Mountain Country.

I’m back from 3 days and nights of fine mountain town tourism. let’s get you lot your bibbs so you don’t dribble as we dive into the links.
it is developed off a river with hot springs. it is NOT wheel chair accessable – so exercise due caution to bring a lamp and good pool shoes or be suspect of your actual ambulational skills. however, if you’ve some risk in you, remember the reward is here. delightful imax like mountain views in your face while soaking in a warm pool. clothing optional after dark and children are spirited away. $12 per adult week $15 weekends. CASH ONLY, no atm either.

one lady by herself was late fifties as her hubby was a boobski and wouldn’t come took it on herself to be present. she’s now from middle state missouri. Mom, of course at 65 came and did well. I didn’t wish to stay after dark as for me it was bothersome to have 20 steps of stone to stub myself upon in the ink blot of true dark. so no moons rose. aww.
Long link as it’s only googleable… bonfliglio drug store, Oak Creek. they have a nice odd selection of neat things like old fashioned wooden ship/train puzzles, good halloween candy I see rarely like clark bars, a few old fashioned looking oddities like sassafras candy… but neater than this they had cheap christmas gift like for office party thingums…. I got a pocket book on chocolte with gold leaf gilt edges, a funny box containing pins and a “scapegoat 😉 fuzzy posters and something I may have to return after, a faberge simulation eggs with a music box that opens to reveal a spot about the size of a signet ring. similar to some of the ones bonfiglio drug has but bonfiglio’s are 50 each and thus predictably neat.

some of the scenery is imprinted on my mind as I didn’t have my phone along so largely no pictures are available. but, gore pass into oak creek from the routt national forrest has some well mixed stands of both aspen and pine. from oak creek to hayden and west of main steamboat along 20 mile road passing the 21 mine has a stand of exposed rock not quite topped with dirt so it literally is a castle factory going by. deer and or cow’s everywhere and even the moose were spotted…so hunter paradise. craig is a town I’ve heard of all my life from this or that person but I’ve finally been and the vibe is sooo not my people… it advertises work on the way in in case you wonder of mountain living and views at a price you can afford…but this place has a reputation of being meth city usa and otherwise is a low class hard drinking town… I got a taco bell. Steamboat by proxy is fantastically ritzy anti pot except the rebel children of those with more means and you’d love popping in to wild plum a small sprouts/whole foods market yuppy food shop – the lemon olive oil was delightful but they didn’t charm money out of me.

of course I ate there both in steam boat and oak creek craig as I’ve mentioned. so lets get to this:

arrival to home cooked
Steak to order, seasoned withgarlic pepper and onion with optional sauteed onions and mushrooms to top.
yam with butter
side salad with a simple lemon oil vinagrette and croutons.

bagels and cream cheese all mornings from wednesday on.

Middlepark Meat packing – smoked ribs, apple cured half pound pork chops, bacon and a shoulder of pork for tacos adobada– I got the ribs in me cant remember the sauce blues something
I shared the mussels appetizer, and liked the melanzana entree and probably ate a half a loaf of fresh bread. before winter season during early week it can. be 2-1 entrees night. even still $108 across four adults….WITHOUT tip.
while the given menu ere is replaced, you get a different feel of a place that is also very quickly far more expensive than the fine dining of riggio’s above. $118 with tip but this time for two food nuts on a mission!
we shared everything and so,
one gouda burger with homemade chips and pickle
one meatloaf which I got the fried beet root it included yes of course mashed potatoes!
scallops Rockefeller
2 bottles readstone meadery’s juniper honey wine.
I got a butcherknife morningside coffee porter

Butcherknife Brewing Co. – Coffee Porter Launch

this morning’s pre drive about was colorado bar and grill co 131 & sharp ave. the service was quirky but I enjoyed my tea and french dip while mom and sis got breakfast proper. $8.45 in case you get the notion there’s nothing but outrageous costs.. not entirely so.

while I didn’t cook up the popcorn balls, it was handy to have parchment on hand to see how well it did up my reheat of ribs with a dabbin of the sauce on in a 300 oven. mmmmm.

I guess the most haunting image I can impress upon you is how some of the 5 foot brush bushes both grey white desolate bare or reds and mute yellows across the hint of green of grass yellow in an old fashioned muting of colors painted the hills. there is also nothing quite like a coyboy sentiment of the cows loing at night.

I did try to recon about living there by looking up the work possibility but alas in town it’s only a sernior apartment building not a “home” wherein lies the trap of all activities are library/community center which means a massive rethink on how to get effng paid for what I do which is activities. of course I considered steamboat proper but I warn that this option just really sees me moving to move not finding asweet opportunity. so work wise, it wasn’t a waste, but I can not drive so it’d be murder for me to find ways 20 miles here or there ontime in a blizzard or live a city away at improved rents to bus and walk in the same evil weather a mountain town might get more of the year than not…frigid snow. nothing impossible but this didn’t warm my heart to see. I also am not jazzed to work part time for walmart which at my rate of paycut would be nearly low grade full time.

or in short gorgious but for me it’d be a vaction like life not a working one. I really don’t adore that notion of going backwards. so I end this visit and recon, why not, with the game/word…FARKLE! it’s lovely and fun but the niche for me seems not to have shown itself.


while I sit here waiting….

breakfast is a raham cracker porter or 2 while I wait to vault up to sis’ place. as you can imagine, I’m somewhat hungry and there isn’t much I wouldn’t give for real lunch….not dissin’ the beer but it isn’t my ideal breakfast.!burritos”tostadas”enchiladas
this is the menu of the “llittle orange building” formerly the little yellow building, where I used to live… complete with memories of birthday time live music so close one could have reached out and played one’s own. this place adjusted it’s original beans to be a more smokey kind which was from the violently smooth ones that almost made me a vegetarian. but, change or no, the place still rocks. I dream not of jeannie but of lunch.
yes sopes. perhaps or maybe shrimp diablo. the kitchen is so close that you can order soft rellenos and actually still get them with a crisp. it’s quite a hard chose.

bu, further down the road on the I-80 catchment is

please note #11 the stuffed sopapilla. this is a lump of treasure buried under a fragrant sauce and melted cheese.

