around celestial corners

I always get a haha about the solstice of our seasons… it’s like turning a celestial corner. that weird feeling not unlike turning as in spinning out in a car where one second straight on the road feels right but in the next 270 degrees around to proceed full speed into a ditch somehow also feels right. I’m up and it’s a quarter after four am.

marking time is a curious thing oh god huey lewis invaded

anniversaries are a curious thing
make a one man weap and another bird sing
I’ll stake your heart, you little white dove
let’s argue, push and shove

think about anniversaries. I have my moments memories powerful.
oh yes! let’s remember the orange sight of a face full of chewed carrot courtesy of kindergarden afterlunch!
it’s been 10000 days like angels since.. 😛 …. or I’m being cynacal and or sarcastic.

I mean it’s been 20 years this cant really remember the exact day I started smoking at 20 I may watch that part in city slickers where the clerk shows up to the christmas party and tells dude in front of his wife she’s late….but before that news, her greeting is go away little girl…I’m not a little girl I’m twenty! I doubt you can help it you oldersters out there looking around at all that youth and sayingit’s soo soo mature 😀

I can remember the first time I nearly got some, I had an attack of conscience and felt like a sinner and quit prior to burning in hell.

I remember (sing the earth wind and fire september song now( the first time I got over to a friends and the party was in fulll swing and the job schedule said I was to skip most of that party… to be honest that’s an anniversary I can say is uplifting. I cant enjoy the grapefruit juice and bombay saphire gins as they interfere with my medication but about twenty years ago I couldn’t make it to work due to having far too good a time elsewhere and some weather..I neglected to call. don’t worry I also left that job when for the 7th time forgiven someone skipped out no call no show. or heh, karma will find you you misbehaviours :D.

13 months have elapsed officially since sis left home to new opportunity and I have a black cat.
18 months has elapsed since obtaining employment after 2 years 3 onths volunteering
it’s finally not crystal clear that day it was obvious I wouldn’t get her romantically. wait! which one? 😀

most anniversaries are bogus. trying to celebrate something that has a changing meaning through time. I mean losing a tooth is slightly painful yuck but the toothfairy thing is cool 😀 getting laid sure can be an experience. school being out because another said so with permission is an interesting feeling. first come with other firsts though like first home is also the first home often left. my first church heartache probably isn’t high on people’s lists 😀 My first tackle on the football field however inellegant was a pleasure. my first employment sure was a thrill to learn what it was all about however, 😛

I can remember plenty of tragics. but heh. it’s rather much more fun to leave it at : ashot gin poured together with ruby red grapefruit juice over ice 🙂

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “around celestial corners”

I never celebrated them persay. I mean I like thanksgiving as it’s about the only thing we did growing up is have a turkey. but I remember the day mom was sad saying there’ll be no christmases as she was joining the Jehovah’s Witnesses when i climbed into the brady mobile at three… to be fair I couldn’t remember 2’s christmas so it was bewildering yet from then forward al passages of time were endured not celebrated as others got to celebrate. in this sense should I have any sympathy for the sheite muslim? only if I had a heart. I’m not sure I was raised by experiences to have one. which is why I wonder why I am gifted to be everyone’s holiday hootinanny at work as I truly can give a shit but usually do not as I don’t quite know how about how to celebrate a damned thing….and in all fairness neither do they as they must understand they’ve lived past people showing up to their holidays. there’s living left to do and they’ve done too much. or whatever sin it is that means people stop including us at the festivals. anyways, I’m glad you’ve a fine memory of being 18 in to life with your you bad girl skipping out on a holiday! Siner! 😀 hug. we gotta have fun memories too :D. I’m walking over to my coffee pot now, in a way for mine… it’s coffee from sarijevo bosnia yesterday was that-the morning monday bible study andprior to that smoked herring which was sunday’s better than any doughnut I’ve even had… bet you didn’t know I was secretly eskimo… ready at any moment for smokey fishey salt icecream off a snowmobile radiator. I haven’t had such yet but I really do like smoked fishy herring.

throught the years, rogers
the tavern ‘s fended of the cold
i’ve told the best lies.

‘member september?
here comes november purple rain
earth wind and fire PRINCE.

this side’s mandolin
nickle creek, or the rising?
youtube it away.

twenty years ago
or scagg’s heart of mine suit’s pink.
one heartbeat, smokey.

songbird or ‘whoever
manhattan skyline or oops
Ireally dont dj.

thinks of the songs you know, the above’s rare moment I can stand kenny rogers which is I liked his twenty years ago and to learn how he liked it far simpler. certain things just sell like a love enduring or pining and or one faced blackly as it’s time to move along. snap your fingers pop! sure still can date us in our lives. I remember fleetwood mac’s songbird not from when rumors hit but when I caught it over a macintosh amplifier over at that guy’s house… in a way I liken him to the lead character of “the man without a past” as he needs music and he shares what he has. I found The Beautiful South’s song for Whoever long predated the far more irritating, a little bit of monica by my side of the 90’s Yoshida brother’s the rising, garsh, how did I stumble across that? I know it was the same way as I found sonata arctica which is just by clicking.. but sometimes we just click GOOOoooood. 😀 nickle creek came with the media edition xp version of microsoft’s windows. I got that in mid oh four lol a decade plus ago! it’s a bit of bluegrassiness joy. in this vane though of memories…..

I saw that dipper
one over one just under
and a decade past

come again weddings
camp heard pledged love everlasting
the underwear’s long gone.

reminisce this! chump
I’m ready to live again
too bad you get ONE.

I’m weird. I like anniversaries. Remembering most, celebrating some. I even count “month anniversaries” related to some happenings. 😀
The sad anniversaries are tough, but it’s hard to ignore them. 😦
Congrats on your job anniversaries! 🙂
Egg-Nog-HUGS!!! 🙂

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