I am home from a charity fun?draiser for local hospital’s Hospice care entities. I dressed fancy and was on the “town” for what was planned to be a make sure I’m prepared to hobnob in case event- for which I wanted and obtained adult supervision….you know, so I didn’t spendd the evening with steam foot appetizer ala pinhole utterances. I chose additional donation options with the purchase of soup-to-go which is a lottery surprise of gift certs to some participating restaurants. the soup and appetizers were predictably both good and less than amusing. there was some empty feeling in that I cant say I would wish to return as I see no purpose truly to from a social requirement / opportunity standpoint. I left early because the mc – a local tv personality was so grating, that suicide was preferable to listening to another word.

thus, soon I will have a suit-able me to share phot-wise. I liked some of my samplings- appetizer short ribs/mashed with crispy fried onions courtesy of loci denver, and the clam chowder from oceaneria which was scratch made fresh clam chowder as i tasted one grain of grit that’s a dead giveaway of fresh scratch-made. I met my table guests but no one else compelling enough to seek out. what is not uncommon is some like wine and wine drinkers were here in force if you smelled what I smelled of breath walking about. for reasons of potentiality I neither smoked or drank alcoholic beverages for this event….I am home with my very own bottle of bombay because I need martini therapy. the event was dry. cost is about 200 a person after it works out and it was fairly split by my companion at tenting. I was both jazzed to go and jazzed to be home. our table person made out like a table hostess yet seemed there to shovel all the giveaway person materials into her possession… I honestly felt I scored getting a free vendors map layout flyer from her but it wasn’t free as the matching mug one to a seat for my guest was shanghaied along with herb sachets and many other minor things. I know this may be annoying to admit but I can and did manage a four hour smoke free evening.

as to dupllication for my residents, we already do linens and individual settings. I didn’t actually seem anything we didn’t do except serve better coffee I’ve had maxwell house out of a vending machine better than that coffee! I am not sold on the consume/broth style split pea / ham soup…but it was by far the prettiest till the guy put the hot broth in from a paper cup. πŸ˜‰ details! the longest line was to the place offering buffalo chili and lobster tacos…which was the official hotel’s restaurant. anything seafood of a not sold by campbells nature had a LINE of significance. about 800 people attended I as table 84 and most of the room was 70% of capacity. I cant say there wasn’t pretty pottery from local studios as there was and there was a mountain scene painted in a very el greco-esque way/feel.
the best pre event mixing appetizer was was a vegetarian option for a ham and onion chip. this beat out a swordfish and beet thing on a potato something ini.

my companion ran across one ex boyfriend and one ex husband πŸ˜€ lol, I told her not to bother pointing anyone out as I’d only draw more attention and frankly didn’t have the slightest interest because i suppose I’m gallant they didn’t live up to her so why bother with them? yes, clumsy as this evening was, I am glad to be reminded of higher behaviors πŸ˜‰ because it isn’t all that often we attend the black tie or “fancy” events.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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I hope so. I may not have gotten the direct values of such an putting but I hope I made a tidy impression that I was present. imagine a front stages area and then all the sides as food vendors 1-6 stage view left. 7-10 the entry to the room with major cash bar action each side of the main entry. and11-16 stage view right. each table has a tiered dessert in single serve bags all pretty clear. standard table/linens/goblet. table service of appropriate. extra plates for the deserts cream for coffee oddly no sugar. salt and pepper. my table’s linen was black or dark with latitude -wise folded napkins in the middle of my setting draping off the table edge leaving a star mint reversed effect.

Panera Bread broccoli cheddar soup, fuji apple chicken salad all bread available at the event.
2: green gazpacho with chile shrimp soup and moroccan stuffed mussels – Fuel Cafe
3The Squeaky Bean Cantonese Medicine broth soup pork and shrimp sausage with goji berries and pine nuts
4:root down/linger African roasted tomato and peanut soup pickled organic beet salad
5Rioja/Bistro vendome/euclid hall/stoic and genuine…butternut squash soup ala montava challah bread pudding
6: pf changs chicken and shrimp soup and chicken lettuce wraps later after the first rush of what sounded good this place had a good line.
Barolo grilling foraged mushroom bisque with black winter truffle creme 0 hazelnut crusted prawn with sherry algo dolce –
fruition restaurant mercatile dining and provision. split pea and ham soup ham ock chease and pickled carrot salad-
lohi steakbar beef and barley stew and short ribs with mashed potatoes and crispy onions
manna restaurant zuppa spinoccili and chilled blackberry soup with juniper cream and pinecone bud syrup with an appetizer offering of beet ceviche with goat cheese and lime basil.
TAG/TAG burgerbar/sugarmill/los chingones/guard and grace/bubu/sunnyside burger bar ( I wonder if they mean middle village sunny side) pork neck broth andkimchi quinoa dumplings
Central bistro and bar smoked potato and leek soup chilled shrimp salad
the kitchen next-door for the kitchen’s tomato soup with hummus and crostini
Dazzle Jazz restaurant thai coconut chicken curry with peanut jalepeno bacon crisps
the oceanaire seafood room new england clam chowder with shrimp pico on a homemade chip for appetizer.
15/fifty at the sheriton denver downtown hotel (1550 court st..clever name not) hearty beef and bison chili with lobster street tacos