I know time is of the devil as I wish to make a shopping stop en route to sis’ to a place called
I’m not sure I wish to drop cash on a rack of lamb or not but I know I’d adore some serious sized stuffable pork chhops and of course who doesn’t like sausages? and perhaps another roast for to make with seafood a fine portuguese dish with spannish wine 😉 I may limit the festival to something more in line with modern joy which is just a few racks of baby back ribs.

this leaves open the alternative of

but again time says what it says and instead of glorious mexican bliss most likely without margarita as it’s lunch hour I may just have to taco bell which isn’t the mood but the allowed time and even then drive thru…which means saiara to the toastada bliss I’m in the mood for….not that I hate burrito supremes or anything… or if a modest amount of time allows, buck a scoop chinese. the place does have kung pao chicken often as well as something I’m more likely to get chicken in black bean sauce.

I survived so far my day of oversight. I am not good at people doubling my time in that I’m far too brainiac for the bunch so if we delay and we did, what was a planned 20 minute stretch easy to 30 became a 1:15 event and questions…. you know those snipy questions of do you get it I don’t nor care …just filling time, ma’am. or as I said oversight means undermining so I survived my round. 😀

if you’re wondering what I’d dream of for dinner I know I wont get as time wont allow it,..

the butcher for:
stuffale sized thick duh pork chops
pork roast for perhaps adobada pork tacos on the delightful small corn tortillas
pork roast for chunk with clams or mussels for portuguese style stew…with spannish wine or
just more mussels aplenty with appropriate seasonings paprika mainly for chilllied mussels with spanish wine.
babyback ribs with just that crisp that is fresh and delightful
perhaps if they’re on top of it, a duckling…but I’m not getting my hopes up
or a frnched rack of lamb… a traditional cooks delight …however if I could I will point out I’m not huge on lamb…i do adore gyros and I also like this mongolian hotpot straight off of the frugal gourmet ala 26 years ago ish… which is shaved meat various veg and a signature noodle the saifun or clear jelly ones.

but such is how it stands. I’m hungry. I’m waiting.


Columns of bus (o’er him) parade.

it’s Paradoy time. It’s Columbus Day. I’ve work in 9 hours and will enjoy this chair much of that time til. It’s stream of Concussedness…consiousness. and quite a few links for you to puroose.

information societ – attitude destroyed to a video game that is the maze of the open road meets tetris in this type game. You really can tell that not much of this generation has changed, we want loud tunes to blisteringly engaging diversions. food home water and some pale in comparison for mind crack diversions. “turn on, tune in and drop out.” timothy leary which combines with abbie hoffman’s Once you get the right image the details aren’t that important.
a beautiful look back at the cornerstone of some current values that, shows quite a lot… but I personally cant stand the sound. I know I’m no better trolling the internet for epochs but 😉 seriously, I liked the song until this youtube 😀

asside in that the “samples” like MUSIC, Professor is from Disney’s Pinochio and the band in general included a LOT of star trek samples. so, like history throw back…on many many levels here 😉

old columbus day cartoon. now, not to be mean or nothing but some of the best ways to gain inspiration for presentations like my today’s WHHHHY we? Celebrate! is to begin in cartoonland. the truth sadly is rather boring. upsetting. angering. but we already had tht blog so, Columbus Day Column of bus splatter him yay. I’m rather in need of some more music – RATT Round and Round…what goes around comes around….EAGLES I cant telll you WHY? (Ireally don’t have the time)

again asside…in all seriousness, it’s really simple why dunderbrains columbus is revered the world now over or was that need to be speered.. is that all he brought was plundering and some pillaging too and a whole lot of death. and not to mention some serious misinformation… but, as you might guess, I do have one kindly notion of what came of the old world through this here new one… Tequila! The Churchly set ran out of Brandy and fittingly dug up some centuries *plants* toasted and roasted them alive and spoiled it *brewing* and stole again from it its heart. *distilled* it’s rather poetic Tequila…. Steely Dan time…. The Cuervo Gold, the fine columbian….sing it Steely, columbus sure was an illicit drug.

