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oncce bitten, twice shy.

I’m in from round one and two combined to get me around the corner on shoveling the worst side of my house of snow. I know you’re thrilled for me that there is coffee to adore now.

I had me a nice chat with someone older who mentioned inspirational ideas… fantastic notions… like there is just one step in front of another… no magic answers or instant redemption…just plodding along. for those who like the pink floyd “one day closer to death!” but interestingly it brings me alve to the idea I count and have my own agenda. I’ve put in a lot to prove I’m valuable enough to others and useful… I can return the same to ME.

I’m glad you realize this is just therapy to avoid the other half of the shoveling.
6°F | °C Wed Thu Fri Sat

Light snow
Wind: N at 0 mph
Humidity: 62% 12°F(h) -4°F(l) 21°F 12°F 46°F 14°F


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 responses to “oncce bitten, twice shy.

  1. Snow! YAY! Did you throw a snowball for me!? If not, please do! 😀
    Did you buy the new Pink Floyd album?! I want to get it! 🙂
    You ARE valuable and useful to many, J-Man! So please be kind and good to yourself! 🙂
    Ha! I can think of a million things to do to avoid leaf raking or snow shoveling! 😉
    I refuse to plod along in life…I jump and run and skip and cartwheel and make lots of noise! 😀
    ☕️ 🔥 Hot-Cocoa-By-the-Fireplace-HUGS!!! 🙂
    (which is better than 💩 a pile of poo! 😀 )

    • I’m not sure my feet have gotten warmer since then talk about cracked whip cold! I’ll take them there fireplace with cocoa hugs :D. I did actually manage to finish shovelling the entire walk but my salter didn’t so 😀 it’s safe to egress from inside to out but otherwise 😀 boo on that effort 😀

  2. build a snowman and take a photo. guess it could motivate you lol. stay warm. hugs

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