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OUT AND ABOUT FOR THE MONTHLY BILL CYCLE PART ONE. BORING I KNOW. I DID NOT HIT THE SAVORY SPICE SHOP. I just realized I’m internet shouting… Inside voice… I hit up penzy’s they had trinidad and old world blends and a smokey seasonall salt? okay, I’ll bite. I hit the danny cash hot sauce shop and their scorpior sauce took 23 minutes for it to stop hurting…one drop….not their hottest. oi. I hit then the xfinity / comcast to get NO DEAL NOTHING REFUNDED ug, and they wonder why people switch…. but, before you complain this dude walked up you didn’t give me my nine dollars change… short drawer no deal for me. I got a new router/modem so MAYVE I’ll get some damn internet…I actually pay for it.. I next collected the barber and was off to double bubble my phone bill exciting I know. but I saved 20 whole dollars a month from here on out. I also got a dvr . the ability to record tv easy….better this than channels I cant get. there is hd capability with the proper box. The water bill sneaks in but they wouldn’t let me double pay it too much hassle to type numbers. then the guess on the power bill. I am about to check how good I guess 🙂 next up is my personal bills but woo hoo. easy enough. I got lost getting off at the wrong stop I’d never gone to before but, if I hadn’t I’d have wet myself….I obviously didn’t stay lost. maybe the new duds of electronics will behave some 😀


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 responses to “NEW DUDS

  1. Glad you didn’t stay lost! 🙂
    HA! ON THE INTERNET SHOUTING!!! 😀 (When I type in all caps it’s usually that I’m more excited than my normal constant level of excitement! 😉
    YAY for new duds! 🙂
    Yikes on the hot sauce! 😮
    UGHS on bills! :-/
    HUGS for you!!! 🙂

    • lol, even I get lost ya know 😀 it’s not impossible when I can see only shapes but rarely read the far away signs actual letters and remember I can not know every sign by guess in that even I still have to read. so 😀 yeah I get LOST and it’s actually a good thing as I have usually alloted time for it and packed appropriate gear. it turns out grant ranch in that area is just before wadsworth blvd… which might be meaningless names to you but knowing it’s like a mini big street before the big big street is important and yeah I had a four block walk where all I could see was the service side of a strip mall of some large size…such can end up looking suspiciously like a factory. and turning the corner to not quite see the sign of which store it was still left me disconcerted too big fake tear as all I had to do was await my steps to the light and it was bloody obvious I found my road. I also found a dime so I didn’t have to hit up chase bank to make change.
      yes, yes you can be extra ordinainarily exciting 😀 I wonder if you’ll ever run another saucy promotion for milf and cokoies. 😀 I hope you had a chuckle.
      I have internet not just at my house but in my home! remember I have a MIL seperated space and i finally moved the computer to my house 😀 and before my beer gets warm I should plug the fridge back in….yes some things electrical make other electronics unhappy. but mainly I just do things anymore for the voodoo value of it all. and magically things start working even if I did something that didn’t actually contribute to the process.
      as for bills no no! that’s a good thing even if I have to dash off to the paycheck collection and bank as I’m one check short oops twas more ebuliant this year. 😀 but nevermind in that it’s fun to know I can aid my favorite barber who has no luck in the world it seems sometimes which is of course patently false 😀 got overpaid for my prettiness of the season… I love knowing I don’t have to which makes it all the more fun doing. and in general i’m reminded that every time I pinch the pennies I end up pinching pennies as in I’m pinched for abundance so within reason 😀 and yes I do have to jet off lol cant stand that minus sign in the accounting… I’m doing fairly well go me! 😀

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