momentless moments

I’m playing euchre today which reminds me of both this southwest blogger and her positiveness and also the disdain of the bourdain episode on bbq.

I’m rather shocked that no good etymology was easily found on the word euchre. it’s a game containing bowers a fine german word even if it sounds and looks like eucharist or something blasphemously cussy to say when one is…euchred. interestingly enough, the game is quite quite French in that you can have dang near every rule and make one variation and it’s not euchre but something else. Closest to a consensous of what most of get when it isn’t Euchre is…BACON. I also despite being quite acceptable with my odds have great difficulty being any good at Euchre or Bacon or Whatever it is. 😀

after this episode of living was a fine nap and then this night shift wherein I found out I made a good pie finally. it is sweetened condensed milk this time with the required tub’s worth of whipped topping or in my case whipped cream ala aerosol big can… which I point out at 3.48 is 3 tubs worth and then I couldn’t find out the price on the tubs so I have no value check for you. I will say this once opened, I haven’t any luck reusing cans so it’s really a huge waste to buy in bulk unless one cooks in bulk. sweetened condensed milk, whipped cream in and topping, chocolate pudding and white chocolate pudding mixed all shelled in a graham cracker crust. I didn’t get one single BITE.

I spent my mid afternoon trying like hell to flesh out the idea of my take on door decorating for christmas with a jewish resident. keeping it cool and in budget! I have determined that I will be doing up eight presents in a menorah like display with little tea lights that switch on and hopefully they last 8 days! lol. what I’m thinking is that with eight presents, there is no hope any will be extra cool because of a about 3 dollar per budget so as to make the door win but also if not not bust my damn budget. I know all about insta snootishnesses, I’m either the favorite or coal for me. but skip that worry as I’m trying to be genuinely interested and creative without the silliness of expecting a win which in a way only softens the output expended. which is likely why most people didn’t sign up to participate. with your money silly job not mine. so right now I have good kippered snack… as this hanakuh thing is a festival of lights wherein lots of oily fish is eaten and while I know i could find lutefisk…um, no. kipper snacks. next I have a source for halva – a sweet sesame thing with pistachios in.. looks damn good as I like pistachios! doughnuts…pardon the obvious but them hostess little gems are a comin 😀 laziza because its popular in israel. bagels are obtainable and i’m only 3 things to sort out for what’s shelf stable till the actual holiday i.e. 12.16-12.24 so vimto and it’s time to take a trip to the russian well ukrainian deli again for chocolates and if I’m realllly lucky I can go ape with a fancy imported exported reinported whatever russian sounding coffee which can be whooped up as we’ve a hot water spiggot on the coffee machine at work. and, I’ve only one more thing to address.

I can’t believe I found an episode of anthony bourdain that is just not very good. this thing on bbq isn’t mouthwatering like most bbq talk. it’s not even that interestesting it’s just like ya ya whatever get me a sandwhich no jerk not from luffa’s that place sucks from jorge’s I mean this is about all I feel is conveyed and that’s sad. there’s really no statement here. which is I suppose the point of the show he’s not here because he called it but it was called for him so…boring episode. I’m lucky to afford the bbq as it’s not huge out here and I don’t lack competition for my 10 dollar outtings. mid teir is now more like 15/16 premium in name only fast food is about 8 anymore 11 if you try to splurge so one knows what’s up…and the portions are back to being you can feed two with one meal again. except at fast food.there it’s the same calories but you just take them all for that igger butt meal.

I got the dessert fruit syrup it’s a dainty little bottle I worry is just one batch of margs worth so a quart tequila and good pint of premium orange spirit is two pitchers or wow watch out. I look to enjoy finding a neat but tacky marg service 😀 so good will here I come.

I guess that’s the point, It’s not that I lack stuff to do today but I must have shivvered off a lot of enthusiasm just for now. and don’t worry I have the furnace up and on 😀 two pairs of socks my blanket shawl 😀 I’m managing fine it just awaits something this moment like the moment 😀


oncce bitten, twice shy.

