baked soup

I’m too damned lazy to try this “right” I’m thus baking my potato soup. 5 weight russets rinsed. 2 carrots in a foily with garlic. another foily with a whole onion. I should bake the ham – what turn out to be an ordinary ham in every way but I wont as that’s to be fried in butter to mix in the baked medly thus then to add cream and or milk salt and pepper to taste and achieve my voila!…well cheese too, will be involved.
I feel a complete failure because of this not to some vision soup. I will point out though, that it’s precisely this soup…a baked “stuffed potato soup, that I will win. what I win is that it’s not the usual but a child of a lesser god of techniques…and perhaps if I am right, I will win because it is well made simple an at a moment too, elegant. catch me at 4 am for the chearing or the lamenting.

what this is to make is about a gallong of soup deeply thick and rich with a mozz cheesyiness.. all element simple are really just baked out. the advantage is my house will smell baked potates y and delicious. I got up at six pm for this and wont otherwise likely catch any sleep til workday’s end. i have thin food’s otherwise and thus I’m doing what i can to not make this not happen… I actually need food. I also know I can give a shit for doing this “right” as I haven’t the enthusiasm for that. this soup is philosophical in that respect. I just know I can scoop five weight potatoes guts into a bowl and salt season add then the rest slowly with a feel of craft to make what is all the rage.. a stufffed or baked potato soup. my soup is baked for it’s most part.. I may even loft in the ham in foil too just to prove the point….. but that only takes about half as long as the veggies.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “baked soup”

it sits in my fridge past safety day…boo. I ran into delays in me mojo so munched on ham and taters some :D. oh well I have cream for coffee which reminds me to get the halva and tea balls plus some serious something or other to take turkey dayin

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