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in love with France, Again.

The follow delves into Marijuana Culture and thus, if you disagree, skip the read.

I don’t smoke as in I smoke if I’m unfortunate 2 times a year or less. I do however live with weed nuts which is a facet of Colorado usa living and my stated successful advertising of my home… it’s just likely to happen. however without fail if I ever imbibe I require extra levothyroxin – a thyroid hormone – or I’m always suicidally depressed after.. if you ever needed to know my distaste of weed and why. without fail I’ve had levo and not gotten the day after the dy after “hangovers” of depression. more than a handful of times…however I’ve had 3/5 of day after the day after “blues” otherwise. this is meant to sound scientific and it odd that according to “science” I’m full of shit as marijuanna doesn’t directly act on thyroid hormones. if ever you thought I’d ever be actually scientifically honest. but as I have my own spectres of this life and such, I avoid dope like a plague. I only admit to the following armtwist – nestle’s brand dark chocolate and mint “ships” are to fucking die for in brownies and I don’t care later if I want to die as they are that good. but again once or twice a year. I care to actually live. 😉

I’m watching Frenchy loosely tied to the Weed Neards on Youtube. he’s making a goddamn cannolli of hash. It’s so cool if it wasn’t weed it’d be better. 😀


a guy who knows his part of the business. a guy who givs a shit and shows you why and how on quality.

what more should I say? I’m in love with France, Again and I don’t mean gay poke, I mean the love of something done well. With a level of ART to it. alll the science with enough art to make me sit up and take notice.

I don’t even like hash as in the experience of watching a consumer heat a knife in the coils of an electric stove to inhale a bit of smoke off HASHISH which made me lie always hate everyone antisocially and take a nap …later to shit and puke my brains and intestines out…whatever. yet, I’m watchine with the love of food Anthony Bourdaine where he “puked like a hero” after a meal of tequila worms and ant eggs and pulche. I cant deny I love that wild side of “Damn the torpedos, FULL SPEED AHEAD.” living. I witnessed that at a wedding feast where i blamed the chihuahua for pissing the couch…needless to say I wasn’t invited back and summarilly fired from the job leading me to swift alcoholism… but….what can i say but i think I got piss drunk. only fair to share as my first experience was downhill from havah nehgilah on the jim beam half… I was deemed too drunk to join the walk about after shrimpt blil at my brother’s 21rst. without exception I can remember the passion for liquid OLD BAY Crab Boil, potatoes red/new, and Shrimp do not got too small U24 ISH — PEEL AND EAT. I have made that with hot sauce and paprika alone and other ways many times dumping a GRATE of cargo on the newsprint.

I will point out that my humble adition to the inspiration is likely to kick myself for not getting a ham at market last out and resolving that oversight for potato soup.

no, I likely will sure make hash cannollis, but I’ll never enjoy smoking them. I’ve had a LIFETIME OF ILL EXPERIENCES to garuntee I’ll never enjoy dope. even if I sort out my body.

I also watched a beautiful czech heronien holiday, wherein we’re treated to how the slash milk process will get a soul arrested as it’s too slow but a popped guazeed syrup so to speak is cooked down. I cant say I’ll mbibe as the result chemistry-wise was oly codeine/morphine .. codeine unless I need it for dental work is just evil on my stomach. I can’t stand that “high” some can and they’re hooked.. I throw my codeine away and always have..taking only what i need post proceedure.

I thus am up on opiates, cocaine, hashish, and it’s lesser derivitives,. I’m also up on the love of a good boiled soup. I work at a nursing home and thus have in a year become puke instantly sensitive to the food boiled. you too will learn that lesser folk bring the pain so to speak of ill worked product. but ill-worked or not watermellon make a gorgious programme of butter/oil,alch ifusions. and by ill worked I’m not kiddings! lokigen provided the dry ice method of hash with full impurity. but it was ultimately frenchy who showed that ith sifting much could be achieved.



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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

14 responses to “in love with France, Again.

