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momentless moments

I’m playing euchre today which reminds me of both this southwest blogger and her positiveness and also the disdain of the bourdain episode on bbq.

I’m rather shocked that no good etymology was easily found on the word euchre. it’s a game containing bowers a fine german word even if it sounds and looks like eucharist or something blasphemously cussy to say when one is…euchred. interestingly enough, the game is quite quite French in that you can have dang near every rule and make one variation and it’s not euchre but something else. Closest to a consensous of what most of get when it isn’t Euchre is…BACON. I also despite being quite acceptable with my odds have great difficulty being any good at Euchre or Bacon or Whatever it is. 😀

after this episode of living was a fine nap and then this night shift wherein I found out I made a good pie finally. it is sweetened condensed milk this time with the required tub’s worth of whipped topping or in my case whipped cream ala aerosol big can… which I point out at 3.48 is 3 tubs worth and then I couldn’t find out the price on the tubs so I have no value check for you. I will say this once opened, I haven’t any luck reusing cans so it’s really a huge waste to buy in bulk unless one cooks in bulk. sweetened condensed milk, whipped cream in and topping, chocolate pudding and white chocolate pudding mixed all shelled in a graham cracker crust. I didn’t get one single BITE.

I spent my mid afternoon trying like hell to flesh out the idea of my take on door decorating for christmas with a jewish resident. keeping it cool and in budget! I have determined that I will be doing up eight presents in a menorah like display with little tea lights that switch on and hopefully they last 8 days! lol. what I’m thinking is that with eight presents, there is no hope any will be extra cool because of a about 3 dollar per budget so as to make the door win but also if not not bust my damn budget. I know all about insta snootishnesses, I’m either the favorite or coal for me. but skip that worry as I’m trying to be genuinely interested and creative without the silliness of expecting a win which in a way only softens the output expended. which is likely why most people didn’t sign up to participate. with your money silly job not mine. so right now I have good kippered snack… as this hanakuh thing is a festival of lights wherein lots of oily fish is eaten and while I know i could find lutefisk…um, no. kipper snacks. next I have a source for halva – a sweet sesame thing with pistachios in.. looks damn good as I like pistachios! doughnuts…pardon the obvious but them hostess little gems are a comin 😀 laziza because its popular in israel. bagels are obtainable and i’m only 3 things to sort out for what’s shelf stable till the actual holiday i.e. 12.16-12.24 so vimto and it’s time to take a trip to the russian well ukrainian deli again for chocolates and if I’m realllly lucky I can go ape with a fancy imported exported reinported whatever russian sounding coffee which can be whooped up as we’ve a hot water spiggot on the coffee machine at work. and, I’ve only one more thing to address.

I can’t believe I found an episode of anthony bourdain that is just not very good. this thing on bbq isn’t mouthwatering like most bbq talk. it’s not even that interestesting it’s just like ya ya whatever get me a sandwhich no jerk not from luffa’s that place sucks from jorge’s I mean this is about all I feel is conveyed and that’s sad. there’s really no statement here. which is I suppose the point of the show he’s not here because he called it but it was called for him so…boring episode. I’m lucky to afford the bbq as it’s not huge out here and I don’t lack competition for my 10 dollar outtings. mid teir is now more like 15/16 premium in name only fast food is about 8 anymore 11 if you try to splurge so one knows what’s up…and the portions are back to being you can feed two with one meal again. except at fast food.there it’s the same calories but you just take them all for that igger butt meal.

I got the dessert fruit syrup it’s a dainty little bottle I worry is just one batch of margs worth so a quart tequila and good pint of premium orange spirit is two pitchers or wow watch out. I look to enjoy finding a neat but tacky marg service 😀 so good will here I come.

I guess that’s the point, It’s not that I lack stuff to do today but I must have shivvered off a lot of enthusiasm just for now. and don’t worry I have the furnace up and on 😀 two pairs of socks my blanket shawl 😀 I’m managing fine it just awaits something this moment like the moment 😀


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4 responses to “momentless moments

  1. Great post! Stay warm. It sounds like you are doing a great job decorating with budget given you. And food. Always food.

    • 🙂 it was rather helpful reading the wiki on jewish foods be there arabic also area and or euroopean/slavic. I forgot halva was a food and a name
      , and yet was reminded of names within names 🙂 like in madadayo madakai are you done yet? also holds within it peoples names like muhamad, jesus etc. but it was funny as they spoke the words the professor’s wife scooted in fast with an I’m here.. making it to be a funny admonision her name. and halva don’t sound the “L” is one of the five daughters of tevye in fiddler on the roof…. I believe against wisdom she stuck like glue to purchek even though the radical was sentenced to siberia for demonstrating against the government….sweet but a little nutty 😉

      I think food but remind me to think and eat the food. I think yesterday I ate perhaps a ramen for much of the day or did not make 1500 calories by a long shot and I aim for 1700. it is no wonder I am a tad thin all of a sudden 😀 but I did manage to not buy beer for 3 days in a row now no, that doesn’t instantly equate to not drinking beer but it’s pretty much a garuntee I’ll cut down. I also bought some simple fabric gloves which while I have supposedly some nice thinsulate ones… wherever… i noticed my coat wasn’t with them and it’s way too cold to pocket the hands and hope…. and the budget heh is my money with only one prize for 34 gaining repayment maybe two if people are creative and stingy. I’m not stingy enough I either win or it costs a mint but then again oh well I get my hour for mandatory meeting now paid so by end of year I break even on the expenditure anyways. I never took that hour as it lead to many many free whole days of work and I knew it would thus I didn’t push it, also it was well known I didn’t clock the hour by the big boss….little things however little did get me where I am… I wasn’t glad-handing I hope 😀 I think I made all I was promised and more.

      I am really enamored of this indonesian simple cards games online it’s I did the hearts in honour of work hoping to feature it, now I’ve blown up euchre and also trying my hand at whist in prep for bridge.
      you should try, I never played whist prior but it’s unfair to say that as this version is simplified that it doesn’t resemble spades and there is no bidding. and euchre I was taught sorta to play by a nice ex who kicked me in the shins at the grocery store for being myself 😀 it was a sarcastic comment about how the blind guy had to find what he was looking for and it was right there as ms sighted would’ve had us walking past it :D…oh I didn’t say I didn’t deserve it 😀 but what was even more fun was mentioning the evil words PIZZA to three 😀 youngin heard the word and mom surely cussed internally 😀 to add to that thrill of an outing 😀 litte one had an accident just to make mom really want to clobber me. 😀 but oddly enough I never played her euchre. I learned before she drifted entirely away. and despite odd liquor laws allowing 20% spirits sales in stores which was our rum and cokes. it was quite fun and sedate enough to be legal/safe. I didn’t get to best her at cribbage. I was seriously surprised that the idiots who stole my carton of orange mint camel smokes in the transfer from indianna to ohio…this is where it gets weird, I only visited coming from tennesee kentucky ohio… but memory is fickle 😉 that they didn’t take the codien samples without my name on them but jacked my smokes. hmf. 😉

      there, Its not a comment entirely about food 😉 I’m aiming for two dimensional 😉

  2. Your door decorations sound cool! How wonderful for you to do this for that resident! 🙂
    Stay warm!
    🍕 Hot-Spicy-Pizza-HUGS!!! 🙂

    • hugs to give me heartburn!!??!! Spanking C. 😉 I went shopping for that stuff tonight. I found sugarfree halva! sweet! it was nearly a pbrewhaha over bread and dietary orders and what’s what. lol that’s a fast walkaway. 🙂 🙂 anyways :O wow on his back room tea. his green tea was darker than some folk’s coffee.

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