This last month ine storytime is “20,000 Leagues under the sea” It goads me in a way to parody it like I adore doing with popular tunes with misinthropic intent and content. Yes, I did NaNoWriMO in 2008 and I’ve still access to that time in email before this computer breaks and I lose that email forever. Consider with me and encourage me if you dare, to mimmick me into something anything with a whisper of capturing by the coat tails of others your attention! 😉 I coulllld go from food to fine pulp literature. lets breifly bury you in how:

take the table of contents of the book 29j keayes ybder tge sea… it begins in my old mouldering copy with the shifting reef… followed by pro and con… chapter titles which are a fine structure to play with when you have a tale before its time. captain nemo lives on in namesake in nemo of finding nemo a tail of anthrpamorphic bliss ala disney that I don’t think Ive seen. we’ve the 25 miles an hour, electricity, submarines? all classic themes but, wellll before their time…and to confound folk too the story was set in 1866 not 1886 ISH when it was written as if to say it’s alllllll fact how marvelous! if you cant catch on to some sarcasm, you’re not listening. but what’s most musing is what I know of history and that time to a minimal degree of what actually did happen and about when and oh how I howl with delightful cynacism at the south pole being just like the north…nevermind there’s a continent in the way…. telegraph when while radio was not marconi wireless around the world in 1901 back in 1886, telephones were known of and in use…yet nemo telegraphs his orders… I’ve not read enough of madam curie to know the amazing work in radioactive science but the nautilus is powered by some sketchy form of SODIUM not well decribed…not coal yet coal is mined FOR the dodium? underwater of course… I’m not saying that it’s fair to criticize a book about the wonders of the future because all the details aren’t well known yet… but this sodium from coal yet it requires NO coal…hmn…that’s contraditory and left so. while its generally not known that the speed limit of even 1910 is an “etewatering” 10 miles an hour.. their is much mirth in me to know a hundred years after this book blind old me young then was 97 mph coming to a 180 degree flat corner… 25 MILES per HOUR… I was clocked doing that once running 😛 and mind you it wasn’t for very long at all 😀 perhaps there was a kindly lag in the speedometer 😉 even the pomposity of verbosity common to that time of writing and speech is …trying not to toss stones in this thin glass house here….too much! but then again, to delightfully mimmick and mock the book, I’m considering how I might put a story together. lets us see. the only thing worth fearing nowadays is another religion and more vaguely someone’s going to get ahead.. so most boringly to be futuristic, why not a metaphysical one where with all we know know 😉 we’ll see a brighter one emerge fantastically. I might have to manga hopefully not mangle this as I’m a lousy drawer but comic form sounds nice. I wonder if I can entitle my efforts 20 feet to the fridge?

navel not naval navel not novel… I might dissolve in tears of laughter. 😉

the day’s intake before I forget is:
ramen and beer, coffee for which doesn’t colorically count but sure is a breath freshener 😉 ramen lunch, one fried pickle in return for the handing over of the spicy pepper butter popcorn of which I had a 1/3 cup of…popped. baked ham, mashed sweet potatoes, peas and onion with a lil green bean action too, 4 more beer between 6pm and now 3 am…sorry no drunkenness and one razor meal lemongrass chicken that was on discount and I tasted why 😉 archerfarms on that last which made me happy I have chick peas masala and rice also discount but was good!…

I know this is odd but all I have for my columbus day “Why we celebrate is me and one silly lil piece of paper….and a hurt your toe if it were a book loads of facts

the bellering and hollering about whether the guy deserves it is amusing in that information took time to get around then as it also did in 1886 so, it’s quite the justice that this is AMERICA not columbia. and with that I leave you the last link Frye and Laurie – America.



file 13 or saved pristine for the ages? – you decide. Poetry dump. I’m looking through just that an old old version online me. it ends late june of 2011 when *that went south.* a minor mix of what was well recieved or strangled so it didn’t breathe.

You Old Pearl.

it’s hard to admit that they’ve won
Oh, it’s long since been decided on
It’s you and I don’t mean maybe or
some other suck me off, lied insult
me running to your water’s trough
am I happy with my choice?
sure. I want you and need you
of course, it’s about needs
you can sing to me birdsong true
vibrating within me what bleeds
some are dying to compliment or complain
love is a game for the vain
but Pay attention to hows
you took away my fantasies
and inserted plain
You wondered how you’d fit
you don’t
but your a glove
comfortable and all around
shut up about the metaphor leather
so what if you are old
so what if you are plain
you glow in a way I can not explain
the way a dawning day does within rain
the way sunshine is a bright smear from behind a cloud
you are whatever I said I wanted
and perhaps more of a soul of worth
I’m supposed to tell you these things
yet I’m wont to smile sometimes like a curse
I love you scenes of my words, Queen of my verse.
and because you are older
perhaps a little truer, bolder
i can’t think of anything to offer but a shoulder
And lets be honest now
I’m but the field’s cow
MOOO! what world did I move around?
Should that matter – why, YES
each of our caresses blesses
and with luck there is a certain justice
no no, I’m of legal age you fuckers
too young yes but a prize ripe for you cougar pluckers
but I’m well past legal age, suckers.
but what honestly have I to offer past company
that certain kind of somethingee
a shined penny ciderella coloured pumpkiny
“But even a poor taylor deserves some happiness”*
maybe the inner critic would slap me less
You, Sweetheart, make me a champ- nothing less.


