I think I’m going out of my head.

Let’s just spin it – old skool.

I set foot in a Korean restaurant. I survived. I even ate well πŸ™‚
Yong Gung
2040 S Havana St
Aurora CO, 80014
apparently previously al bae nae korean restaurant.

I cant say I swam in choices because I didn’t, also the menu is small and properly priced at 6 – 13 with a few knockouts nearly double that if you prefer. there is a quality array of soups to shove it up the nose of the pho places ass this is a bit of a restaurant row. the dishes are picture listed prior to entry into a modern darkwood dining room with bold deep colors. they serve the classic hot tea… it is NOT free. πŸ˜‰

I’m going to say that while I didn’t adore the feel of Korean dining arrays of tastes there is still something neat in seeing all the classics of condiment come . I was able to guess some of them…one of them with another off the top of my tongue. I guessed the black bean paste woot! the kimchi was on my tongue, I forget what the red stuff was but the yellow raddish and onion was also present.

the tea wasn’t quite grassy but also not quite a liquor either. it doesn’t set well initially with me yet I’ll again grant that the taste fit the ishes well. I got chicken with hot and garlic sauce as it sounded the least offensive as a short winner over mongolian beef which if they adulterated with five spice powder it’d make me cry…and i suspected they would to make it distinct. I do not overly care for the full five spice powder but it makes it uniquely northern chinese and korean bbq. and that last is the least offensive til today of their foods. hence when I could easily see it was NOT chinese I was heading towards and it was that distinctive korean script of impending evil… I was worried. I was very worried.

to allow it to feel like “home” they offered rice. πŸ™‚ I know some dishs do not call for said and thus I appreciated the let ’em be gringos touch. I would like to kick myself as this is the rare place that serves/offers a crab rangoon versus cream cheese wonton appetizer….and I didn’t get any! they spiced the damned eggrolls which meant they weren’t bad fresh but not that magic I’m personally used to and absolutely unedible leftover later. but in absolute fairness what chinese really is as good later? and yet my dish was good later a memory of a fine outting as i my breath isn’t also testament.

after the fine experience of lunch it was to the european deli by my mom’s for the replenishment of chocolates as I made use of that part of door gifts. I got some croatian coffee as I didn’t have time to hit the market I meant to for the bosnia coffee. croat…croapp big oh in crap and it better damn well not be as I’m gonna want coffee πŸ˜‰

this was previous to an epic shopping for what was to be a case of wine and the rest to make a line on the big shelf of 100 wines mostly empty still at sis’ abode. I failed. I couldn’t find the one’s I looked up which isn’t uncommon but I’m used to a-z with division red and white. these days its all region to regional styleings and rarel y in alpha. this may sound like an epic fail coming but it wasn’t. I didn’t need to spend on a line of wine mainly cheaps. I did however get something I wanted and like – I swear it was called don alliman… not domaine allemonte or whatever that appellation is for alsace… not however that I dislike alsace…oh contraire! so I picked a gwurztrameiner from france πŸ˜‰ mom her favorite mogan david…but then she likes even grape jelly with eggs. I do not. I am not superior in that I like ketchup with my scrambleds..and macaroni cheese which most think is proof I’m out of my head.

after the deli was a trip to walmart to get…bathroom towels. Mom was convinced she saw this great match for sis’ guest bathroom shower curtain in towels. I went along and got to contribute to this selection by making sure her 78 inch boyfriend got the biggest towels the place offered I could swiftly spot. better homes and gardens plush blah blah 35 x 66 inch honkers. remember I’m 68.5 inches these days if that and most of us in the 30’s waistlines are not even half that on a towel so 35 is luxurious room. sis’ boyfriend’s family is also honker big like him so even if the colors are a bomb, I hope the picking a good towel size makes it a little easier to enjoy the thought that counts. I also got coordinating wash cloths. but really I only went in to get tome metamucil as I just don’t have time for korean montezuma’s revenge. no, while it wasn’t my favorite the meal, it was damn nice and as I say I am not ill just taking precautions as no strange food to me isn’t without the risk it wont agree with me. I couldn’t find til far too late in the game sunflower kernals as mom had a nice rootbeer ala diet in the car so I had no reason to make a third stop. but the towels one’s aqua/chocolate brown…or if you prefer robins egg blue. the second twwel is all aqua the wash cloths are all chocolate brown and a repeat print of the main twel…they did NOT have any hand towels with was stunning to note I cant find the picture of the print but for the colors.

