post end.

you brobabbly can bet I’ve Stone soup on speedclick too

January is National Soup Month, National Blood donor Month rDNA or recombinant DNA is a term used on medicine bottles to indicate the source of the medicine being blood based genetic factors for producing this or that hormone when inserted into very particular E. Coli bacteria then fed suggar water to brew not booze but medicine – or, if people didn’t give blood we’d have no medicines… and National Glaucoma awareness Month- yes folks Marijuanna can lower interoccular pressure… I still don’t smoke as I don’t like that JAZZ.

I have in mind the most quintessential of the soups in this here town…chili. in one form or another be it the soup or the sauce of your burger or hotdog relleno burrito or mmmm tamalee…etc… You’ve chili memories.

Within Wgat’s The Difference Indian Curry vs. American Chili I have the art which is a few chances to use the fancy sand I was given to make…BEANS. I mean I can make meatballs, eggs and beans out of this stuff as I’m a tad ham-fisted. simple art. this is where we can discuss that dried spices in a sauce over be it meat or meat/beans or just beans all of which are a chili can also be just as eassily an Indian Curry. I like how this stacks up bec ause….
corn beans squash. it’s the “indian” garden/farm… the onlly thing i’ve read about the diet over time is for those folk there was not as many HOT HOTpeppers then of the famed heat of thai peppers thus as asiatic based genetics seem to go this leads to a iron deficiency as there just isn’t the same uptake of iron for SOME people without HOT HOT food. I would be laughing if there was a accurate map of the famed pepper regions of americas by heat and overlaid with iron uptake results over ages of time thus hypothetically showing that native americans based against the land bridge from asia theory long show promise and current absobtions studies to correlate give us a vegetarian diet that shows us heh how hot we need it. take you jalepeno medicine Junior! A Serano a Day keeps the Anemia away. but back to real life even if that wouldn’t be the worst thing to study, beans. they symbolize to many thecycle of life…My particular kidney beans don’t work but my recipe for sweet redbean onion bean dip is rather a fine source of iron… I don’t know the colour theory so well about foods either as in purple is a blood clotting factor eggplant, oyster/clams orange I know is often great for vitamin a, i.e. squash, carrot liver. but back to beans, I can roll out an egg pinch its ends to make a bean. I would like you now to imagine a whole mess of black beans with an onion and some curr powder to be starting the waters and after bubbling the beans I have a carribean black bean soup. I know my place does hot sandwiches with soup so perhaps I can sneak in enough mahon cheese…that lemony delight of the islands off spain to allow us a lemony cheesey delight to go with the deep living warmth of a fine black bean soup. We can disgust…discuss šŸ˜€ how one of those heros of greece chased the plant of life of which the bean is said to be so as to perhaps live forever. šŸ˜‰ oh and if you missed it, no, there is not much difference between an indian curry and an american chili…it’s of people and place but both are so similar.

more of the f u in my future is that chance to show why Chinese beef and broccoli firstly very much more american than chinese anyways takes the preparation ideologies of chinese food to show in a different way what we have already the same. beef, broccoli, sauce/gravy. chinese might prefer the sticky rice while americans might never get that but a pilaf… why is chinese food so much more labour of presentation? it’s not that a Chinaman wants to work harder NO, it’s because perhaps there is different resources available like time/fuel if you chop a vegetable you get shorter cooking times! fuel savings! quick meals too! this isn’t to say that a slow roasted bef thingy slices with gravy and a broccoli side isn’t pretty much the same ingredients just a different preparation style. for the art associating with this we’ve again playdough/sand to demonstrate the size and how long things are… I’ve cooked enough potatoes to know they take about 45-1:10 minutes typically by size to roast nicely through easy thing to show in relation to a huge log fire version tied grass bundles for the length of time to burn. but I also have a shot here…. look up the opening title sequence of MULAN by disney one or two and see the great minimalism involved to make a picture… we’re going neo hippy and making food art minimalist style be it tempura paint or watercolor.