Sing to me of spuds, browned by coal-red light
Steaming hot vapors, Rising to the sky
Eve’ning Chill beck-ons, Moonbeam’s silvered bright
Scheming up visions, not of what to fry
Just wipe me one clean, seeing glinted gleams
Trust your oven’s roar, heating up for more
More of what but stuff, stuffed with soured cream
Maybe butter or, maybe salt from shore
Cut down its middle, revealing each half
Scoop out and drizzle, dollop and dust thus
Stirring in liquid to smooth out the path
Sailed in crisp boats, this delightful must
Romancing tummy, which warms many hearts
Those echoing mem-ries tossed in the cart.



picture from:
There, the altar Hope
assends, spiraling
two locomotive
shells and five more souls
purified from life
Just before sunset
one gravel mover
close to clear sailing
put tthe hammer down
here comes hell’s sunshine
This ain’t no special
we are so scheduled
We’re the ev’nin freight
we’ll make our next break
heaven equals three
Is it worth one more?
to be pencil pushed?
one more wagged finger?
toasted s’mores roadside?
a trainer’s punchline?
Wreck Survivable
protocalls ignored
coffee and doughnut
Your lives tossed asside
too few fucking died.
You dropped the highway
hospitalized some
called for over-time
made my biggest sound
made rushing a sin
Bet you’d rather life
Guess what Blue Collars?
You suspected knives
“ain’t my fault!” hollers
You made New York Times
Sev’n fourty pee em
Around a blind curve
you said, “c’monbaby,
grab hold LOCK&SQUEAL”
it took all you had.

I’m a bit bummed this was daily news once- I heard the crash and saw the smoke, but i cant find any online documentation of a news article any more what follows is a map location- remember it was half that infrustructure existed….

Click to access R85_13_15.pdf

I can’t find their names. this saddens me. so does the callous way it must be the dead’s fault. it takes over a mile to engage the brakes of one train and two we coming head on with less than 4 miles notice both speeding….whatever you can read for yourself the ntsb report.

Christmas Presents… (12.22.10)

Onan ‘s Broken

I can’t use my right hand

cat fight gone wrong

and I’m the loser, DAMN!

I almost would have preferred
 sand in the Vaseline

oh sure that ain’t keen

but imagine this pain’s scream

I have work

a rare enough feat

to carry about an old sheltie

and I’m dripping tears

I get to await but jeers

what moron risk’s himself

to avoid one mess

only to incur fate

no one handed heroing

Wanh! for goodness sake!

and I more Christmas misery

oh us big brained humans?

just guess who wants to be loved

that hateful furry loser

lost to a kitten half his size

oh he ain’t powerless

shake hands with me

I’ll literally cry.


no sour cream soloing

that little bastard

chewed not just me,

but my week.

he even tried to swallow his frustration

oh these thoughts of his upcoming castration

I lost to a feline

let me hear those laughs

-those crimes

that little fuzzball weeny

done in my dignity

it isn’t you

that earned hisself

a wrist full of teeth

yes, a “boo boo”

Onan’s broken

laugh at my twice “withouts”

no deed however good

goes unpunished

but seriously, it’s more like

like good deeds pave the way to hell

um, two cliches in a row
I’d tell on myself!

yes, good deeds made it certain

my week of shambles

searing pain

one more

yes, as if I haven’t enough

one more disability

no, not jerking off

boo hoo to a little enforced restraint

you try drawing insulin through ampules

through needle to the syringe


I have to do it one handed

and it ain’t no sinch

yeah, merry Christmas

the fuzzball thought me
the dinner of his sorrows

I lost, I was lunch

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a proper parody (complete) of “Fire” by Bruce Springsteen but popularized by the Pointer Sisters in 1978.

the hiss as the lid pops off
two scoops in the basket paper
I connect the machine
and wish it to “brew”
oh it so healthy
quintessential desire
soon I’ll be wired

Up all NIGHT
I’m staring at an ashtray
contemplatin’ a wasted day
I swear I’ll quit tommorow
I feel it with all my heart
but on sight of sun’s fire
those blued smoke rings
I was sold on these
right from the start
vices so blighted
I didn’t pay heed to my heart
my nerves all calmed
blissful synaptic fuel
it so much a part of my life
but its just got to GO
Coffee, Tea & Cigarettes
and my alcohol’s fire
I know just the stuff to get
but not how me to deny
my health’ll be shit
and we all know why
but just one taste
I say NO, LIAR
get me a grab’n’go WIRED
Suckin’ down my FIRE
Woo! and am I feeling no pain
killing me, I’m
no pain, but killing me
Who’s hooked on the stuff?

(the ‘coffee, tea and cigarettes/mired” theme has plagued me now for about 17 years….somebody is just friggin’ slow to do his own honey do’ list of projects.)
seppuku by cylinders

gold-eyed goddess storms

judgment day’s sinister turn

our love now for worms

cold, this hand pressing

caressing this thread and its truth

click. chances progressing

wednesday night whiskey

fiery courage torch-lit truth

click. this life’s risky.

whiskeyed words hang

damning one in the balance

believe, I love you

daggered truths be known

I shiver replaying ghost
our love on rocks shown

click. echoes return

time soon sums up sentiment

salvation ‘s deferred

March 12th, 2010.

