Kiddie Rides

I’m still in the kiddie-section of the Interweb’s Amusement life as I was discontinued for having old tech. I finally! ug, found time to investigate what needs doing and always it’s not quite insta-simple as one component upgrade but two…I need more ram and a new operating system, but to obtain these is a minor hassle and moderate to me expense…. I will point out that I did get a free keyboard and mouse and now smir as to why, I got my perk and lol little to nothing in macland is ever free so 😀 5 months later I get to toss that free back out as it was known they would make redundant things and smarter ones just kept quiet but kept up the great customer service 😉

comcast called me today after sending me my usual monthly bill not at the 170 expected but with a 50 credit… only to promise me it’s 130 or less. woot.

I own finally enough to work more than a week in pants/shirts. I lack ties and a dog training success without beating the creature into hating me that he really should eat my socks. and proper black shoes brown yes black no. I’m getting there. it’s nice that even my closet reflects I work again.

I’m perplexed at how beef jerky I can understand at advancing ages doesn’t get on with the system as well, but no boiled beef does…or low temps beef… this means bbq abcesses my teeth too. blankity! I like bbq…true slow roasty joys..but it’s just becoming murder for me. however the lunch place makes beans with burnt ends? now thats durn good…excepting that instant taste of sloow cooked beef that just seems to be causing a bad reaction… oh well, I’ll lament that til they take the whiskey away…I’d really be crushed if I couldn’t have mashed potatoes.

I look forward most to this week being plodded through over monday with two days off this time! before a bogus meeting and long weekend. but, 😀 it’s a bigger paycheck. these ones go to? realligning me into feeling more secure as in being disentangled m ore anyways of debts. I know I know there’ll be a day and I dance ever closer to knowing I’m roped into the long term dream of freedom long since gone…obligations all about… 😉 I suppose i’ll find normal soon enough. that’s not kiddie-land.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “Kiddie Rides”

What you’re going through certainly isn’t kiddie land. You are taking care of yourself and watching your numbers. Hardly a child. Though, since I’ve reached nagging womanhood, I’ll say this, quit smoking and your teeth and gums will be healthier. 🙂 No! Not the mashed potatoes! I would never say quit mashed potatoes! (smoking, yes; but mashed potatoes, never!). 🙂

😀 lol, you both – it really is when it works. hours of nothing better to do but suck in ark/crafts and learn useless sometimes seeming trivia… but is that useless?? I do make money dispensing it ;) that part isn’t kiddie land nor is healthealth when trying to keep an inch more of it a second longer. that also isn’t for the kiddies we hope, but to but to be restricted it seems is often a hallmark of youth seeiming free to the horizon but oh that parental voice of though shalt not enjoy the naughty youtube or youtube at all this week booo! how dare they ground be from youtube because this is a duo with the wrong operating system clothing too too old!… imagine the weaseley’s feeling of dress robes for the blah blah ball and poor ron has something hideous.

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