s “five mutes or less ” perceptions and it is just once or twice these mega bomb delays happen. it’s just assininely irritating to see so little of what I do reflect in the paperwork. I mean if someone does a crowd puzzle it looks the same as if it were a jigsaw puzzle with two people. I’m not a therapist nor a can so I’m not doing exercise even if balloon volleyball involving every limb isn’t exercising… so it too is just a puzzle game as if I did nothing but spirituals and or puzzles…then lazied with a movie. never mind mine are likely learning / educational.. but I can’t count it a sing a long unless someone besides me actually sings for the one’s with music. I mention this so you can remind me what I know which is humility it isn’t my show just my job and while i want to be brilliant at it, it’s not straightforward but intensely political and thus in ways that annoy my boss surely I’m protected while being still allowed to contribute best I can… I’m protected because oh god help them and their cabooses if they didn’t limit me… I tend not to give enough of a shit to the wrong people and time! so in a way i’ll hug myself. the weekend was successful. it speaks for itself in the right circles. watch it’s my turn for boss to be all straight shooting. 😀

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