I pick a peck of thrice flung twice of my thoughts on themes. You old pearl was about the highest rated poem I had on that version of xanga me…and well who it’s written of had a nice southerly breaze in store for me. 😀 it’s love pair is next with? a nice sonnet that just so happened NOT to get selected for top prize or any prize in a poetry contest 😉 it’s original named author might have sometthing to do with that…kiss rogue miaz or kiss red my ass. ooopie.

our second pair of themes is christmas gifts. onan’s broken was well recieved except by me as I literally did get cat-bit and it took well over 3 weeks to heal and pissed my doctor’s off fiercely that I didn’t seek aid for that one. Sepeku or however it’s spelt by cylinders is also another christmas gift in that it literally was cashiered no pay thanks anyways christmas eve…the project it was included in that is. awwwww. poor me gets the boo boos for 2010 christmas 😀 heheheh.

our third theme present is the fell on deaf ears theme. 8.2.85 and mired both recieved ZERO interest, at least any I was informed about 😉 one archetype of parody was instituted to much of MY amusement and the other a memorable moment in my life as I saw that chimney to heaven – smoke…and drove by the fallen highway bridge. the links may or may not be active but I bet they were, a few didn’t survive saving/archiving but I just edited that away…excepting the waco one of the trainwreck poem… I can’t find that one again.

so there’ you’ve three double plays on themes and a six pack of fine malt josh. errors are all mine. talent mine and there’s just room enough for you to get a sense of whether I’ve changed in upwards of 5 years.


a streamin’ river through consciousness.

I’m on the following subjects. columbus and related discovery era history, tangental china and the hint of australian outback. Food show derails into commentary…a warning.

I have a columbus day program of how to present meaningfully to those about mentally 3yrs old why we celebrate columbus day. all I am seeing is that all I’ve known is somewhat erronious. most of these hereoes are regretable people in deeds. and not so ironically, I already grew up to not be a celebrator anyways by religious then objection. but back to the columbus

he may have read all the right books, but some people aren’t colege material. columbus seems to have been given just enough information to be passionate about his side of things and yet smarters just would have rather paid to be quit of him. it therefore doesn’t surprise me that it’s more and more clear he bumbled upon everything so badly so that others rushed to make use of his value for him. deals broke and litigation for nearly 300 years is the result. kinda reminds me of the guy who invents the CD or compact disc and the company profits and he’s swept onlg another worker of the cause when most achievements that shape the world pay the inventors or discoverers avarice’s wages. but smart enough was columbus that he could do what he did. and so pig-headed about it others know not this side of the globe and it’s two continents after not him as to him it was asia only not looking like asia and thus it’s america after amerigo vespuci. the bastard even kidnapped woman as gifts and you know what kind for men. and we hail our conquering hero the bumbling blowhard and salvation not of other’s christian from lost souls but of another lusty groin. all hail the conquering putz.

marco polo was the obvious precursor to this comboputz bringing on the hordes of other euro pirates…at least we end up getting tequila out of this. but all the leading evidence of his ourneys seem to leave out critically important conditions he’s sure to have seen if he really were there great wall, tea, footbinding none gain any mention i believe i watched. and the great chronicaller is a popular novelist of the time…. this is starting to sound more like a lacing of the coffees rather than truth/fact. oh and spaghetti and ice cream? never ONCE mentioned ever in marco polo. so, it here too seems I’ve been handed a pile of rubbish to believe in . whole sections of polo are from arthurian legend. it would seem my world view is a fiction for sale.

rapist, slave taker columbus now liar novelist whoever rossolini… sounds just like a mini wine which requires one to take that as proof and yet, it is/was. couple this with the awesome similarity of machines of ww2 later inspiring say the jeep to be the landrover …brittains gretestest machine on that one 40’s version has a nice do up on the double decker bus. and worst of all the additive nature of the lies blames columbus lack of securing more support which seems because they knew the earth was x distance around but laacked proof at the time for positive as we all know theory is fine but eventually we’ve to have fact…and bumbler or not columbus was that fact.

marco polo did seem to have existed but might not ever have set foot out of town for the spaghetti and ice cream silk and whatnot. and yet we must hail the age of reason the age of knowledge to have come from such brilliant and romantic fellows.

the china studies included watching the terracotta warriors on netflix which ran into china reveal opening with the great wall. now I know you’re realing from finding out how what you know might not be salient or correct… but we must move on, lies like facts occur all the time. the great wall’s most famous photo op in beijing I believe is set with streamers of red and yellow just like the ketchup and mustard of our favorite ball park hotdogs. the movie gladiator has in it the scene where ones were sorted by red and yellow as to their value… I caught this triune allignment of symbolism as i saw that the vibrant colors of power a tyrian purple for the tyrant or the royal blue of robes is… um fake. it’s a manmade dye china purple and egyptian blue. tyrian purple is of course ver mollusk and expensive… but china glass or a fake jade is pretty much china purple. I’m rather intrigued that they know this as it seems to be a precursor of superconductive magnets or all this voodoo bs about worldwide free microwave power in ancient times from aliens!

of course I looked up lo mein as part of the spaghetti thread and surprise surprise it is spghetti but I actually already knew that because of the lies attributed to marco polo. who insidentally never appears in chinese chronicles anywhere and they did write lots of things down all neat and thuroughly. yet if they were so good at telling us stuff, why not about terracotta warriors when previously they just whacked the court for the tomb to the afterlife to solve the lonliness problem. noodles unbroken symbolize a long life but again surely by now you’ve heard that one too.

does anyone catch on that today seems laughingly disillusioning?

now i cant think of a noodle dish outside of an asian pasta salad which is suspiciously like that of italian dressing and spaghetti. 😉 add a dash of soy now. 😉

a paint/pigment that is so suspiciously linked to crystaline lattice and magnetics and yet is fake and also the universal color schemes of only the elite through time or mexican velvetine couch cushions after some serious black laquer furniture? weird

weird also so much of life is decided between the red and the yellow as well of the masses, are you ketchup of the god’s ? or are you mustard of those who must’ve erred to come this way in life yet are by nature adults as ketchup is only for kids eff you emeril on that subject ketchup is divine on hotdogs and sausages! divinely inspired of heins.

and plochman’s as I always liked their bottles.