I’m in from round one and two combined to get me around the corner on shoveling the worst side of my house of snow. I know you’re thrilled for me that there is coffee to adore now.

I had me a nice chat with someone older who mentioned inspirational ideas… fantastic notions… like there is just one step in front of another… no magic answers or instant redemption…just plodding along. for those who like the pink floyd “one day closer to death!” but interestingly it brings me alve to the idea I count and have my own agenda. I’ve put in a lot to prove I’m valuable enough to others and useful… I can return the same to ME.

I’m glad you realize this is just therapy to avoid the other half of the shoveling.
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I’m researching…no, not something illicit or political persay, but how to decorate a Jewish resident’s door for to make a stab at something not horrifying yet not CHRISTMAS. I can’t knww-jerk Hanakuh either…it’s starting on the sixteenth and I’m due up by 12/4. My chosen residen isn’t very religious and graduated from a catholic college with a degree in Medicine something as he’s a retired internist.

I haven’t the time to make a mockery of a Mezuzah by listing Jewish contributions to medicine…and such as this list in general medicine is far too long. I will tell you though two things medical I can happily BLAME Jew for… determining the cause of diabetes and isolation of Insulin to combat it and the principal of local anastetic along with Novocaine. I’m diabetic and have visited a dentist :D.

ahhh the kneejerk bliss of putting out a big ol’ long syringe in a vial… like that wouldn’t look more like a heroin party than life-saving and or justified pain avoidance.

I’m also not digging putting up representations of faith like a six0side star of david or a mock up of the temple in jerusalem or the arc of the covenant.

I can dig eight little boxes with a light under the bow in a big presents of a door.

the tea lights battery powered are available in two brands and sets of twelve are about 8-15 with amounts of mylar at 15-20 and poster board and tape about another 10. even if I don’t win the 50 dollar top prize, I can conceivably get in on a near full reinbursement.

that’s about all I got for now.

I await my order from amazon. I’m hoping for the thrill of a margarita holidays box. and my christmas hope of more interaction possible yet still pursuing literature 😀 okay at least reading.


in love with France, Again.

The follow delves into Marijuana Culture and thus, if you disagree, skip the read.

I don’t smoke as in I smoke if I’m unfortunate 2 times a year or less. I do however live with weed nuts which is a facet of Colorado usa living and my stated successful advertising of my home… it’s just likely to happen. however without fail if I ever imbibe I require extra levothyroxin – a thyroid hormone – or I’m always suicidally depressed after.. if you ever needed to know my distaste of weed and why. without fail I’ve had levo and not gotten the day after the dy after “hangovers” of depression. more than a handful of times…however I’ve had 3/5 of day after the day after “blues” otherwise. this is meant to sound scientific and it odd that according to “science” I’m full of shit as marijuanna doesn’t directly act on thyroid hormones. if ever you thought I’d ever be actually scientifically honest. but as I have my own spectres of this life and such, I avoid dope like a plague. I only admit to the following armtwist – nestle’s brand dark chocolate and mint “ships” are to fucking die for in brownies and I don’t care later if I want to die as they are that good. but again once or twice a year. I care to actually live. 😉

I’m watching Frenchy loosely tied to the Weed Neards on Youtube. he’s making a goddamn cannolli of hash. It’s so cool if it wasn’t weed it’d be better. 😀


a guy who knows his part of the business. a guy who givs a shit and shows you why and how on quality.

what more should I say? I’m in love with France, Again and I don’t mean gay poke, I mean the love of something done well. With a level of ART to it. alll the science with enough art to make me sit up and take notice.

