the luck of this year is a present. I also got quite a lot of presents – thank youuuuuu universe and all you nice people too. luck however seems to be my favorite as I could have sworn I had to skip that line or forever return to the end of it just as the cheers went up someone got theirs. well, puke itwh your christmas drinks as we explore this.
I didn’t get a yes to my ask for help in perspective that smelled damned well like a date. I got an “I’ll think about it” which is so much like a no it might as well be time I mention I hadn’t long to wait to be surprised. I was able to find out that I’m not entirely crazy, current job is a tad frustrating when it feels like pulling out straws. the way this info came eliminated much of the need to ask into little ways to massage my way with others to improve things like respect perceived perhaps erroniously lacking. also, often I fight to honour the NO thank you given not wheel someone off to my activities like a willing victem whether they are or are not…it’s increasingly obvious that most do this and I’ve to carefully set the example this is against the law reallly πŸ˜‰ just the same way failing to come to a complete stop at stop signs in the night when no one is there which is increasingly turning out to not be the case….I know precisely that this doesn’t seem like different information than I’ve always heard nor am I my boss magically with years of trust in a facial tick to employ based on a solid record of positivements… but, it’s worth noting that I’m not too shabby. I was called in early on christmas to meet the new person and as you can imagine this meant aw shit weekend help…great let’s go train the replacement….woo wooo. πŸ˜‰ laugh on the battlefield and cry in the dojo… I really did laugh too, 14. school program. um… not for a good while can he do what I do, sure he can cost me mine if I’m not careful just as anyone can when you’rer esponsible for them…but more than likely I can enjoy some light evil. making work out to be work in that way it’s not really the slightest triffle for me but exceeding for another and such is low grade evil πŸ˜€ so, lets recap, I’m capable of running a safe enviroment for older children πŸ˜‰ in many many ways… how do I know, I made a nija star of paper. its not easy the first time and has a blizzard of confusing sounding instructions. yet if you watch how others participate…my job anyways…such demonstrates a lot of information… in simple direction following :D… and shush, if I was any better at it I’d apply for deity too. πŸ˜€ not.

next, while I didn’t achieve the freedom of financial power weilding in august of this year… I I can fight after it this month and next. I’m capable and did help people as I should do…I do not mean the loafages it seemed I suffered… but since that’s brought up. both people I helped obtained their jobs and places to live as paying adults…that’s not a shabby record at all 2/2 no, I didn’t do it for them and might not have even been helpful, BUT I was :D.

I have more of a wardrobe semi casual business not bumwear. I know this is luck as I didn’t buy it all. I also know like the above that I’ve gotten a lot of hidden to me seeming support to my hopes. this is odd because it’s been there and thanks. each hug. each aw.

now, remember an interesting concept ala πŸ˜› religeon. “to show us the way.” knowing as we all must surely see or complain about how the bleap should we get there? skip the actual religeon of how should we and there. just do so as the ultimate questions can sure lead to anger and dissention. but let’s take a smaller moment LUCK for me in real time with no hope it’s wow what a blessing but aw shit another boring class for someone else stuck oh hideous with a wreck ME….

the next thing I want in my maybe 20 hours of his gifted I actually might be able to make use of… in many crucial to me ways too, is:
more paper hell. if you would have seen how difficult it is to fold with thin paper any origami, you’ll see yet more coming πŸ˜€ this time if perfection is the goal of origami, and we’re not all artistes, now what? the tomoto soon enough rose. imagine the wavy roll of the water coming in as this “w” in letters just is jagged. imagine that on paper a long strip of pink lame paper as I bet I’m out of tomato red. now, the secret is in the imperfection. because when you roll it up not quite straight but in a cone you’ll get a beautiful simulation of a rose. I bet he chose this job because 20 more hours with cats sounded like hell….silly head, you didn’t know you signed up with ME. c’mon, be and think 14. my job cn be paint dry dull with spasms of hellish craziness, oodles of risk I personally must fight well to deal with. it’s not fun to do such duties seemingly and a large array of people just simply can not. yet this duty must be ingrained if there is a future to be had. yes, all those hours 16 a day for months on end running camp then with disabled folk now with a bright enough child to me and my residents…. come on light chaos! it’s worth it to see perfection but it’s just as magical to hope for a little pocket of enjoyment sneak through the malaise of days that are often my folk’s last and worse ones not wished to be remembered by their children. duty duty dooky. so a tomato rose, first in paper because art can represent before we waste more resources on precious chances to execute. there are just those two ways perfect…origami to the imprecise is a real bitch, roses an analogue beautiful of imperfection just as artistic. also as my punishment hour allows, that hint, my job and most jobs do pay for your smile and enthusiasm so much more than your actual skills which are expected…as he chose a white collar job because cats suck…. πŸ˜€ well then, we get the final hint that yes, a silly 40 blind guy runs a weekend activities thing in a fairly premeir place.. and it’s most assuredly not what it seems, it’s to gauge ongoing observed c facts to aide in care. it’s so much also political…he’s a social studies lover…well, diplomacy for 14 aint going to be perfect but well you’re getting a view of life why should josh the blind waste the chance for you to see – that there is some choice out there, be it manual labour or white collar, so as I work white collar political offerings, here’s how that works, are activites and I mean each and all are for observing just as much as I hope they’re some sort of fun. perfection is cool but so is a little moment rolled up…I’m lousy at perfect pretty so I focus on the latter. yet always keeping our effors listed in the category of what I really offered is a hallmark of that fight towards high placement… might not be his interess but what the hell I’ve a bit of enthusiasm to display a napoleon complex….gate gaurd being the first any sees so he’s the head of the company….:D this is my little 20 hour vision. wanna be a star? shit is what grows roses…roll in it well so as to be a flower not a cesspit mess :D…and hahaha, you should have stuck with the cats. great luck for ME how he views it? heheheheheh… light evil as I really don’t care πŸ˜€

or, merry christmas me. I got myquasi-date, I got a victem for a couple of weeks, okay okay I get health junk to watch too and not lose my mind but πŸ˜€ it sure does feel for a change like christmas. I didn’t get a rejection/cancellation of project I got nice things this year. I got my hearts desire to twart the evil restaurant singers into embarassing me with happy birthday! no one can quite guess my age right. ahhh. okay I have computer upgrading to attend. okay I have a couple of month’s struggles to make sure I reallign my finances to my ease. or in short there’s more to do but oo victem πŸ˜€ oo I’m not wholly crazy. yummy. what luck.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “Luck”

You can’t possibly be crazy if you are considerate of others while maintaining good respect for yourself. The best part is, “… it’s just as magical to hope for a little pocket of enjoyment sneak through the malaise of days that are often my folk’s last …” I do believe you have it in a pretty good perspective, oh perfect rose that is you. Merry Christmas!

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