I lack now not the additive of red and yellow to be orange. I combine yellow and blue to be green as purple can remain on it’s rainbow own or remind me of purple of the rocket which I remind you also to see as

just send your shit to the skies for fortune to rain down on you,. it rained after every single battle of the civil war of the usa. gunpowder in the air does that.

I now remind you of the 80’s feel that was a western sizzlin a mr steak, a trail dust steak house a bonanza! the quintessential 80’s feel before the game up and changed do you remember that hole in the wall for extras at most of them where you could gaze into hell’s kitchen and perhaps never wish to eat their again? or just feel special all up until you’re handed a cafetia ware side at horrendous cost as this wasn’t the all you can eat days yet. remember it was tabulated each and every item at the furrs, wyatts, kingstable etc? having a heart attack if you wanted salad??? I bring that up because they had the steak platters of wood about a tin plate. they always could be made to sizzle.

now lets take java around the back alleys of athens for why I’d talk about timewarp dinner. spanakopia is a philo dough dish of vegetables inbetwen thin crispy bread as a casserole of great mm. now take a asian pacific to the indian ocean as well tamarind sauce with fish and that crisp and sizzle. do you think it’d work a fish spanakopia with sizzling sauce ala tamarind over that with it’s sweet and tangy tones/ garunteed to allow a lemon on the side. and all of that rustic style with the 80’s tossback stylings.


do you have belly button lint?

hint, I know my personal day is not intriguing but

4 vials insulin – lantus $135 *wow, for me that’s good. I get the spare insulin vial and pay what to me is 135 for one street.)

bought sis her chosen colour red in wines
something tempranillo sounding spannish red -weird it was in the listed french area.
beringer red moscatto
and a tuscan rosso or red

and a daily special of opici sangria of spain.

I do hope that charms chef boyfriend to extend his talents. neither is much of a drinker so what is a drin 6 of 7 days a week or 3 weeks should last nicely til planning for turkey day.

I arrived at work got my flue shot again for free I feel special. I also remembered to wish one her birthday as it was today. and in general asked a hotseat question or two 😀 someone should or we all pussyfoot about the subjects. like I’m well aware sexual harrassment is unwanted attention. but should I wish to ask someone out the way I always understood the law to mean was only if she says yes ..otherwise it’s harassment…. so within REASON I can try ONCE but that’s it otherwise it’s no bueno….at least in MY reasonale place.. ust imagine the titters I heard behind me… who joshy? 😀 I work with mostly ladies…. it is a far hotseat question 😉 lol

I didn’t get food yet proper but I’m hungry so

remember the wine’s not in my house, it’s in mom’s car as you know I’d drink it. my couple of days is hamm’s beer…. thee absolute cheapest 12 pack the pllace had. I will see myself reviewed 😉 as boss has to work monday though I’m running the activities…. wish me luck I do improve in doing this portion of my duties well and i do take some load off her…so mom says she said…. or heresy hearsay goes 😉 no, not yet can I abate the paperwork more but i am well liked and do a good job.

I left my med’s bag at work like a goof including the nice six pack wine tote of fabric. I may try to escape town to sis’ tuesday but mom cant stay wednesday appointment so I hope thursday is a brother come up for this to not be a mega risk outting. I cash my check tomorrow and it should give me just enough to slash sears/kmart card as I think that the way I should go… i’ve not done well paying and then retaking the bank card down. my credit went up 10 points or more so all my bills are on time lately I’m doing well.

mom weill get her car totaled this coming week for the day out that it hailed like hell when I visited = I hope this means a modest updo in her finances as the vehicle can be likely kept and has been maintained by the dealer it’s whole life in her car with hopefully reasoned repairs.

do you have belly button lintballs down there? I know this is likely dirt boring but it is my day

so is vit d, 30 cals, 3 beers I haven’t gotten to actual food yet so saianara so I can do that 🙂 insulin in so I don’t feel under the bus tired.



1 tallboy, one curried chick pea / rice with pea carrot razor meal and that apple to start the day.


the opening movie was
The Rocket an almost family film wherein little boy born is considered cursed all his young life til he achieves and wins the prize. I know this sucks but it’s in vietnamese australian film or not and thus is subtitled. the coolest character has to be purple- a james brown fan…one who gets the flavor that is the other society. just as pumpkin in memoirs of a geisha is the wicked supporting character.

now for a beer run or is it wine? I’m really considering epic movie night wherein I might have to bridge over the river kwai or goodbye mr chips whatever netflix allows.