I’m writing this now to remind myself of a day spent looking it al up

next is hieroglyphics. I know enough we can do pictogramic resolutions and also later hieroglyphics stydy proper… don’t you worry it’s an easy damn class… what’s so damn hard about what’s more to life than marriage a circle with more smaller circles and thus a small chain to a large ball of responsibility hobbling one to the slavery of choices…..ooopie, I’m garden pathing us to creeping death demise and malcontent but lets just say egyptian hiero glyphs aint all there are. we will write our names in foreign we will talk in pictures.

olmec – other mesoAmerican versions, eyptian and why is it the asians all do pictogramic writing? šŸ˜€ hint hint we’re so picturesque us humans.

well, I’m at around too close to a thousand words so…post end.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

11 replies on “post end.”

Always much to learn when reading your posts. I’m certainly never bored. šŸ™‚ – I wonder if I’ve ever done a thousand word post? Perhaps back in the days of Xanga &… maybe that is yet to come.

šŸ™‚ glad it’s pictured here as it’s been a nice chewing to leave mega smart things at home versus work… šŸ˜€ one time it was moses taps the rock bringing water to the people and mentioned how interestingly science grew to show a few rocks that absorb a lot of water into their crystaline structure thus it could be expainably miraculous , just as the manna could be the day lichen fell… but I got quite the chewing for that because one was annoyed she couldn’t get it so how could her mom? šŸ˜‰ some times it’s there to simply fill time when everyone arrives early wants to leave late and I’ve got to keep it simple and timed….so muse…. šŸ˜€ pretty much I just figure I had to learn how to be amusing at all times šŸ˜€

sweet poem; thank you for link.
i’m like that, with chili, too. sometimes, just got to make some.
after that, you’re over my head, my dear. me simple country girl. kinda. šŸ˜‰
hence, thee finds me here, catching up with city star men.

Genius. You’re using sticky sand to demonstrate? I think you just showed me grace in many things. I need to work on my barbaric habits.

With that said, I’ve been eating a lot of lemons (really, only two in the past two days, but that’s a lot). I actually took out my juicer (the real one that squishes the insides of an orange, lemon or grapefruit by spinning out the insides — not the industrial sized pulverizer which I gave away) that’s about 20 years old. Still works!

Also, try grating ginger root then squeezing the juice out of it. Mix with the lemon for a nice dressing over spinach, celery, cucumber, and blue berry (toss in avocado for a less crunchy texture). And watch your face pinch from the combination of sour and hotness.

So, blueberries and honey fix that.

Oh! You remind. I have to do something with the carrots threatening to rot in the food crisper!

Pepper and iron? Fascinating. What about B12? Anyway, I need to do more pepper, but they seem very expensive to me. Ok, off to ponder the cycle of life around beans. It’s been a long time since I’ve have Cuban black bean soup with onion (and cheese). Yum.

thanks to one or two fails on making refried beans, I know how to make a fine bean soup. the fail is carefully leaving the right liquid level to cooked right beans- it may seem unfair but that tiny tooth of grit may literally take at altitude another 1.5 hrs to be steamed out…1.5hr is the lower sea level cooking time btw. but the real subtle fail was that as much as I loved cooking those things, it cost me more money to do so than to buy what i needed pre-made….and i never approached the pro tastes with any refried beans…I’m not mad at either fail I think the first was a gift and the second šŸ˜€ well mine still tasted very good.

Speaking of coinsidence, I just got a call to explain the “sand impressions” which I want to utilize for one on one visits. if for no other reason šŸ˜‰ than to put a participatory notation into the main activities log for my folks. I appear to be able to condense and explain my schedule better now. I expect to see my schedule as presented approved…I even begged off thursday the first as i just do not want to go. it is nice to be able to ask that…even if I heard you must which I didn’t.

šŸ˜€ thanks… now to continue this twitter level life of 30 seconds should explain months of work…with then facts to support or refute…everyone likes facts to draw their own conclusions…if I keep getting better at that 35 folkss 35 sentences ish I can begin to handle the high politics of the station above.

Cute poem!
Yay for Nat’l Soup Month! I loves all soups! and stews! and chilis! šŸ˜€
I made chili on Monday! šŸ™‚ Twas spicey and hot! šŸ˜‰
You have taught me some stuff here about foods and their goodness!
1,000 words! Mucho! šŸ˜›
BeanNBaconSoup HUGS!!! šŸ™‚
PS…I’ve made Stone Soup!!!!

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