awww lookie lookie at more you can care less about.

I had to hit walmart. it was a timing thing and also they had what I wanted. I know, how weird to find a walmart useful.

28 cent cup of noodle ramens x 4
Borden Brand slice cheese appearing like pepperjack 2.48?
some offbrand small pack corn tortillas – 1.68
diet squirt 2 Liter, 1.00
naturipe red raspberries small carton, 2.48
‘rocco romain lettuce 1.58
9.88 w tax.

now contrary to my usual disdain for walmart, I’ve always appreciated they sell penny matches which to me are cool and impossible otherwise to find. I know I didn’t get any this time but I did and do like the enriched noodle product of ramens which are a mild source of b vitamins…

the point here is. the goods. for you see, I have a chicken breast with rib meat, this makes about a brownie pan’s worth of enchiladas, obviously I’m going with pepperjack cheese topping and a side of somekind of rice-a-roni type rice and spicey green beans/likely onions. this allow 6 meals which is my dinner and a lunch later.
next, the lettuce combines with the tomato i have or can still salvage, cheese shreds just enough and sour cream whoopee! to make the refried beans and red enchilada sauce left make fine tostada action. this again is meals.
I work all weekend so one meal is covered and that tired out come home is what’s left soups.
now, Of course I can bomb my target or even kmart cards and flood my house with food 22 months with every goodie. but, I really do have to clean the fridge. I cant continue to have the beatles approach of let it be. I know that stings come what do I do monday or tuesday, but go shopping but, it’s past time.
of course you could live your whole life not needing to know this why… but just imagine for a minute the value of cheap tasty options like toastadas that I’m hard pressed to find for 1.75 a piece when in reality you’ve 20 for under ten dollars which feed 7. I’m not keen on enchiladas as a rule or to be fairer, I never ever go out of my way to order them at a restaurant but I do adore all the fine home meals with them featured. I have some lentils so I’ll be alright I have rice so I’ll be alright. but with any extra oomph effort my house is one step closer to done which means cleaned everything all functional, dishwasher now, new paint shined floor comfortable television and couch and ample stylish storage. I mean the only magic left is the need of a microwave and this place is…finished…. just in time to move FUCK. but again, I lament living here as it SEEMS good, but this place is about useless to live in… no microwave, pain in the ass dishwasher but praise be i have one, difficult plug access. no fucking lighting of any use… the only thing going is that it’s small enough that bombed and I deaathly ill can still clean it in 6 days of a few minutes here or there so long as the dog does NOT enter.

I still feel like an asshole voting mainly republican. I seriously believe that this is thee worst election ever and they keep going downhill of YOU CALL THIS CHOICE? We don’t have to discuss your beliefs and god be praised if you happen to believe the opposite of me… I just am leary of divisions, republicanism is fiscally responsible but thee winner for social neaderthalism… case in point facism NAZIs keep going right and someone not only is castigated out blamed for all evil but likely sot dead and buried in a mass grave…republicanism is pretty much the devil if you actually care about human life and have the balls to care in cash. so for me to feel it’s my best option is on par with smiling at the devil…usually some hypocritical asshole in a pulpit having 3 affairs with men chanting monogamy. but again, praise be if you happen to disagree entirely.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “awww lookie lookie at more you can care less about.”

Isn’t that the way it is? You finally get the place close to arranged perfectly, and it’s time to move? That’s about where I am at, so I’m holding off turning it into a faerie love house until I get the next place. … Well, maybe I do a little here and a little there (pillow’s the first start).

you’ll be happy to note that a nice lady I just met suffered that whole re-exposition on politics and while being quite polite shot most of it down like swiss cheese 😀 never once uttering the words, YOURE WRONG 😀 lol.
yes, sometimes that’s the way it is. PD I’m happy however I plan unerringly to do just this, ENJOY yet MOVE.

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