truth be told

for your 80’s aural edjamakation – – something drippy by way of words surrounding anniversary. – this by way of sensible truths about decisions with outcomes statisttically viable or not.

I haven’t seen a rent increase in 1.5 years and likely wont through the whole 2 years after the first one or through april my end of 3 years here. the law allows rent to be increased 15% per year or more. this is easily $4k I’ve NOT had to pay as so far we’ve improved and upkept the house and stably paid living far more hassel free for years.

as you may notice, I’m determined to have both a safety net and nice things and thus stably enjoy what I have some. to breath easy so I may make lunatic decisions to try and get to this place of peace via frenetic energies and worries misspent or not depending on your point of view.

I see as I was whispered via the tarot that all that I aimed in color not rental white and warrantied appliances isn’t likely to be recieved with glee as the color is either stainless or not very important. it’s either coordinated or it’s not and it’s either new/warrantied or it’s not and thus I’m only the 3rd tier trying wiith my efforts so far. I didn’t buy the top of the line just a good machine well rated and new delivered with warranty. thus I’m really a long way from it’s not all that justifyable to replace or have painted all the appliances in black vs. white as it is either either stainless or it really doesn’t matter so much.

it does to me, I want it better than it was in reality. at least warrantied and newer. damn it. okay not likely of high resalable material and certainly not highly immediately reinbursable or justifyable but dang it, so much breaks and it’s so much hell to be a week without it as you cant find parts or afford to fix with them… I’m sick of being left scratch in a spot without. I will work toward this goal of sane imroved reliable machinery but obviously not at the cost of crippling myself as I see I can not be paid necessarily for said. as it’s just for my use really. but, if it happens and it is in progress 😉 I’ll have it coordinated for under 400 in the other place and that’s it for my three year thing past a new kitchen outlet to hand an over the stove microwave…and replace the other kitchen’s broke from moving in range hood to have cream to black. newer and matched color machinery not rental white. good radeoff really and finally not a crippling financial burden I am ashamed of. good progress. so I may hold off on my wall painting til I have need of a new black fridge in my unit which wont be for a bit obviously as I’d like to be deebt free before another for another big expense. that way the look is justified with the appliance and ties in better than telling someone to dream about it coming soon.

in other pracxtical realities, I didn’t quite make it til 12 days from now still prior to seeing if that marg box was any good and it wasn’t really, so since I didn’t want another damn day of forever being another six shot of drinks or some high number, it was gifted out with my house being cleaned as someone always wants a little – well I got something out of it all, I didn’t have that bottle all in me and I have a cleaner home. I didn’t quit drinking but I didn’t run out to replace it all either and thus by proxy this means since I didn’t buy it, I have to cut down 😀 I also didn’t buy a carton of smokes as I always want to quit a pack in and then dont and I hate tossing 40 bucks away. I mean I can but I just don’t want to always so I got less in case smokes need a rethink I mean to think on 😀 too. I can’t say I managed stellarly all of these things but finally I can make these things not months in advance but also not ruinously settingmyself up to fail either way.

now to get after that range hood, I want that and the outlet plus wiring and microwave purchased or ordered by the end of today so I can say I improved the place in useful form. albeit sixty bucks wow.. big spender! but it’s so many little things to get that real little step forward because in truth that outlet is about all that counts as an an “improvement,” the rest is purely opinion.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “truth be told” hahahahaha $26 bucks but must pick up in sacremento? looks about right, 120 bucks pick it up at the store …pray it comes functional like everyone else not too hit or miss there. will have to hit the outlets though. I just want an adequate but inexpensive thing…yikes 😀 . ductless/duct-free 30 inch black range hood twin speed fan, protected thus cleanable light. and otherwise cleanable unit. 😀 it’s not like it’s going to match a frigidaire dishwasher, amana range and kitchenaid perhaps fridge – this is what I mean it’s not enough they coordinate in color but also brand/style… but warrantied at least for what should have one. limited is fine in this case. major appliance hell no fix it plans that are transferable! but this is the worms little things forward are, little price traps everywhere for 600 dollar fans? it’s like a bike ontop of a car worth twice the car! I’d be upset if lol my range hood cost more than the range itself…well if it didn’t come with automatic firesupression in a food safe manner…but that’s not required here and lol not no 600 bucks either… that’s considerably more. 😉 just a filtered fan and light lol 26 bucks til so far 590 without install kit is what I see but my color…. well one option at 100 clams pick it up at store for taxes paid in town lol lets see what amazon has? lol nah, they’ve stopped the super saver shipping in my price range. and I can’t yet justify prime.

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