hmph and other smiles

the cat’s usually whiney. this week stir crazy about the snow and nothing to do so here he comes to bother me. humph 😉 it turns out he has acceptable requests of everyone. he whines for me it’s usually food then water and often lately more petting and petting only which mean claw my arm and suckle. never gentle and it’s only bare skin to claw. ug. but after he refused water after a full food dish that was my call then brother turns on the water and he’s right there to suck it down. he refuses water that isn’t running and. cold.

I felt like getting out and LIVING so it snowed and will snow for the next week too. humph! 😉 I am on phillip marrow’s adventure as they’re in a fidelity I can hear. i did like the omar of persia but frankly I can’t easily hear that one.johnny dollar is too much expense account talk and carousing and not enough drinking on cold nights… shhh it. 😀

I cooked whole wheat pasta with a ketchup rescue for sauce of manwich base, two cans rotel one original the other mild and a can with liquid of mushroom….to me about the most vile thing to smell opening but i had to stretch what I had. the pasta was cooked to most’s tastes thoroughly to just about soft not ardent….in salted water HIGHLY salted water. the result turned out actually to be spicy hot and still the noodles aren’t salty enough. but anymore and I’d have no kidney function so 😉 the magic salvation was 101 grinds of italin herb seasoning…. or about 3/4 of a teaspoon.

tomorrow is chakalaka, southern African dish of tomato sauced and curry powdered baked beans simmered served either on toast with cheese or with meat… if I can survive the trip it is too cold out for me, cheese can convenience store midday when it might hit above freezing and or the grocery proper where I’d consider shake and bake bbq chicken…I have liquid smoke to pretend it’s really bbq’d.

yes I’d hope you’d watch what I try after when the larders are thin… I’m rather positive *I* wouldn’t be after whole wheat pasta with spicy sauce… I avoid the wrong foods and yet end up with them lol. praise be or what fun would pantry stores cookery be if I had no pantry or no stores?

I want to see this coded movie but can’t remember it’s name. it’s new either in theaters or about to be.

I don’t want to traps all over town for supplies but I might like them while I can as it really will snow saturday, sunday, tuesday and wednednesday. I haven’t the heart to look for mor bad news. it takes over an hour to shovel out my side. i can’t stand it so as you can imagine I hope I left path enough. of course! its a plowed and snowed over 1 ft no where else but my side no sun side drift. can i get a smile in the house? you bet MINE to heck with the outdoors!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “hmph and other smiles”

You can get a smile from me 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!! In the house, out of the house, in the out-house! 😀
When you describe the food you cook, I get so hungry! 😛 (Tongue out licking lips in hunger! )
I switched to whole wheat pasta many years ago and quite like it. I fixed some Firecracker Green beans on Thursday night…they were spicy good! 🙂
I had Japanese food tonight with friends and then we watched a movie. Twas tempura teriyaki miso fun fun fun! 😀
Are you still getting snowed on?!
You could whine like a cat or get out and play in it like a dog! 😀 If The Cat in the Hat shows up with Thing 1 and Thing 2…I sent them!!! 😀
HUGS!!! with built in bun-warmers!!!

handy with your hugs?? 😀 I did get out I suppose it’s worth a blog so I suffer the internet to work and write it. then try like hell to make even a portion of the idea a reality. Miso yummy, only one though, it was the oddest thing of the people who come and go to watch a fastidious man make a divine to me miso when I remember I made mine and couldn’t get through it without praying…. there are times when it is laughable to see art versus correct process. off to blah blah on the events 😉 just a bright ordinary hug 😀

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