Denver Dreaming

Imagine the possibilities for just one moment You Want to be in this here Denver, Colorado, USA town *city and county* for it’s Vibrancy…or perhaps to turn a buck. You may want the Ritz and surely deserve it, but you must budget the possibilities… Well Let’s us tour My town on it’s ritzier or perhaps seemlier sides.

social media sayeth that according to the foodies… oh heaven forbid that I, a Foodie, might start with food. foodwise, list via Guy Fiery’s Diners, Drive-ins and dives, lists
Tocabe – a Navajo Inspired Indian Frybread Taco place which exists off of roughly
why? because you CAN invite your vegetarian friends for a taste of the very history of this USA with, the “indian” or native american culture being moved from a better destiny to that of the reservation yes, but still taste how culture can and will go on. Please also imagine the larger history of the world in that the Navejo Code Talkers of the USA in WW2 were just that Men serving their nations with pride using a rare resource of their cultural language no one else knew to talk code for their country’s/countries’ interests. NO ONE broke the navajo CODE. how can a person when you just don’t think chicken in English will sound like chicken excrement in Navejo!
There’s this Buck a scoop Chinese place of I forget it’s name off of Federal near US 285… it is the only place I”ve ever heard someone walk in and demand vegetarian of a not what I’d call a vegetarian place.
okay, so it gets a hit or miss as social media goes! BUT instead of nearly $10 like Toacabe, this is more like $3-5 for a hog’s portion of Chinese Grub. It’s location is fair more important as it’s on the highway circuit…to be 40 minutes from St Mary’s Glacier which for my money is a fine way to bring the Mountains of Colorado to any not-from here… Yes, Glacier means snow’s chance in hell as in August Snowball fights with your new intown friends or the one’s you brought along, surely if you didn’t think of cold icey down your undies your significant other might have!
Jimmy John’s Sandwiches. why them, the sell about thee most expensive sandwich of any fast food joint in town!… okay so one of my family works there and in all fairness said that it sure is possible with a little legwork to buy a bit of Jimmy John’s bread *day old isn’t a keyword here for free and it is NOT free, nothing at Jimmy John’s is – but also in Fairness You don’t WANT free Jimmy Johns You WANT to savor the treat that is well made even if you are on a budget. afterall, what is a crouton but not old bread and this in a huge form is a crusty chewy gem of bread with olive oile and balsamic vinegar both packets are available occassionally from the grocery chains if not but not always the actual JJ store. yes for a couple of bucks you can hog down something yummy somewhere with people you might wish to hobnob with. Consider the location near a fine Once Catholic Seminary now a fairly prestigious school DU Denver University, why? well they tend to ROCK in hockey and offer some of our more pretisgious families the chance to educate their next generation…perhaps because it’s so close to a safe enviroment to explore and get to healthy activities. πŸ˜‰
I’ve literally stayed over here. I therefore wont lie and say this is a GRAND hotel. it is not. what it is is about the most fun you can have exploring humanity and place. SAFELY. for you see what isn’t advertised is that it is literally across the street from the Police. it’s close to the biggest liguor store in denver town so if you wanna grab a six on the way out to say St Mary’s Glacier…AND WAITE TIL YOU GET THERE TO ENJOY IT! as no liquor of any kind is allowed on Denver Youth Hostel Grounds let alone inside! you can walk to Argonau liquors. I suggest against the fancy ass beers although my state is NO SLOUCH for choices Craft brew- I suggest Opici Sangria a $17 3 liter import of Spain in box wine as it’s sweet tastey good and cheap. if you must craft brew, Breckenridge Vanilla Porter cant be beat for yummy vanilla porter it runs about $10 sometimes $9 **neither price includes tax which is about 9% in many municipalities about the United States, sure, some are less, some try to cheat too, but get used to tax as it is the price too. now between catching or worrying about catching some tropical fungus in a low-rent hostel…I promise you they keep the place fumigated/clean and care but such is alas the worry about inexpense…someone before you failed to bathe…you’ll not note as its to be asked after, sought out! the roof of the joint where it’s possible for an unstable blind man me to safely egress if management will allow or wants in your pants, whichever is applicable..I hope ew, what a thought! πŸ˜‰ to roof. I love the view the ambience I’ve managed from the required fireescape if the key to the roof ispresent or from the laundry from the west portion of the upstairs. if you don’t remember your old music shame TOTO’s I’ll be over you shows New York City and the boys wanting to let’s do something! let’s do this.. oh lol the 80’s the language. but imagine on the low rent side this still is possible to sing to the trees *learner and Lowe* from the rooftops!

