it all starts with a city. I choose for this mythic adventure, Toronto. You needn’t like a damn thing on the listings nor do you have to consider such in any order, but remember, POETRY of place is perhaps worth a thought. I’d not mind a stroll by the waterfront…sure it might require a gallon of coffee but…such is available…or maybe I would like to shine some more with the elegant outting…subdued and refined…I wonder if I can still soup without a sound? There is of course no need to mention a museum or three – just tour the web some with me and see if I snuck in romance… I will note you must remember your caboose is charcoal as there is air hockey and I’m annoyingly good for a blind guy.

Woodlot Restaurant
WHAT I FOUND TOURING…LITTLE ITALY? sounds more frenchified to me the french onion soup with a wood burning kitchen? it offers reservations so;) I think theres a weee chance this might be fine dining.

William Ashley China
and fine bone china.. who could resist the tour down momma’s echo lane of we just cant have nice things? some of that waterford crystal is simply scruptuous.

The Official Mirvish Website | Tickets to the Best Theatre in Toronto
I liked the notion of “Arcadia”

the pariso cafe didn’t want to link but it’s there and why would I travel with any coffee nut and NOT consider a coffee joint?
Menu | Parisco Cafe

The Tea Room
Just think of the poetry of it all.

Sweet Snow Shave Ice
perhaps a shave ice?

Shuffle board Toronto
there is also weather permitting, miniture golf.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “storytime.”

I wonder how you can be good at air hockey. Was there a sharp distinction in colors? I really think that is cool like the guru blind man in martial arts movies who can defeat his opponent with laser sharp precision. Toronto? Even though I am now grossly out of shape where biking is concerned, I appreciate how Toronto values bike transportation. Their public transport is not too shabby compared to Florida.

if ever you’ve suffered sports games, you’ve heard of zone offense or zone defense. and given a little success to prove it works and improve it, even I’m faster I’m always shocked at places like even steamboat springs has a simple free city shuttle 20 minutes in some cases well into the nightand even measuring northsouth distances sante fe broadway downing or rwelve block give or take in between a lot of these towns beat the big city for ease and access of transit. oh and heheheh I’m kkinda dumb in that toronto is like rochester close to niagra falls, I didn’t include that outting because I didn’t then now 😀

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