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say it frenchy and it’s weird… say it honky awful and it begs the same word but is said weird. 😀   w.ith o.out i.nternet’s r.eally d.isgusting.   I did indeed do up my door and I’m still at my mom’s so you still wont get pics til i get home.  my winner is me but if i cant take my vote then the cup snowman was thee coolest not me offering the second was snoopy over blue shiny foily paper and festive simple but i think it was a fam member so not us, frosty in paper butcher.  I am pleased I fought like hell 8 and something into getting the damn door together and stilll had to have help!  all my originating ideas failed somehow because i shopped at walmart and that place is ultimately not my success…..It’s not that they do not have good things either I’m sure they do but I largely am incapable of utilizing successfully a walmart- it costs me money time and always leads me down the road to phenomenal disasters.  it’s like walmart steak… what the hell is wrong with steak to a carnivore?  nothing.  and if walmart offers a good one someone ate a fine dinner and would be surprised it’s gonna be not just love rachel lampa a walk to remember ost. but it’s gonna be walmart…. I buy a walmart steak and the kitchen/grilling gods say I must suffer my demons of failure then and there and fail to make magic of humility.  I’m not incapable of humility – I’ve mades sushi rice out of lemon juice instead of sweetened vinegar and the rice of precooked minute rice as I wanted badly my friend to try something he thought impossible to his tastes enjoment….such are humbler walmarty ingredients and a real even….of course I lost my phone as is par for my dealings with him which finally incensed me which is odd as I don’t really answer my phone ever and only look at it twice a week it seems for many years now…the asside for this is about oh six I stopped wanting one ever again as it occured to me i’d never again get the girl and why was it I was blowing sixty a month desperately to have a phone only to call her to hear her actively block me whilst having her options open…this lead to a love triangle phophecy in the astrological divinations and that actually came vividly true excepting I was only informing my pal her then beau she dumped him for a love triangle and it lasted two months til she was dumped by them both which amused him as he was against being cheated upon and she got “hers”…but again walmart bothers me as I can’t blasted win shopping there.  I cant stand still! to answer my phone because I’m not winning by doing so.  I cant believe I returned to a bit of the old me reading as in killing 2 books in 3 days.  I cant believe I always have some damn ghoul causing me to be reminded others need to win to… I’m not actually sure that any soul would in droves understand what I weave into anything i do.  I cant believe I actually read something…it’s like returning to a favorite vice.

it’s weird.

lost her for new stories?

I’m forever and always getting weird meanings and reversals all over my astrological divinations.  I suppose my early insight would be to worry I’m nnot rich enough to carry the dame in the above question and thus right now like I’d thought I’m second bananana and must ride out the hell of waiting to be favored again…to wait for her to want to share again.  I’m not satisfied with that answer.  I get the feeling its more like the opposite or not my fault but that feeling reversed….yet I do not know why as I’ve very little evidence to support this insanity.  and no, I don’t feel mega special egoic obnoxio-tardic about it.  it’s a sadness to feel others not feel in a way they can have joys.  but as I say I lack any evidence at all really to back that up.

I’m working  6,7,12,13,14,15,16,19*,20,21,22*,24*,25*,26,27,28 or 13 x 6 78hrs thereabouts this month not bad for getting thanksgiving off.   it pays not to complain 😉


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 responses to “w.o.i.r.d.

  1. Love can be tough.
    Walmart can be tough.
    What else is there in life?! 😉
    Looks like you’ve got a busy work month ahead. 😮
    Can’t wait to see the door! 🙂
    (((HUGE HUGS)))

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