I don’t even like hash as in the experience of watching a consumer heat a knife in the coils of an electric stove to inhale a bit of smoke off HASHISH which made me lie always hate everyone antisocially and take a nap …later to shit and puke my brains and intestines out…whatever. yet, I’m watchine with the love of food Anthony Bourdaine where he “puked like a hero” after a meal of tequila worms and ant eggs and pulche. I cant deny I love that wild side of “Damn the torpedos, FULL SPEED AHEAD.” living. I witnessed that at a wedding feast where i blamed the chihuahua for pissing the couch…needless to say I wasn’t invited back and summarilly fired from the job leading me to swift alcoholism… but….what can i say but i think I got piss drunk. only fair to share as my first experience was downhill from havah nehgilah on the jim beam half… I was deemed too drunk to join the walk about after shrimpt blil at my brother’s 21rst. without exception I can remember the passion for liquid OLD BAY Crab Boil, potatoes red/new, and Shrimp do not got too small U24 ISH — PEEL AND EAT. I have made that with hot sauce and paprika alone and other ways many times dumping a GRATE of cargo on the newsprint.

I will point out that my humble adition to the inspiration is likely to kick myself for not getting a ham at market last out and resolving that oversight for potato soup.

no, I likely will sure make hash cannollis, but I’ll never enjoy smoking them. I’ve had a LIFETIME OF ILL EXPERIENCES to garuntee I’ll never enjoy dope. even if I sort out my body.

I also watched a beautiful czech heronien holiday, wherein we’re treated to how the slash milk process will get a soul arrested as it’s too slow but a popped guazeed syrup so to speak is cooked down. I cant say I’ll mbibe as the result chemistry-wise was oly codeine/morphine .. codeine unless I need it for dental work is just evil on my stomach. I can’t stand that “high” some can and they’re hooked.. I throw my codeine away and always have..taking only what i need post proceedure.

I thus am up on opiates, cocaine, hashish, and it’s lesser derivitives,. I’m also up on the love of a good boiled soup. I work at a nursing home and thus have in a year become puke instantly sensitive to the food boiled. you too will learn that lesser folk bring the pain so to speak of ill worked product. but ill-worked or not watermellon make a gorgious programme of butter/oil,alch ifusions. and by ill worked I’m not kiddings! lokigen provided the dry ice method of hash with full impurity. but it was ultimately frenchy who showed that ith sifting much could be achieved.



Guessing Games

I guessed 80% correctly which way I felt we should and others in droves agreed we should go as of election results….which I forgot to look up for a whole day! This state went VERY RED.

I’d talk about religion too so, lately right on time there is a whole lot of luke going around… a fine damnation of choices listed in this book…just in time for family gatherings and tollerance… some good old bible thumping hellfire and damnation.

who’d have guessed? apraently i did, I was reading luke before it became popular…. with a far different agenda. as to why I’m a turn coat voter, well i should have a few reasons to toast in hell otherwise what oppurtunity is there? why not more cops and government employees, why else would i vote republican 😉

just so you can really look at me funny, the last things on the youtube I watched were
how to make cocaine…a fine nearly complete production model minus the finished final nuke it til it bursts into powder.
killing pablo…primarily so I could see how 21 years later again how one should be careful to cultivate far afield unlike pablo who had too many skeletons in the field…cause government remembers and either wants you or your money…bugger you if the government wants you.
che guevarra of the cuban revolution and later offed in bolivia. I’m less agrandised with him but I thought the motorcycle diaries was a movie well worth watching.

I remind you I’m in no mood to take up ilicit drugs, but sue me if I’d ve curious to sense the real taste of coca cola. 😉 Yes, I appologize for being a huge bastard radical…not but I’m not any more impressed communism in reality as I ever wasn’t- it’s cruel and explititive so far in 100% of cases. I’m not a fan of judgemental religion… again I’m not feeling guilty about this, I’m sure I should know my place and unfortunately I all too often do, but sue me if I’d like to hope to rise above it with enough perservering hard work and luck….oh shoot I gone and said it now, I’m almost American now. and for all that, I now mention

a cooks tour: oaxaca and puebla – because I like the goofy faced punk alcoholic Bourdain. I feel more alive knowing I too have mirrored that full speed ahead living to throw up all night and go again to work tomorrow. I like knowing I’ve pussed that hard to make something of my little world, but aww crap bummer, I’ve had to ignore some road apples about the way…to skip the judgement becausefrankly modern damnatory religion wont keep me employed and or make anything nice of me.