dinner hit likea bomb and I went home to sleep through til 10pm or sleep it off shall I quip. I got up and tried the leftovers and the main dishes good but nay on that egg roll. nay I say.

this morning I got the stuff at walmart to make my door for my resident. 8 is great or whatever I’m calling it for real. display poster board 48 x 36 fully deployed. mainly gold sparkley wrapping paper. the hopefully trick of this is I avoided permanant foam tape…I exhausted what was available – it holds five pounds. the sub color silver is also sparkley and covers 8 small boxes with one 9th visually distinct box. or duh, this is a menora sorta. I have blue ribbon to wrap them as presents proper, I see no need to make further allusion to a menora as in candlabra as is my resident isn’t very religious just wishes it known he’s jewish. I have gold pain for the white tea light thingies battery powered. I ended up not fussing and buing eight rounds of three when I only need 3×3 as I really need the box…dont worry the lights will get to use elsewhere I’m sure. final cost in fairness to what I actually bought was 60 for the door, 40 for the gifts and the paper / tissue paper to wrap them. if I don’t win lucky that guy but… perhaps they’ll sing the Weird AL song, because i’m tacky! I don’t know i might lose I might snatch top prize…mine is to be within my capabilities to be represent or at least hint but also be still innocent of the charge of outright misrepresenting the guy’s faith. I may instead get a bit of wow but boring too. I cant wrap fast I am blind so actual leveling precision is NOT a skil… so that’s why the 10 s2 foam board to hold the paper because it can be measured some and yet go up faster clear neater than scotchin tape segments of wraping paper…but if last minute I have to? I’m prepared. remember not my place so if I’m putting up ruinous foam tape and they say icknay? I can manage. I’m used to having the heart of my plans ripped out and told to keep up the good work. I need only collect the halva. and remember I did this collection? prior to next thurday 7 am needing to be up. … I also have a LOT of wrapping paper and thus i can contribute to other doors if someone might get out the ornaments/ thingums purdy. this way I can do what activities does, try to take a lead in…activities which mainly is any and all parties and holiday festivities…fancy an ex j.w. being mr holiday… I’ll never be even if I’m theologically free to be now.

and now I’m bored out of my head with 8 hours to pack 15 minutes worth of a change of clothes. I don’t like the fancy swedish flavored ciders I got for mom who turns out to hate cider πŸ˜‰ lol. I mean it is okay to me and I’m sick of just okay…I pay either way full price in both cash and sugar control and thus I don’t like okay. I mean spiritually it’s fine to say “I’m good enough, Damn it.” because it isn’t saying okay… at least to me. but otherwise egads that poem from highschool graduation! good enough is neither any good when greatness eclipses good and enough as in is there ever enough? too uch is never enough is a line from luther vandross πŸ˜‰ but

happy thanks giving to you. hopefully I’ll be turkey coma’d snoring this time tomorrow night/well by the end of tonight πŸ˜€

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 replies on “I think I’m going out of my head.”

You best show us a picture of that darn door! … and yes, Chinese tastes great the next day. I don’t know what you are talking about, except that if the egg roll was soggy then pan fry it. Happy mashed potatoes and stuffing!

oh lordy, I think I’m going to have to disagree with you. I think only Indian has a shot at not being urinesque re-heated everything else is definitely wonky…no matter the treatment. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ hope you are gearing up for the well that’s over back to the ggoals post πŸ˜€ and all right! I’ll get my boss to snap a picture of it as I think my dumb phone cant handle the workload of transfering it’s pix anywhere!

πŸ™‚ I’ve the weekend to work and sunday night to not enjoy myself too much to the dismay of the next morning’s motivation..and thus we’ll see. πŸ˜€ I’m glad. pray tell, what did you korean?

I don’t recall what I koreaned, but I ordered the hottest they had. the korean lady asked me if I knew what I was doing and shook her head, as I recall. but I loved it and ate it all.

πŸ™‚ we’l see how my weekend goes if I can afford a good end of work week drink-up which usully kills the morning next motivation and duh, not going in on my birthday if I do not have to.. so I’ll likely wednesday it up πŸ˜€ door-wise.

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