christmas rewrites

I’ll have a bad christmas without you woo oo ooo. – charlie sheen sings blue christmas his way 😀

joy to the world oh no!  deploy round the world you ways are done  boom boom boo boom boom boom raining hell upon your soul maybe you’ll glow orange or green  hee hee hee hee I sing tee hee hee hee you shouldn’t have brought this dream oh stomp til glory’s achieved.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

15 replies on “christmas rewrites”

blue christmas as bad christmas is not too hard to keep to theme :

I’ll have a bad christmas without you
(woo oo oo oo)
soused and and powdered so you pout you
stockings of red panties of green what’s my name chalie sheen?
I’ll enjoy myself merrily like some fiend.

and when the blue Hynotiq starts warming
that’s when the coloured undies start falling
I’ll be out of my mind with the sight
might even believe again in the christmas’ white.

just wear anything but white
and lets have a bad bad christmas.

charlie sheen sings the classics all wrong :D.

He (Mr. Sheen) has never been politically correct, but he is funny as hell. Hmm… would that be an oxymoron? And… speaking of oxyies (not the drug), wouldn’t “thinking of sex” be one too? Ummm… confused yet? 😀

PS – Howdy stranger. Guess who’s trying her hand at WordPress? Nice to see you!

YAAaaaaaay it’s YOU, say hi to silver streak or kick ‘m if he’s dead. heradura sucks ass as tequilla for ME goes but infinite thanks for the recipe of how to …dispose… of it 😀 🙂 as to your philosophical dig, I cant answr that… you tied my brain in a knot. 😛 glad to see you 🙂

I thought it was a liquid thing but yeah essentially litmas 😀 you know you can get the strips for the range fairly point by point and test whether your after meal hygiene is good as also your overall diet is balanced some? but you have to …heh… give a spit.

HA! Good one! 😀
I like holiday songs…the good, bad, AND ugly ones! They are all fun to me! 😛 The parodies are especially funny! 😀
I’ve been blasting holiday music since Thanksgiving! 😀
Charlie is funny, but can be a dumb goof in his real life. o_O
🎅 🎅 🎅 🎅
NaughtyListHUGS!!! 😉 😛

I prefer my coal as peat… at a bog near you 😀 hugs back, not to get you drinkin decaff lapseng su chong or pine peat somked tea. DECAFF…now 😀 oh most of us are “dumb goofs” in real life. I hoped for better driving tonight but at least i didn’t run over santa!

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