today adds up to at as it’s represented to here A regenerational number, 8. Funy part is that we’re not quite sure of the dates anymore, be it because of the sack of jerusalem in 70c.e. took all the geneology away so Christ couldn’t come again or in any even no one could prove anything any longer without giving you some new bible. Just like it’s still hard to prove Marco Polo was an invention because he failed to mention tea or foot binding or be mentioned as well by scribes of that area well ensconced in mentioning everything. Its hard to believe perhaps Disney has it right, just tell the kids what they’ll clap and cheer for, history is only a toy for the first to pervert it to most profitable use. 8 is also enough a fine 70’s sitcom with dick van patten leading a family of 8….steve martin and bonnie hunt said it was cheaper by the dozen… mass media still subtley says there’s many ways to live out there.

I’m remeind today of checks as in a checkbook. I haven’t physically owned one in so so many years. I have like one place I think but for only the grey hairs accepts them still. in this way it’s harder for me to remember the old wall of shames of a local business. I remember when the major food stores went electronic check as in they checked if your instrument of payment was good prior to letting leave the store with the goods and it printed all that on the check to make sure in the next 7 days it stayed that way…and then, atms everywhere and plastic too…then please pay cash. and nowonly a few schlemeals think 4 cents is too much to lese on a dollar when I’d never have spent the dollar unless it was plastic as why should I pay 8 bucks to hit an atm to give someone cash?… that’s like walking into a place and they’d not cash your fifty because you didn’t buy 20 bucks in stuff and they only say they keep 30 smacks on hand or less…for the workers safety….mmmm hmmmmn.

so you see this is 2015. I’ve seen things come and go and come almost right back again. I’ve determined a few things were hopeful inventions and balderdash. I hope to make use of these cycles to be within them as well. I do know that another year seems to be promisingly feeling and clockwise here.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “1/1/15”

You are thinking a lot about numbers, dates, cash, money of all sorts. I don’t know if that is a particularly positive way to start the year. I’ve never followed/ practiced/ known much about numerology. … I do agree that so much about history is bent and woven with half truths. Even in this day and age with cameras every place we don’t know all the truths of much of anything. …. But well, have a Happy New Year filled with many good things. peace always

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