I know this is crazy but for the days we feel under the bus of life, there is redemption even from the ass-end of bats for the boom. … if you think about it 😉 there is an awful pun involved with a rocket here when nitrates the boom in the boom powder is? shit, so in a way we all can send our shit to the skies. 😀

I’m curious though, what should be the good junkfood selection, I mean I didn’t intend today to be a waste nor am I highly rich, but it seems movie day hath begun. nachos complete with jalepenos cheese atop the vegetation so it leaves the vegetation atop when I pour it fresh when I return? I got sunflower kernals last night along with a half tea and lemonade as a big gult so 110 cals sugar whatever sunflower seed kernals are and that oo lala kc masterpiece jack links beef steak stick which probably way blew my salt intake along with as memory serves the 3 corndogs and 3 weeny sied beers.

today as you heard is apple, beer and chickpea razor meal which is 700 calories if I don’t miss my guess. I lik e the idea of a crackle but I want something far more gooey. I can’t really get candy as I’m out of insulin til tomorrow and well that’d be plain dumb… I mean I can skip the beer and go krackle rice crispies choc bar mmm or go nachos or perhaps crappy hotdogs. I also can slice and shred some toastada action up or just whoop out the beaqn dip and sourcream and chees and same lettuce tomato garnish and have dorrito joy… I’m also able to go the other way and 6 for 20 chicken mcnuggets and beer… it’s the devil to do up wendys for a side salad but oo lala nuggets there for the road? rebake a round of fries in the toaster oven and thus vegetation is consumed… okay enough wondering it’s time to walk.


Gettin’ Monsanto Out Of My Mouth

the below is part of national sarcasm month… please read completely that while it’s nice ideally to know something like where my food comes from, a regulatory agency to ensure this along with labeling is far more likely to be a disasterous move that only begins to address in law the issues. I’m actually for it but not blindly so, because I like rights and know they all come at a cost. no freedom is free. but in the LONG term, this would be a boost to our world reputation that we enforce by law that we do or dont have somethin somethin in our foodstuffs. but the short term is likely no punishment at all to the corporate bastards but a boon as to eliminate a subsidized food market leaves them free to for profit grow bio fuel or other naturally derived renewable materials/products.

I got a call about my opinion on colorado 2014’a proposition 105. this is a bill to set up a regulatory system to demand labeling of genetically modified organisms with food available for sale.

it’s interesting that I’m for it even though I’m not really anti gmo. I think it’s worth it as rights to actually know what i get to consume.

I promise though that this idea as I heard it worded has some interesting points

it doesn’t go into effect until july of 2016 a long long time to wait.
it really doesn’t cover animals turf to table – just some slight oversight on the farmer/rancher alone.
this proposal eliminates the right to sue upon failure to comply taking this as only the programs right – which really strips all the teeth out of the propsal from it’s inception.
I’m not certain alcohol will have to comply.

I am interested in how this would push for more farmer’s markets I’m also interested in how much costs will rise because of this minor intrusion for the sake of the people in wanting to know. I’d be curious if there is a big deal to be heard over say, general mill’s corn flakes coming from gmo corn or hey damn you budweiser! my beer is not organic! I dont mind having a say in what I pay to recieve/live off of… but, I do smell a push against the little people be they small time supply or small time consumers. but nothing is ever without it’s costs.

for instance, it’d not hurt my feelings to know gmo corn is for fuel uses instantly as monsanto sure wouldn’t be hurt by being booted out of the supermarkets…it actually helps their cause.

i know up front that mexico and many other publically no to gmo’s countries would LOVE to sell us their stuff and WPMT buy ours back… so this law really is not very patriotic if you truly think about it.

and thus ends me thoughts on laws to save our rights actually take them away and punish us who think they’ll punish “some corporate offender” I think I’m not so likely to support government regulation of getting monsanto out of my mouth.


Sacred Blue

the holy heathen. scre bleu! bet the smarter of you can guess I’m about to be on the colour blue.

blue moons or 2 moons in a one month period occurs by average 3.5 years. yippee skippy.

Blue corn chili rellenos have never occured for me.

that excites me some

I was on the story of joseph coat of many colors feller and how that relates to the later pondring rippling of jesus in the gospels being done in for 30. it would seem that in that day as in today there is a low value on human life but i suppose the insult is in the quantification of that expressed.

the pastor didn’t like my retelling of the dangers in coloquial expessions with pontious pilot leaning over to a gaurd and ask about jesus only to be told the job was NAILED. I’m not very surprised. but, I am pleased he’d read my to do on the value of cash as expressed.

corndogs and beer are today 3 each so far. 1200 calories if one counts.

I’m too tired and up too late to trot over to comcast to bitch at them for doubling my cable bill. I’m thankful that I cant get any of the extra sodomy of their promo channels so at least getting that taken care of shouldn’t be much issue.

my thoughts range from how to make an excitig chicken not pork green chili suace/stew as pork isn’t allowed for in jewish traditions…whether they practice or not, it ends up just not tasting good to folk. I’ve noticed i cant stomac the turkey, the pork any longer at work I barely can handle the stewed meat which I remember proudly doing up years back. I also seem to be about 7 years out of date in general for what’s current bleeding edge. I suppose my excitement is that of the old clown fireman rushing bumbling to put out a fire only to have it out before their ministrations and the crowing haha is the water on a fire already out. I’d like to think there’s a way to use not so impossible to find tings of wild game to do up the mexican magic ala institution but I’m reminded of my first taste of chicken chili and what a let down it was. chicken just isnt for that but neither is beef/game it’s just a pork thing so I’ve found.

this limp exploration of the old and again new to me it’s been so long is what I’m on about. to reinvent from the ashes the phoenix of my everyday come a gain alive new…. reborn. my ending week was good on numbers but i was reminded of how I shoot myself and others.

I met the upcoming new person and managed to say something in retrospect doesn’t sound truthful as it sounds let downy. I have a month of numbers to show that i want a hour lunch that’s best suited to my weekending duties but in truth it seems suited only to me. I’m easily the biggest pushover ever but but I’m often told I happen to be rather forceful in how I put myself out there. I’m shown yet another nurse new this time is hubby free and hopes her police and fireman might rescue her. I was out to offer a minor kindness and it took 2 hours not 2 at worst and thus was a shambles. and yet I cant let this be an undoing of the game the new powerhouse me and yet I’m wondering how to not give a shit about what I just said…when right now unfortunately i do very much.

