I’ve purchased my tickets for ‘s monday fundraiser.

this means I’ve asked someone to be adult supervision so i can hobnob some doing something recreational sure but ultimately work related – fundraiser is for hospice care albeit not for my job persay but it can be and swipe soup recipes as I doubt it’d be the 15th year of an even if they served shite soups.

I chose my pervious employer for computer sidework to go and was accepted. the reasons are good as she’s been nice directly, and also her previous gig was… area director for a pharmaceutical company… little league curve evening for her.

I am not unduely wealthy yet this is a business attire dress code event. I actually do not own the threads for such. tomorrow I shall be shopping for a proper suit coat and shoes if needed and tie. oddly enough I used to own a lot of this but πŸ˜€ lucky me I changed sizes and 20 years passed…usual excuses. I can afford the shebang it likely is a thing. I am somewhat surprised at the range offered for all of which seems reasonable yet the whole putting in reality represents about what I’d make in a month. I wonder why I feel drawn to this – but I am very much drawn to this somehow being the right place to be….and just about affordable too.

I am not quite sure about the award to the person it’s too which is so obviously politically motivated it’s not even funny. it, I believe is to a girl shot while refusing to yield while driving a stolen AT police officers…yet polorizes a community with minority abuse tones. that part I sorta get in that this community had the oomph to avoid some of the “this” usual outcome… again, please understand I bring adult supervision on purpose so I remain respectful to learn more of this and why it’s otherside participant is to be celebrated…remember previous to this, the last fancy even I attended are:

journey of taste – johnny walker. mixers prior to the presentation with free simple johnny walker πŸ˜‰ drinks and hors d’ouvres then a tutorial in single malts and how they are categorized largely by the local styles of scotland. then stumble home. it was business casual. even if it was at the hotel presidents frequent while in town – denver’s The Brown Palace.

I cant remember it’s year or title but the end of year awards do up for Detroit’s Police department as my grandfather newly then retired was up for a long service achievement retiring at 81 in 2001. the food was high quality hotel/catering fanciness of chicken in a fine gravy with a florence fennel/anise stalk as a fountain. it was 33.95 nearly fifteen years ago. obviously the event was meant to be posh. all the drinks were free. I really dislike bagpipe music as it is meant to conjur sadness both for it’s actual tones ouch and because of the fighting spirit it’s usual employed to celebrate. …and poo lordy do a lot of cops DRINK. the event location was the rooster tail on the riverfront of detroit.

of course I’ve also 3-17 been a regular many times a week church attender and church in this case was strictly formal attire behaviour.

so in a way i obviously do not lack experience in the formal circumstances yet, something tells me to not waste a chance to dress or be the maybe director in my own right later having learned how all along the way not just oh poof. to be allowed to do what I normally can not which is a drink in and with people who do relate to my line of work which is nursing home. they one aspect of care we facilitate. obviously I wish to use the social gathering to practice something of statement…yeah not so obvious or maybe it was… to wield food or drink …even conversation as if on the battlefield. perhaps you’d agree, I picked a kindly person who might be of grand assistance….;) even had the class to say she rearranged her schedule to go πŸ™‚

or you can believe that I’ve a taste for overpriced soup.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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I confess to not clicking the link. On lunch at work I’m rushing. I hope that is not considered rude since I am making an effort…. Heh. It’s nice to dress up sometimes & go to an event whatever the reason. I hope you find suitable attire. peace & smiles.

It sounds like you have an awesome friend. It sounds like you are doing the right thing in doing what feels right. You sound appropriate, too. Pictures of the jacket and tie, please. πŸ™‚ Preferably with you in it. πŸ™‚

those exist as I didn’t try it all on πŸ˜€ I know my sizings well enough. you’ll have to wait as I do not own them…. if you get lucky I have purchased an arrow brand suit “khaki” who is about olive drab if it’s labeled khaki. I Have that as pants and suit with a n arrow fitted white shirt with a whack job biased horizontal stripped tie of including burgundy yet it is mostly brighter reds. along with black accessories as in half bookts with squared pointed toes shoes shiney blacky and shiney blocky belt or I can shine the browns I have for accessories/shoes. the shoes fit jeans as formal attire wear better so you know. as I have to pay for this and thus such was my only option really. sis is responsible to allow me out of the store which offended mom who wanted more say in the pick ;).

I REALLY dislike bagpipe music. Really really. But I guess overpriced soup is okay, and I quite like it when people dress up in their business casual clothes. No reason. It just makes everything seem more festive somehow.

I’ve attended and helped with a fundraiser called Empty Bowls for years…to raise money to feed the hungry. (its a long story, but the bowls were made by art students so they were cool and unique. And some people got to eat soup and some didn’t…representing the percentages of peoples of the world who won’t eat today, etc.)
Your “soup for the soul” sounds wonderful! πŸ™‚
Have fun dressing up all spick and span! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€
HUGS!!! πŸ™‚ Happy ❀ Day!!! πŸ™‚

we had a powwow on that this evening so I could have my briefing on our repective approaches/introductions and polite pardon me’s πŸ™‚ only to go over for steaks at mom’s there’s just something to a chef – tended evening :D… he even knew I liked my steak ruined…well done. which I do. I ask you to sip mom’s drinks. I’ve been convicted of serving lighter fuel…her’s were high test! aviation specials…they were supposed to be rusty nails but were straight rust.. some recipes LIE.

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