particables, dangling

Would you believe it, someone nearly got me to use proper English! Now that is a trick.

The burger throw-down hasn’t happened. the latest is Mac Cheese smack chops/talk. Opening round was a white cheese blend with shells. Threatening is other side’s main cook with many pounds of a fine white cheddar which of course ruins the white cheddar angle for me but not all of my aces 😀

mac cheese. pastas/macaroni and cheese, both of which have quite the variety of options ala store to get into.

about the neatest thing lately I tasted was baked bean with burnt ends. I liked that a bit different a bit clever.

When the stars make you drool just like a pasta fazool
That’s amore

nope, not mac cheese but I did have a curious moment what the stuff was…of course it’s now something else pasta fagioli … life moves on. 😀

the other asside was whilst reading mid-summer 2012’s Sunset Magazine with it’s best off grid places to live…surprise, oregon, eashinton, brittish Columbia all in with a smalltown b.c. spot first…yes a skiing village beat out Tropical Island Beaches! but there’s one tea add to remind me that it does infuse well a flavor and for years I’ve had a workable Tea-Smoked Chicken alfredo…alfredo’s can have a LOT of cheese!…and the pasta needn’t be noodles but macaronier noodles….. CHEATER CHEATER Pumkin Eater! there isn’t any of this cheeseburger or chicken cheese or even a ham and smoked gouda CHEAT to be had here… this is Mac Cheese.!

so, I know the following:
mozzerella and it’s older cousin provolone are rather crappy at blending into a sauce… not impossible mind you just not so perfect for this… White Cheddar is taken twice likely. I mean it doesn’t have to be I can whallop with my skillz but this is a throw-down where tastes of the house aren’t all MINE so maybe they actually like it yuckier….worry nail biting…Mahone cheese has a lemony tang to it so I READ but that says I risk all with a cheese I don’t know. plenty of add-ins exist but that’s cheating to me…
mozz/orv – out
white cheddar – dangerous duplicate
smokey yummy but cloying if blending
cheatery with say sun dried tomatoes or ham bacon etc – trying not to
mahon – don’t know it
haveroti / swiss types – not a HUGE swiss fan BUT there is smoked swiss and blending…
gouda – great but is it that winner singular? even smoked…
cheddars – sure but this is where gourmet is a pain in that real cheese as in not processed young cheese just doesn’t melt so hot thus truly requiring a sauce.
pepperjack – again good especially if made quite spicy hot…but is it the winner singular and it is cheaty with the peppers.
marble cheese like colby jack lacks oomph
munster is good like gouda but again all by itself…risk risk risk
goat cheese of course doesn’t really melt
blue cheese and brie in their real forms disgust me…plus brother is anti onions so there went the way brie can be tollerated.
let’s skip the creme fresh or queso whateveros as these lead to the dark side of thinking sweeter things like ricotta or some weird involvement with cottage cheese.

let’s pause for pastas
there are:
wheat duram wheat, multi grain, spinach or other things in etc and a bazillion shaps

we’re skipping the immitation and outright fake-o vegetarian cheeses

I have some righteous smoked all salt…this with a light smoked cheddar could bring it home kinda updated classic.

I can get smoked and dried peppers galore and again cheat cheat it up with add-ins like a smokey jalepeno bacon


well I think minor nap so I sleep the bulk of the day away might help me come up with a plan. I don’t yet have the notion.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “particables, dangling”

my thoughts being lazy about leaving out to mail YOUR Letters 😉 and hitting thee market 😀 is MAC Cheese…. hmn. I don’t have to win, nor do I have to feel constrained – so, as is often the case in life, first notions might be the best and overthinking lol is like overworkng bread it lessens the result… I think I may if I get out before work Friday, do up the canadian bacon smoked and regular gouda like I originally conceived and then felt bad about because it tramples on the PCP Potato, Canadian-bacon, provolone soup that was like last summer or so. I dono t like to trample my better efforts with to shady a duplication. ma’am peppers fresh are quite the spend with the possible exception of green bell peppers, so perhaps you can enjoy a dried one? those are available alabulk bin at mexican/latin places. also I’m tempted to while mentining that to do a powdered from scratch with ‘s castlepeak cheese sprinkle to bring to the forefront an old dream where everything was dried… I suppose if I’m fair I can say I beat the back to the future 2 sequence where mom rehydrated a pizza so good but I just am intrigued by that along with crystalize absorbed water in rock.. I wonder if there is a methodology looking like a guy with a stick simply tapping but in unseen reality microwaving the rock cook make it burst forth a torrent…reference exdous moses and the rock…the very rock tapping incident that had him forget to give god credit costing him the entry into the promised land….which I mention because mac cheese like carbs in general almost feel like a deadly sin when considering a healthy lifestyle doesn’t it? 😉 btw the problem with microwaving is the burst and steam not stream…. this is if you consider vermiculite which expands in a puff due to internal water under extreme heat and thus so freed of it’s water can moderate the over watering habits of many people without greener thumbs.

Hey, Dean Martin!!! 😀 That’s Amore! 😀
This post is cheesy! Yum! 🙂
Now I’m thinking of Herman Munster! Ha! 😛 He’s a gouda! HA! 😀
I love most cheeses! 🙂
I like making homemade mac and cheese! 🙂
Please don’t use proper English! I like looking at dangling participles! Especially large ones! 😉 😀
HUGS!!! 🙂

I walked over to hang out som earlier and mention mac cheese throwdown and the unimpressed new gent of the housed asked…gouda? it reminded me of work… been there down that got the children and grandchildren and forget who the great grandchildren are.

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