I wonder if you’d laugh if I asked if you saw Jackson / Jackson. *$20/$20
I’ve a nice enough check coming as I’m finally both uncaring thus useful at work.
I’m curious if Doc did her homework on how I doubt I’ve a cataract or shuffles me tomorrow
I didn’t kill the plant. that’s a first for my work gardening record.
I still a gurgle in the kitchen when the bathroom sink goes… hurry up few more weeks as I’m not snaking you just to have another tree in place before the summer’s out.
my house still smells of fabulous…how irritating to finally say my life matches my work quote on how am I…fabulous.
I am largely caught up on all I’ve missed of paperwork and reading others etc.
I’m duece curious if my taxes are in progress…might just suffer the its we site here in a shake
kitty cat’s lover cat.
favorite pretty shoes me away like a fly.
got asked to help with math…I know people think I’m smart but geez, I flunked college twice and cant get past algebra’s first year. although, I did get the n(t U d) bit of statistics…however i doubt I explained it in a useful manner 😉
I still think it’s unfair that cook always has the very things I want for dinner not the lunch I’m there for 😀 arm-twister.
Jacob’s creek sweet red wine is purdy dang good wine for 7.99 – even if it’s the screwtop kind.
the devil shrimp at the mexican restaurant was HOT. but the chef said he made the sauce scratch 🙂 I might have needed another napkin for drip control.
Ijumped on a train and then a another one and then the local shuttle to the best I could hope for in dining. it’s nice when one can dine, wine and walk the mile home just after dark in february without santa’s reindeer and sleigh.
I did paperwork as lnoy one arrived hoping only to escape and…well nope, I cant leave i have an acidity…no one is here for. good thing though paperwork is largely done and the crossword …well shoot, I couldn’t guess a single range question which really is embarassing as I have all the answers.
I took all my medication minus an adjustment prior to bed. amazing concept having it all in one organized bag.
having a disorganized bag led to 7 dolars in emergency beer which also pleasing though.
‘m fairly sure I cant wait for this weekend which actually has me having one weekend day off woot!
the funniest thing that happened all week was I asked one of the residents if I could help him towards dinner only to get the you’re number one in my heart gesture…quip and bon mot to npassing nurse…I guess the answer is NO then.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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mom’s found of the “trick” finger’ line. which is about as funny as “wanna see a magic trick? asks a smoker….POOF! *flicks ash) you’re an ashtray. I’m barber’s fond of “hate to skin ya but i need the hide” every time he manages to win at some game.
I see the flicker – of answers flashing their truths – but I’m not connected. I see all the answers to the barn-burning questions coming back lately. I asked if i could cook …the chef resigns 😀 I ask if I’m crazy and manage to be nice. wondered what gal pal of the last year would possibly be over time if as I suspect all the things that clash with me got worse rather than better…barber picks us up a ride from a lady looking for a taste of the good stuff …it’s from the chocolate plant but it’s not hershey’s. I wondered how not caring so much would work providing I find better ways to hide it than an extra smoke break 😀 it may. I wondered how well I was really planning and it was clear my warranties still run out aa day before the need to make use of them 😀 I wondered how well the other NO saying was going and I’m still yes sing all over. I wondered if so luck was shifting and I went to the eye doctor and it would seem that my neighborhood isn’t going to be the new hub of respected eye health anytime soon. i.e. and while I took all my meds for a change, walked ate semi lite…here it is well after four I cant sleep and my sugar isn’t particularly to blame …so I’m not in control .. so I suppose eff it I liked the wine i got I have time nd toothpaste.

What was the name of that wine…there was a fire breathing bear on the label. I thought it apropos. It was pretty good, though I prefer red.
You’ve got far too much on the burner today for my runny nose brain to sift through.

I would laugh! 😀
I don’t like when the pipes gurgle! 😦
The kitty has a lover?! Meowza! 😀
I’m bad at math, too!
Darn work-cook! What’s his problem!? 😉 😛
Hot devil shrimp! Woot woo! 🙂
Enjoy your weekend day off! I hope it’s WHEE-y! 🙂
HA! That last paragraph made me snort laugh! 😀
HUGS!!! 🙂

update on the weekend day off …snaps fingers. 😉 however I do want piles more cash so I suppose that’s how that can happen 😀 or I could turn the recurring perfect fantasy of miles of gold into not a dream too ….if blast it, I knew how… 😀 yes cat’s enamored of the world and thus wants to nurse my arm full claw tenderizer 24/7…the visiting dog however whined hopefully to have owner appear and when it turned out to be me…growl. 😀 what a reception! he’s male skittish and really a puppy who’s been run over by a car and might be a daddy soon if other one is a momma… puppie$$$ both aka reg great danes he’s a strapping black and momma’s a harlequin white with black bits. I have a big ol chuck steak in the oven…I remember the couldn’t help myself breaded pork cutlet and mashed /peas last night and tonights beer after the split pea soup…yeah, like I could resist…but I’m now responsible for the coffee as the machine was adjusted to make the most of the maxwell house it is…not full on bitter but not the water they were pouring. I saw my supervisor who was hot after my not perfect to her inspection time of my tasks… oh don’t worry, I liked seeing her as she’s just from time off to sort out a medical woe…with any luck and something was needed to get her in. if one cares about the people…their annoying things tend to shuffle away. like it was a thrill when mr flip me off chatted all civilized for a bit even if I couldn’t be of any use to him it was a day maker… or the lady howling bloody obscenities/murder spoke to me for the first time as I asked permission to sort out a mistake in her evening dining table spot. I didn’t lie up any of what I did and while I do not understand the paperwork as it cuts what I do OUT, I did faithfully achieve all I needed to do for a sense of lingering excellence. while you’ll not join me in the beer I believe… join me in the joy none the same 🙂 lunch sugar was 105 fasting I believe 166. I believe the worst of the winter round of illnesses or fighting phantoms is abated. and oh that fating number wasn’t really fastingas I had 2 candy canes which meant it really should have been 400 at that point under what was normal previously. I suppose the only drawback to all this BLISS is the gas as one med I never took…well no excuse they were all conveniently re-bagged together. but oh gas. oh, here’s another funny, I asks you to visit a bookstore and look over chicken soup for the mother’s soul. it’s got a few yours might send you if they’d make you laugh like mr football on the bench with momma behind him in pajamas and slippers holding an umbrella over his head while he scowls and snaps “mother PLEASE!” 😀 or…happy momma telling the little ones “it’s called a happy meal because I didn’t have to fix it” 😀 just think 😀 I can find the snarky in such an uplifting book of stories about momma. 😀

Better the cook has / something, rather than nothing / you’d want at all, eh?

Doing taxes sounds / like good times. Emergency / beer to the rescue…?

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