draft-y opinion…

Forget it poisons are here to stay and Science delays in saving the day as your health their profit hurts?
Because through all of time someone wants to steal away your faith if only by tainting away your divine?

Its Bacon to treyfe your faith away ha ha
Bacon to treyfe your soul astray ho ho hee hee ha ha
within sinful cities with anguish and crime and I’ll be saddened to feel
the damning words of some white coated man
Saying my life is ebbing away

Now we must shop and shop yes shop where reputation says you’ll be healthier here til the banrupcy total appears, CRIPES! but no gmo’s from local souls its all organic cold-pressed or gluten and hormone free grassfed or some unpronouncable seed with nothing BAD?

Or Bacon to treyfe your soul astray oink oink
Insectoid color swiping your god away squeal squeal
amidst thunderous warnings from your friendly thank you for your fivers folk burgeoning you with guilt of souls blood spilt
Baconing My dear god away

now your goose is cooked, shortened days all journaled-LOOK! and jump for glee if you lived to see all friends deceased WHEE! well just you wait as you’ll hear the laugh of fate as you’re sooner to them pearly gates YOU PUTZ

it’s certified more expensive hee hee
yep, more bottom line linings ha ha sucker hee hee
and you say it took your eye bee ess away and you’ve never ever felt better in all of your life before today
yet who’s been sold a bill of goods by hoods (your MO-NEY)
so Enjoy the dream of their bigger profits scheme as you’ll pay now to keep your god your way hoo-ray
or Bacon bringeth the acid reducers my way -ouch Squeal.

Hello Home worth whatever bank you’ve chose Health a word now to make wealth not but trickle but seriously flow. yet billions live with less than us and longer with less fuss from white coated folk or those to shackle you with guilt’s yoke
fear, no thanks.

Bacon up my plumbing cement me dead ker splat
yet only sugar rises with low fat, imagine that.
Doctor Doctor still they die off just like the rest of us flies despite arrogance of opinions to the skies and fees to make you cry
orht em guilt perveyors of damnation and despise. why why?

And They’re coming to take me away Ha Ha
They’re coming to take me away ho ho he he ha ha
To the loony bin with all you can eat perscription drugs like thorizine, and lithium, and electric shock and insulin
They’re coming to take me away Ha Ha

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I’ll look over this eventually, but, this is the FIRST draft of trying to bring sanity back 😉

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “draft-y opinion…”

It’s a blast Linda Ronstadt kinda’ day! YAY!!! 😀 (I’m blasting Linda Ronstadt songs while I catch-up (not Ketch-up) on reading and commenting WP posts!!! 😀 I are behind! 😀

Ha! Great post!!! 🙂

Why do I have craving for bacon now?!?!?!

When the men in the white coats carrying butterfly nets show up here, I hide! 😉 😛

Piggly-Wiggly HUGS!!! 😀

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