there, that should keep you guessing to what and who I am…cheers to you.


tinted b.s.

someone, the outgoing roommate, 😉 , said that it doesn’t matter what tint the b.s. is it’s still b.s. and thus derailed my fine discussion of which tint is the b.s. I felt I had this yesterday. I was shut out of spoken plans for dinner happy birthday for our birthdaying resident…one direct aspect of MY job that’s checked and nurse said she may make it not and not whether as it was obvious with the lady’s door closed if family was there still or sleep had to happen…you know a vague answer? I was somewhat thurough about being there early to deliver the goodies denied and lo and behold they were thrown out…convenient. of course I made more and made them appear. I didn’t say stupids like that bitch! I said I’m NOT sure x named soul likes me. because in truth it’s how i felt and it’s not rude because it’s of zero consequence or entirely my problem if the lady professionally doesn’t actually like me. 😉 am I sure second time happening lol…yeah I’m sure enough. fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.

My movie was to be well attended and at the last moment the fellow that was my prize attendee was to come was upset by end of shift needfuls of care and didn’t want to come. figures. it WAS a tall order but really? blankity blank. another moment of bliss badgering up interest … what was really fun was two youths attended difference tween mom needful elsewhere and pretty nurse end of shift. one was really pleased excited she recognized that day’s movie… what wasn’t that kind of exciting was aimal planet picked that exact moment to do a marijuanna piece…assholes, the kids didn’t like THAT cartoon, I have a movie cued and hallmark was extra power lame tv land didn’t grab them…so thankfully that’s when pretty nurse popped in with what? ohhh! yeah your right maybe they shouldn’t watch marijuanna producion on the animal fucking bastards planet.

so you know my week was not so bad another one in not too many things to get charbroiled about. pretty cook nice about fifties african american sweetheart gave me just a complete ration of shit about having a movie during the hottest home team rivalry game I wasn’t watchcing nor planning on. it made me laugh at how doefull the feigned injuries that’ll never heal 😀


inappropriate consumption

the cheese monster strikes again leading to a minor pause in the single best time of the somnilant year when one sneaks in an extra hour to sleeeep. During the ensuing awake, much regretable choices in both media consumsumption and also food consumption occured. I’m now practicing to be insane… well slightly poor the first week this month…so as to be improperly amused. Come along.

this link SEEMS to offer up a throwdown! Get your Indonesian ON. or whine a little as you consider your excuses most foul about choice of ingredients. It is time to bring forth your Ghetto Gourmet, your clipped college card of culinary NOW if not wow, woe. What is YOUR most exciting epicurian masterpiece of noodle yum? I do not care if you gave up gluten yonks ago, you’re all likely sinners of the slurp.

I began the defialment of my mind by bringing up “the muppets take manhattan” which led to cheese sticks scarfed and a quick over hear a moment that turned into a nap with a bad dream as cheese sneeks up on me, of only sounds as if my horrors whatever were now radio. I awoke to many hours of low test beer because I don’t think the free gift of corn hooch smelled uite like just ethanol…too smooth bit of the medicine medicine…a kitty dukakis and club soda absent…noted for her worst battles of alcoholism leading her to consume rubbing alcohol which only leads to a gut ache…I do not need that, I had that earlier with the morning coffee getting to me. Doctor who 50 year special, after limp black adder crashing with next a bit of fry and laurie crashing then jeeves and wooster crashing…stephen fry and hugh laurie just didn’t combine with ad meterial tonight which auto crashes hulu should an ad fail. I was gifted a rare tell on what soup was offered me and hence the challenge of what’s your decidence on “ramen”

I’m capable of pan toasting sesame seeds, using corn starch otherwise reserved only for thanksgiving gravy once a year to comine with just enough of the needle broth with a splash of sesame oil to create a mound of noodles so awesomely chicken sesame you await a fancy five star garnish and fine china to accompany them in properly presentable form to horrify the food snobs everywhere.


Come on, what can you do up?