I tried the split pea at 8, I tried the mussels at 2 I tried the new england clam chowder and the smoked potato and leek soup. and the shortribs with mashed and crispy onion one of table desserts was a german chocolate cake square and the other was a banana nut muffin something in a cute buttercup paper baking cup. yes it did indeed feel fancy but not kidding my place already does the linen and china crystal goblets thing so it didn’t get me that excited and I cant offer most a dessert tier as they’ve dietary orders that must be executed. the coffee tasted worse than maxwell house . I am glad I tried what I did/could and of course lament not trying it all some of it indeed didn’t grab my palette.

A juicy evening then, one might say? A little excitement and disappointment can spice things up. Um, out of food metaphors. πŸ™‚

as for recipe thievery: the moroccan stuffed mussels were my highlight dash…turned out to be taste like tuna and rice…awww. central’s smoked potato and leek soup was my want to try soup but not my first soup. which was my companion’s new england clam chowder run and my favorite experience of the evening….whereas my picked try was the worst soup of the evening as it wasn’t a thick soup but a thin one thus so not the way I potato soup. the short ribs with mashed potato and crispy onions was by far the best dinner room appetizer however the pickled fusion/onion chip at the floor which was the vegetarian option of a ham and funion chip…tortilla chip with stuff on was the winner – the vegetarian chip was wow. the ham version planned wow letdown. the other offering was a swordfish and picked beet on potato belini with something caviar the swordfish stood out as did the beet which left me the impression it wasn’t a harvard beet but a yale beet as it had an orange tang to the beet… however the product I got didn’t excite me caviar doesn’t. yes, as a color it does but it’s just bland. as I mentioned before there just was ONE bit of sand in the clam that magically gave it away that it wasn’t a complete campbell’s canned offering even if such is sinful to preparation. thus fresh is and remains to have that power to excite. so does not the usual… as lobster tacos aren’t a common offering in a landlocked town of denver so anything seafood huge line….anything good, second line andthe lobster taco line was the largest of any line and endurred all evening with 300 of 800 wishing it’s offerings yes, the hotel host restaurant won the most popular from what I saw. I didn’t taste anything extravagent in the short rib which was well soft and flaked. so basic mashed potatoes does get azzed up with durkee fried onions like many employ with green bean casserole. I really liked the look of the split pea with ham soup has the curly q of carrot with peas like those of wasabi peas dried in a can? just in a delightful rich broth was quite quite good excepting the off detail of watching someone then pour from a cup broth into our offerings which reuined the ambience/presentation but not the soup. in fact in general it was the way people offered their offerings that made it more than thee offerings. scratch chowder wow it cant help but be amazing when previously all I had was something in a can…although one of the cans still whoops anything I’ve ever had which is a new england brand I cant place’s lobster chowder ooo is that delightful!…or short ribs…not fancy compared to pinecone syrup and juniper cream lol but mmmmm. I know I leave with mainly how it captivates and also delivers. yes pf chang’s is a fastfood really chinese bistro feel but fast food typical chain output…and got very respectable 150 and more line support for chicken lettuce wraps… ordinary yet tasty food. and unlike otherplaces got steadily improving trade. so. knowing this, focusing on how I offer things and what they’re named might be the best fun to have seen. I think I have to make sure I look up my places of food note when I try for food holidays humbler offering can be the magic. like a good smoked fish. oh and pork and shrimp sausage with gji berries and pine nuts… I didn’t have room to try it but lol beware superfoods are rather sour and that with a shrubby scented nut? woe! I might try something. but otherwise I don’t think there’s asingle recipe there I either don’t know how to do already or just have to have. most of the wow ideas were woe mc nasty.

heeheehee! mcnasty

There are some interesting things there, to me. I want to try new recipes, it’s just hard to do (or muster the courage for) with kids on the receiving line and schedules and all mighty life depending on getting things fed and to bed on time. Sheeshy.

Yay for you dressing fancy! πŸ™‚ Did anyone call you Mr. FancyPants?! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›
Sorry to hear the MC was a grating dud. That does make an evening hard to bear. 😦
The food sound amazing…especially the lobster tacos!!! πŸ™‚
I always love seeing the pottery/bowls the students make! πŸ™‚
HA! On your companion running across 2 ex’! πŸ™‚
HUGS!!! : -)

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