Earlier I have up for you that “momentless Moments” wherei you see what just doesn’t seem to jive…it’s just like blah. NOW? Momentousness!
THIS is posterboard, it is not all that sexy. It is vital to doing door decorating IF you want to get it up and more importantly back down again. it is as you see about the proper width of the doors I have 80 x 44 inches which four sheet of fifty seem to cover correctly with little trimming so that swift construction can be achieved….also it would seem that as the supplies cost x, and are in multiples of 10 it seems doors of a 34 room capacity, 31 suckers can purchase this all economically and like get together and share…. hmn, I smell sucker buys this and gives it away and thus with 30 doors covered 4 remain to vie for the unigue standout presentation for the win. prizes are 50,30,20 and it would seem 30 is about the basic cost for most of this stuff per door. do I smell sucker or what?

the online drawing program seems beyond my mental capacity at the moment so imagine mylar gold with silver and blue ribbon effect. 9 spots but eight box gifts about that perfect small size of symetry considered šŸ˜‰ and again the tea light to say each box opens for the gift but otherwise is a candle point. it seems as if it’s going to be my idea. as I can affix metalic look plastic to paper and obtain cool little things and enjoy being …gag… present.

I did finally make it through the anthony bourdain no reservations kansas city and it did NOT remain awful it just wanted to be what the hell is this whoopdie woo more bbq… it wanted to be what it was that there is some point to this show. I noticed they sent the russian guy a friend of tony’s out to a kc chicken haunt strouds… and then later gathered the elite of food talk and fired off the line… and what if strouds actually had good chicken…. like saying what if kfc made good chicken… bahar har har. or in other words there is a time when it’s touristy bullshiza. hit all the “RIGHT” places and call it a wrap. this does bring up a complaint to me though. I know about some things good food. I know something of fine dining too and it’s fine prices. I know tourist trap too… I’ll still suggest you visit casa bonita if it survives even though god knows why you’d actually want to eat there šŸ˜‰ it’s mild and the drinks are good and what an ambience! but again the food just plain fucking sucks…compared to the REAL places.

what is so damn wrong about triple d… showing you whats good to eat. I was absolutely jazzed I frequented a place that made it to the show in fact quite a few. just because it’s got some fame now it auto sucks? I mean
sma’s diner no.3 – it’s a diner that has a full bar which is convenient to it’s location near a old farties paradise of live theater…with the less than fine dining and actually what you more often are hungry for …diner food. it’s nicely placed in price to be possible for a teen to hit a theater matinee and have a hell of an experience with the later love of their next five months… you know that romance you still think of 35 years later…the first real love? I mean I wont tell you that a chilidog is the ticket to hot lifelong romance as it’s more likely nightlong heartburn but, damn it, I dig the place.

I dig casabonita too. I laughed inside when this ohio tourist geek just had to black barts cave like she just south that southpark episode and realized it’s a real live place. know it’s the last time I physically have seen my mother’s brother and about the last picture I took of my father alive too. I don’t think I ordered a margarita that evening which is a pity as that’s about the one of two things this place serves for caloric intake that’s any good..the sopapillas are the other. I can not emphasize enough that it takes a hellish talent to cook food more tasteless than casabonitas mexican. your weeny friends will rave about that shite for years and i will still likely suffer many another trip of food pennance there.

White fence farm. it’s like shrouds and well reviewed currently as the best chicken in the metro area… it’s odd watching that episode on kc to know soon enough those who are supposedly in the know about food will desparage it in favor of their career as guru and droves will believe the place away. I know this seems hokey but mega dining rooms to hold 350 guests are helluvah honkin operations to maintain for a profit. even no.1 in town is just not enough to keep them going… it’s peope and that means tourist trap crap. people in droves is that evil family approved bullshit of going out to the best fried chicken in town for the house matron to order fish… this is the kind of tourist trap hell I mean. you can feel it in the room that almost discontent strangling anything it can find to disdain. yet I discovered they make pickled beats I actually like. I hate beets pretty much and have forever only coming close in my lateer 20’s to finding them just plain bland I mention that as my first best thing to interest others in my food was a beet sorta thing and back when I still disliked beets… now I have made borschdt and I mean of cours all wrong… šŸ˜€ but I’m willing to try things I never would and love them and ick when someone turns up the snob nose at something that works. I walk around a petting zoo and pet goats I mean what’s not to love? its bucolic bliss at the white fence farm it is a tourist trap, I shant lie.

or lets explore something else annoying if it isn’t a tourist trap of high but corporatey elegance… it’s a hole ine the wall dump… not dive as the guy fieri might say… dump. I mean, where have you had the best tacos? I’ll wager it’s not the respectable end of town. I’m not likely to be able to give you the best as I’m still tring to find a taco mecca. again. I think once a place can afford to redecorate it’s no longer a dive/dump and thus is off the list as the best in town… but I still respect a senor burito taco. i love their one al carbon and adobada softs. mmmm. it not exactly south broadway but its that curious side street where you know the main one. and welll worth the stop.

I wont say I found places like papa dieux’s bad but at 35 a person not including tip to get shit service and made fun of only to get boring food the only thing I could say did well was their fried softshell crab…. but really, to be fair, most of what I know is food isn’t food but service and most places offering the best…well not so much. I had a far nicer dinner getting some surf and turf at the black eyed make me waddle home gcorporate mega crap down to the crappy indie pipe music but reliable rockstar typical pea ahhh. I left so happy I spent money. I mean again and again.

but as I’m more interested again in some boring cards online and a cigarette, it’s time to mention the point. momentous moment found something to care about.. be it whining about the set up suckery at work decorating, or a tepid episode of the foodieisms or whatnot exposition on who cares what really so I can sit heere and soapbox. to feel relevant or at least plugged in.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “Momentous”

What kind of sucker?! šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜›
I’ve never been to a Triple D restaurant. I have a BIL who likes to visit places like that and keeps a tab as to what he thought of them. I’m not that ambitious. šŸ˜€
You are relevant and plugged in. šŸ™‚
How is the door coming along?!
HUGS!!! and Happy Moan-Day!!! šŸ˜€

well, the gift ideas are acceptable in that they’re somewhat liked/able šŸ˜€ not to search out cheap things I am pleased I had halva out to be mentioned when the next jewess arrives because I have a subtle feeling šŸ˜‰ this is why they come. šŸ™‚ because it ain’t al bs christmas all the time. šŸ˜€ just bs šŸ˜€

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