I’m told some places make the relleno of corn batter but i’ve no idea what /where. I don’t want to cook again. as it seems that such is less than appreciated only of my hands. I don’t mind work so much but want something MINE damnit an achievement I can point to that is both powerful and undeniable and I told the nurse i had an overload of compliments as to my value different from what they had before… i’m there no one else was. here i am as to what can be said when god calls out for you… here I am. and yet I want to not get that and stew in the sacred blue.


running just as fast as we canaan.

I was going to be nice and send a penny out last night and got? defeated. I was going to send out a penny this morning and was defeated. what the blankity? have I had a run on my account? nope, just the weekending clears plus one bill thankfully on time but neglected in the count. I may try again …to send that penny, but I’m getting a universal hint that such aint a wisee plan.

I went to work and work tomorrow yay. good thing too as a couple wanted fresh air just when I had annoying paperwork to finish andmight have been too far along to quit that when the rarest of all things happened I got to shanghai company for them and they sure were ready to chat 😀 I saw the snap snap we gotta GO gestures and felt just a little self satisfied and evil 😀 while one or two days is isolated numbers, the week opener of proof I needed a different schedule has resulted in 11 versus 3–4 participants in the morning as with a simple break point at their break from work point sure doesn’t allow for help to be there in smiles. my afternoon point is still dismal BUT I have a second activity there which allows even with ONE person me to gain on where I was with afternoon attendance…BUT I get two and two and today 1 and 4 so thereby I have 2=3 becoming 4-5 which is at least improvement. now this isn’t just to be more productive mind but proove the viability of asking for an hour lunch break… as this may soften the bummer that I feel I’m a bit dead-ended…save company funds. and more importantly get me a shot at not being stuck in prison old folks home my own self 😀

I remember 2 beers 3 sausages a triple conndiment pleasure last evening fancy how taking b vitamins improves my memory..remind me to slack on that 😀

today was naught til lunch, meatloaf a veg and a bread/margarine slice; a slurp in the morning of sugar no so delight pop which we’ll call 3 oz so 40 cals, dinner was exquisite at a normal portion of chicken vindaloo/loose cooked rice, 4 pompadoms/cracker things or whatever 3 packets saltines would be, 1/2 cup pistachio icecream which was more like the mexican vendors kinds thats not amerisoup milk but still smooth and yummy. a bowl of daal or lentil soup which was very good. and the mint sauce I might have recognized but I really should have recognized the tamarind one…but alas brain death. 22 pz beer and 1/2 serving sake as I’m home.

the only thing I really remember about the oh yeah the lost item on yesterday was a ramen cup of soup that I just equate at 400 calls putting me at 2100 tops likely 2000 on yesterday and today about 350 dinner entree, 150 dessert, 350 soup, 400 lunch 250 beer 150 crackers but I’mbeing rediculous as I forget cracker cals. or about 1700 today minus sake 100. I did see improvement from the 471mg/dl yesterday morning, 370 something today but remember I’ll be 3 more days getting normal as I blew the meds intake all off time proactically.

but remember why I started to note all this, which is because it’s long overdue I prove why my control issues are issues. before I cant change.

I hit upon the notion to read the biblical story of joseph…the genesis story/person… joseph of the coat of many colors. I was curious about whether he was slick or not smart and the answer is?

yes, yes he is.

Joseph was sold into egyptian slavery because he was daddy’s favorite and so low on the rungs of inheritance he threatened those without favor enough to literally wish and plot his death but relented only because they couldn’t get away with it and better to make money off him than lose money. genesis pretty much beginning in chapter 37 or netflix joseph…dreams I forget cartoon after prince of egypt dreamworks. now joseph later gets to be chief of the house trusted then is chased after by the wife which after her no, she does him into prison…whereupon josepn is so good with dream interpretation he gets to the pharoh and becomes second in all the land. I know long ass preamble but let’s cover the two interesting to me’s
in the back of the senior bible the weights and measures as best can be approzimated are listed wherein 20 shekkles or pieces of silver are joseph’s price which if a shekkles as they put it is 2/5 ounce or 11/5g…note that metals are always in troy oz if they’re precious a 12 oz pound not the 28.xg voidupoit 16 oz to a pound… but whatever 8 oz of silver was joseph’s approzimated cost and at 80-`128 spot for silver which really hasn’t kept a parody with gold since 1870 is and 130 bucks aint crap in todays money multiply by twenty and voila it’s about closer and you have a man sold into slavery at a princy sum even then. jesus did better at 30 pices of silver an outright kingly sum providing you remember it’s about 3 months wages or what one likely could save in a year. which is quite an outlandish thing when you consider it in the light of an eengagement type of negotiation. and now the second interesting is that joseph sold. the surplus stored grain for the 7 famine years thereby netting pharoh grand control over the whole relm…no wonder joseph was second in the land 😉 7 years and one isn’t a king but a god?

you can also see that I was reminded why I aced research and analysys composition…this above info is what I’d throw away as it didn’t suit my needs of a paper

as it was hard to find in an unannotated bible where judas was paid, it’s mathew 27:3 ish