I have to remind myself that I do actually do things. It rarely seems relevant at the time or anywhere near some lackluster seeming payout. so, here expands what I do and know.

for reasons memory obvious, I’m trivia. no, of course, I’m NOT trivial. But it’s worth it to me to note 2001 camp I’ve 40 some or more and bingo. I’m rotten enough to ask if anyone wants any specific numbers as, duh, I’m the guy to talk to as I pull them…then say smart aleckally things like, TOUGH, you get what I call. NO FAVORITISM. eyyyyyeee twenty five two five under the ai, matey…it’s a fine road as many of you used it to get here. I mean it isn’t hard to imagine something like this removing 4 people from an hour’s boredome in the room with the charges ro become ten years later, the start of my volunteering once again for a bit over 2 years to obtain employment calling? Bingo! My good people. complete soon enough with seventy five associated numbers or so.

it’s easy enough to associate numbers

but where history gets fun is, 1910 sees 95% of homebirths not hospital ones – not one single western nation with Women’s Sufferage enacted into law, the average wage might amount to 200 – 400 a year but housing prices are difficult to find… 1850’s era “Walden: Life in the woods” henry david thoreau offers in economy chapter that a 10×20 recycled shack was just over $28 which even in today’s market is about the same price for a nice prefab one of commensurate value and as h.d. squatted on Emerson, Ralph Waldo’s land we can skip the land lot cost. no one was on the poles either or, north or south. voice radio didn’t exist, what beer can, what pack of Camels? what refrigerator, what gas or electric range for most? what dishwasher outside a hotel, what airplane, what e = mc squared, largely who’d seen a car let alone driven one? bathrubs? yes they had been heard of but who had one? fast food bahahahaha. Hollywood? hunh? 94% of people Didn’t graduate highschool. 10-12mph if there was a road was about the speed limit….please note that means 5 minutes a mile john paul jones in 1912 ran the mile at 4:14 or faster than any car was allowed to drive….however, I’d hate to have to be a beat feet cop having to run down the offender 😉 and all of this before the refigerator…. all before a world war, all before the mighty titanic sunk first voyage out 😉 the panama canal wasn’t yet here.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “amusements”

Amusing and interesting facts, history, and questions! 🙂
I am not good with remembering history/historical dates…but I do enjoy reading it and learning it. Most of my history teachers in high school and college were interesting. Only one was boring. Y-A-W-N she made me yawn!!! 😉
You would make a fun history teacher! And it would be fun to be on your team in a trivia game! 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂

anymore lol it’s weird games that like making good trivia folk look queer that are in vogue like what on earth would I know of lady beauty and not look funny for knowing Unless I’m 60 and tired to death of living with a beauty queen wife. I’m not sixty nor married… and if memory serves you’r not some horrendous age like that either shhh I know blink.

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