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The current offer for my mac mini is ~$200 down in 5 months from what I paid at around $400 with tax. Irritating aint it? Well, I’m a Mac owner and I don’t want a paperweight so it’s time to upgrade.

I’m taking a risk the optical drive (slot loading) will fit. it is a blue Writer which complies with the expected system requirement this machine is shifting to. it is 120 with free shipping from MCE technologies

I also got a memory boost to this system’s stated limet of 3gb when the chippies are 4 gb. it was $65 with tax which was less than the $69.99 pluss shipping.

I add one 500GB 7200 rpm Hard drive as I’ve owned a fancy machine before it’s a speed boost from 5400 to 7200rpm which helps. 59 ish with tax

the stated price to install a optical drive and memory plus update the system to what is within current is $99 at a certified repair place -even if what I am attempting isn’t stadard nor fully supported…. however I’m adding a drive to this repair order which means fresh installation and thee worst nightmare possible 45 minutes more on the 80 an hour rate if they are nice or 1bout $!65 and I’ll be offering something by way of tip. this means I bought this machine all over again BUT

and this is a big but.

but I gain a fully functional personal video recorder in a ITX format sized machine with FULL computer control not partial. all for about 100 more than what I’d have originally spent. you may reference the itx brittish place for a kit. and as it’s under 100 ish dollars for the difference of a used name brand versus new knockoff running linux or bullshit windows… you can decide for yourself if I did good with

Mac Mini 2,1 1.83 (you can overclock it to double that nearly cpu speed BUT you risk it melting. 1 gb ram at pc 5300 or ddr2 667mhz make damn sure you get mac compatable memory…which is upgrading to 3gb ram stated which is this machines limit…the videocard is NOT upgradable but can display in real time 1200 x 1000 resolution or HD quality if lowend. the hard drive from 80gb to 500 allows upwards of 60 hrs hd recording. the os must jump from 10.6.8 to 10.7.5 so as to allow the stupid ass adobe flash to display youtube videos again…the whole reason for this upgrade believe it or not… save that for a few pennies I can record tv and enjoy the net for a few more years.

and it’s a mac not some other piece of shit you waste your life trying to get to work when it should to begin with. I knew it was a gamble when I bought it but, I didn’t have 50 more bucks to spend. SO, I get to entirely rehab it 5 months later 😀 that’s how gambles work

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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You are losing me with most of the technical stuff (I am that unsavvy) but it sounds like a pretty clever upgrade to me. Anything for more cat videos, am I right?

😀 now why would I want to admit to that?
in a way I’m saying what most of have at some point or another, this is what i got after a reasoned decision and this is the aftermath or it wasn’t quite the bargain I had hoped I’d seldect.
however, I seek cool things like a fancy player of movies now that I haven’t very many lol

Life would be boring if we always made good decisions. Not that yours was not excellent. It’s just that all good decisions would be a bad decision.

😀 true enough that. speaking of bad decisions, I’m gift hunting.
my peoplle are a b and c
a:delights in coffee wine and fun but faster cooking ideas and a bit of exercise if we can ever get it in. exercise brings on prepubescent giggles and for obvious details I can not help 😀 coffee I can…pardon the pun. has streamlined their offerings yet still has some delightfuls- for fair budget considerations I get a pound’s worth or 2 offerings and they no longer offer my absolute favorite a mocha..which in this case doesnt’t mean mocha the place but mocha the chocolate we tend to think when thinking mocha which otherwise would mean a lemony great rift valley and arabian penisula type taste. I can’t afford monkey poop coffee but I’m feeling evil like that to offer a lil night soil type smile. it is I think called kpie luwak and isn’t a monkey but a civet/cat critter processed smooth coffee…realllll smooth 😀 thus I’m left with a kenyan and the tougher choice of abbyssinian mocha …remember not to think chocolate but lemonay dark. or the pecan torte a light roast offering which encourages sugar use which is decidedly not diet…but deliciousness… I suspect as I’ve not had either exactly just the kenyan…which has a berry tone unlike all the surrounding areas just lemony. wine is possible but budget unfriendly and the state a cussing complaint to get wine shipped within. so it’s largely o.u.t. out.
person b is not a big big cooker but this gift idea is hinted at already as being “snappish” I’d like to avoid shipping a case of slim jims and gals aren’t huge meat snack folks. person b enjoys marijuana/legal here but rediculously out of budget… so is rattlesnake which is about 100 a lb. 2-3 minim lb portioning. thus I’m heavily considering breaded aligator is actually not too bad on that for the idea to spike up the home mardis gras observance. I’m about to hunt down the best in bobbles to see if their’s an affordable figurine of a snap dragon just before I aim with food.
person c is more enigmatic as he can not drink – again same hell of shipping, has a cook in house, doesn’t wish to smoke or gmble and is a style magnate in that he collected china espcially depression pink glass… I’m thus left little idea of how to approach the kindness of his holiday offerings for a surprise b-day return. I’d rather not be entirely cheesy andI am at a temporary loss as to send something meaningful without having to part with something I prize which is a pretty water color I got a few years ago via xanga giveaways but I just can not think of anything that has meaning that is not tifanny’s out of my budget spendy yet cool. trust me, I can part with gifts that I genuinely want as to me that’s the point to give something I actually also desire yet can conceive my giftee would too…no garuntees of course, I sent a pumpkin bread kit once as it contained canned pumpkin filling and the directions to cannabalize the kit to make a pumpkin pie which isn’t available in that area yet it’s ingredients are… and the this different person still is letting it ferment. it was my beer money for a month ug 😀
that’s my logic/assessments and ideas what do YOU have to say about BAD decisions now? or damn it, ideas would be helpful 😀

Yes, sometimes that IS how the gamble works! 🙂
My current computer is a PC (“tied” to the wall with with cords!) and it is an Asus. I’d love a laptop or a notebook…a Mac. But this computer still works great and I can’t afford anything new right now. Yes. My budgetery is keeping behind the times. 😀
Ha! I love your word “geekery”. I’m gonna’ use that one!

Odd thing is, I DO feel abundant in that I can essentially get a new breath of life into this box 😀 and, as for abundant hugs 😀 ant pile hugs ma’am yes, 80’s pop rewrite, “I wan hug you all over and over and over….til the night closes in…” heheheheh

Okie dokie, artichokie! 😀 I will check my e-mail soon!
Thanks for the hugs! OOH! I love being led down the garden path! Ha! 😀 😛 Ha! I snorted! I’m in a goofy mood today! 😀
HUGS!!! without bugs or lugs or slugs!!! 😀

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