I wonder if I’ll get the chance to see some or any really of the magic that is armchair traveling now of the net. I was looking up jixi China

I know this seems common, but I still try to count the coal cars as them trains go by on my way to work. typical now is 127 from 119 early summer. It seems as if this area of China still uses steam locos as why waste…it works.

of course I happen to be watching a wild west movie. this helps in the romance department. it’s Shanghai Noon.- jackie chan/owen wilson. it is a rarity but this is a film I saw in a theater. it didn’t do particularly well but I enjoyed it. its rather a prize I found it of all places…on youtube.

while this isn’t exciting in it of itself, I cleaned the sink. retouched the commode too. it’s rinsed thrice as my cat refuses to drink water from a dish as a kitten he grew up in an apartment with leaky faucets so he just refuses stale water. but as you can imagine I start I hope 😉 to reup this house for the power of living simply slick. I would like to have it at 10 minutes to not an embassment.

I am surprised always by who and why.. I managed to get another surprise comment..well not too surprising but I didn’t start out to impress anyone. I worry about compliments and forever it seems tr y to learn to accept them with more grace…I’m just suspicious 😀

I need to post my votes. I may not. I feel a complete ass for what/who I picked. but
I still think it valueable to have a gmo labeling and not wait for federal intervention. I think it serves to drive up the chances of farmers markets and a new feeling that unc sam gives a shit about us…at least in motions gone through insincerities.
I don’t like the notion of downtown denver gambling – but in a limited way the creeps coming, I just vote against the panacea of sin being some kind of instant salvation. I’ve been to inwdsor, detroit and a variety of towns here in colorado high country I just don’t see it being all that. however, I was about when they wanted the measure as it was JOBS. I just remember that notion that nothing comes without something and from the beginning it was odd it was impossible to get a casino which was non smoking ,now all of them are save ONE there’s alway one… that caters to a not old enough to drink crowd.

the majority of the rest is red. I feel like a heathen for voting republican. always have because it sounds so right. it just seedy. I feel more let down by conservatives than liberals as liberal already are going to hell just they’r a hell of a lot more tollerant along the way. it amused me to no end to hear so many anti gays came up with meth filled gay sex scandals. gooooo pulpit… but that’s just my take yet ultimately I cant stop this embarassment I’m like voting for Nixon or something because I do actually believe it’s not the ime for freewheeling government spending. people are soo cheap and lazy that a one penny difference in tax can send them across town or well the other way. to keep an eye on the local hopes less spending to discourage chasing our trade away with taxes… I think largely this time sin of sins, conservative politics seems the way to go….this has the shit effect of bringing with it the howl of intollerance a christian hallmark…but, if I must voice an oppinion again, I like this it offers the best chance at a living for most and hopefully not too much bullshit. I will laugh if I file it and I turn out to be so hugely righ my folk win and it turns out we all lose. but such is my old fashioned this vote views. it’s time for some steam punk government.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “steampunk”

Steam punk government! Amen, Bro! 🙂
That’s interesting about your cat. I agree with him…I don’t like stale water.
OHMYGOSH on the trains! I do that, too…but I try to count all the cars on the train as they go by! 🙂
I love Jackie Chan movies! 🙂
Spooky HUGS and Happy Almost-Friday-Halloweenie!!! 🙂

here’s a lil anchor of a plate for ya, five hour of harrowing hell to have it on time ready to rock and everyone left or never arrived. booo. 😀 if nothing else heer’s more proof I lack a few elements of grace.

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