where failure is therapeutic.

playdough shapes with the bob ross happy accidents methodology.  you see, all the art is is rorschack.  accidental..  and if done in private, you can wet yourself laughing at it.

rude shaped sugar cookie baking.  I bet you can imagine the phalic fun…with or without purple polkadot sprinkles.  how hadrian’s wall turns rather not unlike today into the sunken ooze of history.

I may have this weekend off IF someone doesn’t want me flogged so as to demonstrate what to do in real circumstances of near quarantine…which is standard safety proceedure.  will know perhaps tomorrow.  it all comes down to whether someone overly cares I earn a paycheck  when I personally would not prefer risking illness.  I mean my sugar control is off so some bugger is trying anyways  I dearly love 600+ before eating.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

13 replies on “where failure is therapeutic.”

You can only imagine the pictures that formed in my mind as I read your blog. OH MY! 😛 Although one needs to earn a paycheck (well… except me, I’m retired & the government pays me well – NOT!), but if one needs to use their strength to get well, then work should step aside for a few days. Take care of yourself & let relaxation reduce stress so the immune system can take over. HUGS…

aw thanks for the hug. 🙂 there’s joy in this life in fact most of it coming oddly when one cant employ one’s means :* yeah aw boo on the just found out afer 700 in expenseses from a 360 check. god loves me I can arrange my bills of that there
‘s no snideliness. sure bu bye expensive girls wanting a free ride in life but awww who needs minnie the moochers anyway?

Aw. 😦 I hope you’re feeling better by now.
Sorry I’m late to the “party”.
I’m playing WP catch-up (and mustard) today! 😉
Happy Whee-kend and (((HUGS)))
PS…”rude shaped cookies”…YAY!!!! 😛
PPS…sometimes I laugh so hard I pee my pantaloons! 😀

I think I have a water baloon or two to help explain and cover that 😀 I’m fine save for a dip in levothyroxine this week that has for some manic to say the least moments.yay I’m so off luxury to lounge in bed past time to get up and gone 😀

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