toolin around

I went to arby’s and remembered a weird thing that while not exact, Arby’s ArBQ sauce was similar to Lloyd’s bbq sauce. I just went to look that up for trial comparing and? I’m only 8 years out of date.

while it’s not highly interesting to YOU perhaps, I tooke a tour from work to pay bills. I managed my change to pay the phone correctly and target slightly ahead up this leave under 45 remaining on it’s balance again paid in full for next cycle. the phone was worth the stop as well in that I’m on the NEW network not the old hence at $25 for a DUMB phone, I needn’t expect too much hassle when they switch official to someone else. I still like the Super at Arby’s but I regret when they switched from finely shaved lettuce to the simpler spring of dark burger topper lettuce.

I resisted the urge to buy lottery tickets. I guess on that front I’m happy and even on the buy beer instead front I bought things I wanted so as it’s not deadly impossible redo expensive to add to my stash extending the bliss it still somehow feels like I’m a turncoat, I’m better off not drinking no matter the lottery loss or gain – can’t win if you don’t play but in reality one isn’t ever likely to actually WIN. also speaking of turncoatery, I filled in my ballot but must get postage to mail it…errand, ug…. I feel a huge turncoat as I’m conservative by testing yet must if I am interested in self interest vote liberal as all my life stems from liberal backed politic program or aid/tax dogery. but largely most of what I want politically is conservative with key exceptions. I stop at wholesale social screwoverings like lack of birth control or ew otherwise, casino interests in the heart of town saying it’s for the kids, forgetting I deserve in tooth regulation law to know where my food comes from and it’s handled risafely… I mean I don’t mind SME let the buyer beware but not wholesale please take my money I’m just here to be laughed at. but cheap management a hallmark of conservative pride even if both business folk of all politic want efficiency and profit. seems often best as does status quo incumbancy unless for some huge reason someone dowsn’t want their job. but it just feels like I’m such a turncoat in that I want some wedge against ultimate power but I seem to be voicig the wrong yays. but then again, I have a feeling I want money and to best aide me gain a pile of more oportunity, I need to know the right folk and that to a degree means literally mimmicking what they want to hear. I know this may make my ethical heart blead but being incompetant often is the way to promotion or cushy work…I also still really really like beer.I only blew ten percent of my check on myself.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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oxo one is not likely to win if one keeps saying that. if one were, to, say, imagine what it would feel like, in full living color (cue music) across all the senses, then one would not even need to win, and then, one would very likely WIN. oxo just sayin’

between you and ma’am sleek below, I can’t seem to lie a hollow smile. 😀 I suppose I’ll admit to what bothers me and be out with it, I worry I’m not nice enough to me, I worry I’ve not enough effort out there just when it seems to count the most. I’m winning if a fine morning two in almost a row is any indication. I’m dead set to be make my 18 month on the job I had an oops in that I calculate a complete month ahead. I worry my favorite seems to snipe me with nasty grams just like oh shit years ago when I wanted another that ended poorly which seems to say when I do not understand I really do it up alll sorts of wrong. I want just about anything but what it seems I’ve a shot at. and point blank, everyone seems to have my damn number but me. – on the credit side, 😀 I’m done for my “week” and due in halloween for a chat and a do up afternoon…paid. on the credit side, there is nothing like a lil licentious behaviour in the wee hours of I’ll hate tomorrow but tonight’s the night, everything’s goin to be all right. ain’;t no body gonna stop… but in a way before word one of this post escaped, there was the defeat. I’ll admit I’ve missed a week on my justice med the levothyroxine, over the last two, and at supposedly 170 bls if that was accurate I was. doing good. the smell of my shoes says that’s not anymore. back to more consistancy. but in a way that’s what I always fight just when I’m but inches away….loss. I suppose it pissed me off to see my favorite with that acrid smell of smoke as if it was post coitous cigarettes outside at work. I suppose it irks me to sit here wondering if my great luck of the hot moment isn’t a consolation prize of existing. and all the while kicking myself twice because all that ever sells in this world is the hope of something brighter and thats only a lie out of me right now.

sweet starman, i am NOT trying to sell you something. ‘k? yes, i want you to feel better, and guess who is holding That particular remote? funny that the sleek-one would be the one to remind thee to be kind to yourself (since i find myself saying that to her too much for her taste, i suspect. oxo) my teacher says that if we are dependent upon conditions for our happiness…and i say, then that makes us slaves.
thou art Never the hollow man. never. oxoooooooooo

it would seem I’ve failed to tell you how much of a blessing and a smile you are. thank you even if I’m sorry. 😀 cut me some slack, conservative politics anger me not that they’re not fiscally responsible but because they do not speak to the inclusiveness of all. I deeply regret when the annual choices come around and yet I feel compelled to exercise my right to a voice. you get a haha with the remote lline 😀 I rarely watch television. 😉 I am…preens feathers…an internet junky. hug as in squish nice one…ask your mate to get out a straw and reinflate you 😉

I just threw away a scratch off that would have been a winner at one point in time. $4.00. When I did once remember I had it on me when I was at a place designed to cash it out, their machines were down. Ha. See how my “luck” is? Sure-sure, never blame luck as I did have the power most of the time to take matters into my own hands … but for $4.00? You are a winner, Josh, because you are X number of dollars ahead enough to pocket and not give to the lottery people. 🙂 But still, it is fun.

🙂 hug I hope though you read kaylar’s comment above as it also is why there is a hug for you both. but also a damn you… neither of you let me invent anything but a soggy dodge. 😀

I like what you said in your response to kaylar about your being nice enough to you. I heard that in a yoga lesson, be kind to yourself, only the way she said it was much better. It really is key. Treat yourself with kindness. I think it’s a lovely way to be even if we aren’t perfect (and even if we were, that, too, would be pretty weird). I don’t know what a soggy dodge is, but you demonstrated it, thank you for reminding me of the yoga lesson.

Arby’s sauce is yummy! 🙂 I didn’t even know there was a sauce out there that was similar that could be purchased. Where have I been?! 😉
I’ve never bought lottery tickets. Since I haven’t won anything since I won a stuffed-animal kitty cat (The BooBoo Kitty) when I was a little girl…I’m sure I have no luck. Plus I can think of things and people who need any money I might spend on the lottery…I’d rather share the money with them.
But many love to play the lottery…and we must all find ways to play…things we enjoy to make life more enjoyable. 🙂
I hope your week starts out great and is a WHEE-K week more than a WEAK week! 😛
HUGS!!! :-

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