Guessin’ Good

I failed.  😉  I had to get a ride around.  I got up far to late – to manage otherwise.  I found a grand array of CRAPPY gifts for my presents 8 hannakuh door thing.

I hit the European Market so the sign said, @ 5225 Leetsdaale Ave Denver which is turning into  Little Russia. there’s many russian shoppes there…Russian?  Well, East European.  I  was bilked, joyfully might I add, into getting more than I expected and listed to go after….because the lady offered me some of their selection of cold cuts, gratis.  here’s what I got:

Red Cabbage with apple.  for mom.  I know she likes the stuff.

Russian soft Salami.  all the information I obtained …and mmm  this along with a double loaf of russian style rye…MINE!

the hannakuh door:

beni Darom green Olives – an actual product of israel, ashrod is the rearer to on the triangle  between tel aviv north or jerusalem west in the cooperative bnei darom.

Fundy Lemon-kola sugar drops/candy like cough drops.  gyal seems to refer to Hungary’s Gyal.  lemon Kola??.

Bosnia kafa – Coffee from Bosnia.

Smoked Herring, from a lil islad west of denmark  before the polish border north of berlin, sassnitz germany.

I have a tea tin with a make your own k-cup coffee adapter 😉

I expect to hit my mothers east european market for primarily CANDY/CHOCOLATES  I like the apricot kremes (Krem ahs) perhaps TEA, if I find one novel, I like the czar nicholaus the 2nd blue one but the rose safflower one sure is unique. which require a tea ball.   and thus I have to obtain elsewhere halva and one last thing….  hmn… 😉 or, 😀 the tea/ coffee tools are the last gift is worth itself.  BUT lameness 😉  I may breakdown and get a bit of jam.


I stopped off at home depot

I have basic 14/2 romex i couldn’t get 16/2  why this is a /2 when it’s those 2 with a ground 3rd wire I do not know.  I have the blue box for the outlet and a gfi outlet  and basic cover plate….  the wire seems too heavy for the job any of them with one exception the later outlet duplication on the other side of the counters is too close to water for this stuff’s not seemingly rated for this job/water…I’m sure I’m fine but  it’s a concern. but big deal I can deal with that later.  I’m relatively certain that I picked the correct material for my code application currently wihich is to duplicate a non-gfi outlet over 4 feet from water source behind my stove from it’s current floor level to near where a microwwave for over the stove can make use of this power.  I don’t feel like arguing about the 20 dollar is gfi outlet and inches about water versus a basic 3 dollar outlet.  .  I know later my issues of wants are to remove the current porch type light to use this switched circuit for a spotlight type ceiling fixed kitchen lighting.  this too is an easy easy thing to  achieve… a little more ceiling damage to geth the wiring chased but blieve it ornot not horrendous amounts.  the worst snarler is the type of beige color romex for indoor use having to go around a corner through about 8 studs or through the flooring twice to get me other side of my sink outlet so I havent to chase it through 7 studs over a window or worse by the water piping… I’m not sure what I’m allowed to do here but I don’t have to worry. I have enough wire for the microwave outlet and replacing a porchlight to become a kitchen lighting…remember the porchlight is to a connected sunroom with a different light… I don’t have to remove the lamp wiring just the current no need of a reduntant porch light.  thus I just need to be aware of what I can do  thats legal beagle because I do care to do things correctly…I’d not want to burn down my home from stupidity. so from the beginning i have a liscenced remodeeler in both plumbing and electricity to bounce things off of for beer money as he wants to perversely watch me do it myself for the most part… 😛 lol.   similar type but I’d prefer a tarnished brass .  that’s what I mean by ceiling spotlight type lighting.  it’s annoying only in the actual putting in electrical…I don’t want it on the same line/switch as the cieling fan which isn’t enough light.  as I want to be able to turn those things on/off independantly 😀

that’s my outtings.  dinner was mexican and good.  mom’s recent dental work is healing enough to allow corn chips to be consumed :).  so mmm leftovers here soon.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

10 replies on “Guessin’ Good”

It all depends on your preference. Bronze/brass is a warmer look vs. silver/chrome’s colder effect; but, urban development does tend to trend toward silver/chrome vs. the somewhat rustic (country) feel of bronze/brass.

P.s. Not to go against Mom (cuz Mom rules), I prefer warmer colors and feel like amber lighting simulating dusk and dawn and candle light including actual candle light. I have an orange wall, for example, and I hate florescent lights. So, 1 vote for bronze/brass.

well, outside of leaving the furniture I have to the home permanantly and thus whoopin out the metalic powder for a roguing of brass look and a fantastic shellacing… I’m to remember what point’s I’ve going and careful careful. but it’s very smile producing to hear you agree with me

OOH! You found some good treasures! 🙂
Yes, break down and get a bit of jam! 🙂
YAY for Mexican food! 🙂
I would like the tarnished brass best. I just find it prettier, warmer, antique-y.
Or maybe it’s because shiny silvery objects distract me! 😉 HA! 😀 Sometimes I look at the shiny ceiling fan blades twirling around and I’m entertained for hours!! 😉
HUGS!!! 😀

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