  1. My state voted no (3% from what was needed to pass) on medical marijuana. My eye doc said to go to the Ophthalmologist to check suspected glauc (not the gun). That’s just a start. If by Frenchy you mean Bourdain, he would know.

    • yes, one of my favorite old internet friends is in port charlotte…bitter about how it went. 😀 lol. but then again he enjoys the stuff as does mr bourdain considering his cook’s tour morocco goat episode. Ma’am, don’t dwaddle about with suspected glauc. check often as it’s no joke it comes and it’s often too late … however, I have had a pal who had it and his eye’s out, he was a pro chimney he got glauc a year into his new love. we were all 18 once. he was pissed though as he had to wait and his sis got her license about then and got the same privilage at 16 and he was hot t the unfairness 😀 most of us who have the worst time of unfairness have no children later…perhaps this means you too.

      • I am sorry about your friend with the eye out. I just wrapped up Burns, The War and can finally stomach The Pacific. Time and again Veterans would say skill helped(s), but in the end — it’s luck

        Nevertheless, my childlessness is ironically a choice. I have wanted children, but I have also wanted them to have a father who wanted them, too. My first husband lied to me when he said he wanted children, and I married him on account of (do not end on a prep; therefore, the lying bastard 🙂 ). Good thing I found out as I was not on The Pill for the year prepping by cleansing my body to make a beautiful home for the child. Nothing worse than bringing a child into the world when its father doesn’t want him. Or mother for that matter.

        A child needs both, but in the event of war (man made and of nature) where a child loses one or the other, the parent is a hero. If a child loses both, then he is an orphan and must deal.

        I tried to make it as fair as possible; however, it’s kind of a running joke if but a bit contemptuous when we explore those who holler, But that’s not FAIR. I’m constantly reminded of how grown adults act like three year olds. The only time I’m one of them is during my times of low memory (needing a refuel of a dose of “grow the eff up”) when I see the elite beautiful with what appears to be the cush life. Sometimes being beautiful on the inside seems to be for the birds. Then I remember war. War is ugly, and it starts with ugly insides (i.e. default Hitler)

        I may go blind and miss the beauty of the world on the outside, but my beautiful insides will work toward pushing the ugly aside with perfect 20/20. I’d rather see the light than fight. Except when it comes to my current husband and his wires. 🙂

        O.k. You can groan over some of my corniness. Now, let’s talk cornbread!

      • cornbread, well blackstrap molasses or honey? yellow or white. with or without spice. I mean I had me a mean ajipanca cornbread from simply jiffy and a pouch of aji panca. previously I used to make a nice scratch with quaker yelow cornmeal and molasses with just once being a special night of using kenyons grist mill’s johnny cake meal or white corn. white corn is so much harder I am sure I made pancakes on the way but i don’t remember doing so mostly cornbread sometimes muffins.

  2. kaylar

    poor thing. so informed about things that do thee no good. still, it seems to amuse you. always a good thing. 🙂