You’re also on the walking alley to Denver’s 16th Street Mall, this is the cities very HUB of Public Transit. you can have the free mall ride whisk you about this mob of city living with sights and smells and people for free in relative opulance and safety. okay it’s still a bus. in the middle of this and at it’s west end is the connections to the trainl w oine for $5 will take you alllll the way wwest to golden where you can end up…in jail woo. jefferson county court and jail is there along with a pretty city office. this is cab for under $20 to Alibabba Grill a fine mountainy feeling town food thing OR connects via bus and walk to Coor’s Brewing Company’s Brewery…this is part of now Miller, Molson Coors. or big company beer, the regular tour will blue moon you to death whoopie I did like the batch 19, or you can try after the VIP tour which offers more or less every coors product or otherwise made at that facility. if you take the e line to lincoln before it’s terminus is the ParkMeadows Mall which is an opulant place as malls go they may still have the discovery store which was fun. take the h line and at it’s terminus plus a little walk…. follow the PATH aurora is …saudi aruror driving! they’re everywhere and at war with you safely getting anywhere if you fail to utilitze the lights!/paths! to masala usa a nice south india eatery where the dosas are yummy and I liked everything albeit i can not pronounce everything nor spot the card to remake it later. shut up and eat I guess or wait for your order πŸ˜€ either way quite yummy and vegetarian…all vegetarian place btw. take the d line and not to it’s end as that’s a pretty view sure but in the middle damn no where πŸ˜€ get off at littleton downtown. you or your children remembering southpark will be at true home as southpark is actually in colorado it’s the old mini town of park city colorado at the foot of the mosquito pass which ends in what was once our state capital, Leadville Colrado…breifly now it’s denver. well park city is northwest of fairplay colorado where you can see the tourist trap of south park and perhaps find my favorite place in town for a eggplant parmesian sandwahich or whoever might lie and say they make said gem :D…butthe real littleton has a navajo streeet and alemo for a dinky 4 block downtown but, mckinner’s pizzeria good, savory spice or penzy’s spices both great shopping as is the trinket shop across from penzy’s. just note this town is quite barney pfief take the train as if you drive they camera enforce traffic law and thus if you see a flash of a camera that’s a 40-200 dollar privilage. the bes to boulder is also fun, I’ve taken it…the #B with the #205 to walk to Celestial a mintroom experience that you’ll wow your whole life and try to snap your galpal sittin in the sleeptime bear’s lap before the tour. or maybe you’ll do boulder’s walking mall the Pearl Street Mall and stop into a cool kite store. I’ll bet you’ll laugh when I tell you the little rocks in the middle boulevard were once mountain to me at 2/3 years of age! you can also hop the bus to the airport and thus skip about 2/3rds the cab cost out there. My current favorite place is a place called the whichoffers a fine mediterainian side salad homemade and the comercial hot seller hummus which has a bit of a ranch spices taste if you remember your ranch salad dressings/cream…a fine enough lentil soup near east style- I literally have ran into the then governor of my state while out to lunch and wanted to punch the asshole out for pattig me on the back as it couldn’t have felt any more false…. I didn’t punch the governor out or bad things would have happened like I’d have lost the fight he easily outclassed me size/speed and reach….not to mention that jail thing πŸ˜‰ but ew, icky politicians! other fine places are available and likely in walking distance from the denver youth hostel and are a few dollars each way or flat out free if you’re walking…

so, if ever you think you might like to travel to a scary land that thought we were better off making marijuanna legal and taxing it versus other control mechanisms… colorado. If you want to see some real hills, some of ours are easily accessible by car from the town – if you can not drive consider gambling town’s central city/blackhawk colorado from denver which is 22 ish round trip free booze while you gamble- sorry, I can’t say it’s a foodie destination any longer…just a normal all you can eat shrimp type with cost mind buffet. yee haw. so unexcitig. I can do better at a golden coral, i can easily overeat at any buffet which means if you hear me whine about them, it’s because they’re murder for my sugar control…meaning despite the conotation, they cant serve a lot of crap food, they actually serve a lot of tasty enough food which is the damned probleem how to say no and live!…however spoiled for choice most buffets fail to stand out…sorry. my favorite of all time isn’t even in this denver town/metro….and by concept isn’t unique as it felt it was at that time of discovery…. πŸ˜‰

come visit.
if you are all about your youngsters in your family or wanna have a terminal case of PRAM ITIS males are just perverts if they try,
and come on, I liked it when I was a kid! piss off,

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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aw boo, the first response fails, and I for get it.. I’m drying my eye’s after “memoirs of a geisha. I can not be more scared that sentiments so deep to me run through me. Life is it’s meaning and to that you have you’r hug.

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