    • here’s the short list of things worth a thought.. a small flying ultralight running off the elaborate principal of gravity/magnetism….I didn’t get around to disassembling the speakers of the eighties to see what really could be done with ferro-fluid ferrous iron….hmn iron oil…I probably gouldn’t have flown the contraption but i might have taken to counterfeiting cash for pop and change machines… probably good thing I haven’t followed every dream 😀 cryst’lyz’d take the jolly rancher company being sold to hershey moving it to pennsylvania from colorado… take that idea of bright colors and…how neet candy clear glass for movies is just that candy or sugar… but now put a pale color to it… I know the idea translated to seven up gold which failed 😀 but I felt like it was just different and refined…of course I would go and get diabetic so again glad I’m not in the candy business! 😉 you’ve heard me yammer of architecture some as well or marijuana pant…lotsa things intrigue me I wouldn’t want to be useless. however providing I remember that dynamite fishing is indeed fun, it’s best left to the cartoons. also while it’d be cool to know how to make fine drugs like fine wine…I’m rather glad for mine and other’s sake I do not posess the skill as such is hard to keep a secret and without secracy such gets me nabbed to do so not for profit but to stay alive.. and thus again some things are neat to know but not practice…or pursue. like knowing morning glory seeds were a lsd thing frm the anarchist cookbook which I indeed did read…turned out to be a really boring thing as it sounds quite sensational to have all this free or cheap stuff around but morning glory might be a one and done trip…absolutely awful writhing sensations while feeling turned inside out only so leave my insidesou tside..lsd my foot. and I’ll skip that bus thank you mr keesey. knowing now that things like loser magazine is like any great publication idea just fine til you see it isn’t the words but knowing how to sell advertising. I’m not saying my dreams were bad but they were never worth pursuing to prove the passion past any obsticle… even romance present a crux like that, I know love as a peaceful joy…a delight to be in company with others sure I have my lusts too but not really much drives me save things even i know are rather silly because I aproach them for the wrong reasons…like cooking sure who wouldn’t want praise for something novel and well prepared but ultimately much of anything is a thankless thing where it isn’t cooking but magically not having a single dirty dish left and spotlessly presented/able. that seems to mean such is service versus art. and also if it doesn’t come from within it wont find itself from without. but there you have it, I see some fine things and some joy in a halloween like scary boo! of hey I know how to weild the darker arts… i know of course um that’s like nice wow whatever 😀

      • kaylar

        well, you know i love that crazy quilt mind of yours. your natural exploring spirit, starman. may i add another thread to your tapestry; have you heard of the Coral Castle, built by the secretive Edward Leedskalnin? they think he used reverse magnetism to move tons of stone & coral, by himself. anyway, you mentioned magnetism so my crazy quilt mind thought to ask you. 😀

      • there is a deja vu quality to that ask…yet nothing leaps to mind. so let me google and image and if need be wiki it up.

    • occam’s razor suggests that the simplest explainations is the best. is not one of those answers nor is electromagnetic field adulteration/manipulation… however, I mention them because coral is known to be piezo/electric sensitive. or, real coral is bone and bones are sensitive to piezo electric effects.
      a man who understands that a lever and pulley is simple but mind boggling things slowly can be achieved. for instance a multiples of tons stone can be easily lifted by a large leverage system in a very very short time. a smart man would not mind appearing a god to woo a woman and maintain a trade. he would also take 30 years to build a home of mystic grandure of his own hand down to a sound dead spot to cause violence on his children. a smart man would not show a ten ton hoist to be capable of moving 35 so as to appear less honest. a smart man would encourage fantasies when caught and let the mysteries go unspoken upon. a very carefulfully gaurding man would know how to cultivate a shot at a reputation. however occam’s razor seems to eleminate the godly unearthly powers stuff.

      just so you know. I saw such a place never, I did youtube it and listen to as much I could stand. it seems a good magician will always protect his secrets in one way or another because a livelihood depends on it in some way.

  3. I stick to rootbeer.
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS….ew on boiled food 😮

    • probably a safe idea – just remember to convert me to the root beers. I actually do like diet ibc a whole lot. I also don’y enjoy the prospect of being dead before my time so lol, never you fear on me and naughty big people chemicals sauce is about the only watch it for me and perhaps slowing my chimney smoke rollings. but I seem to know more and it not being magical ruins it for interest’s sake there isn’t any cash in this crap any longer and we all know there is no escaping getting caught somehow someday… so like remember I have a brain if I care to use it. it just finds naughtiness so interesting from the outside!

    • oh, and I don’t know about that, I can do up quite a lot of things that are good and still technically boiled. any soup 😀 I LIKE soup too, chicken filling is good when heavily spiced, I’ve never seen a home cooked slab of ribs that didn’t start out boiled. rice and various other grains…boiled. but i didn’t write that without noting that I know the texture well and now it’s bothersome to me half of what I know how to make disgusts me having done a year and a half working at a nursing home. I did three months not eating as I was told to set myself apart carefully rhwn I mentioned I had lousy sugar control and the hen society clucked that clobber would come my way if I didn’t eat something they could garuntee someone saw me eating 😀

  4. Mmmmm! Cornbread! (with lots of butter!)

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