repackaging and returning

I’ve had a twin return of more work to allow a long weekend for supervisor.  it serves the purpose to make me laugh that one was telling her coordinator to write herself up for not being the example shiny of the workplace policies…I mentioned how sneeky they let me be as if I were to be in troubles like that, it’s interesting that the punishment falls upon the building and my supervisor far harder than upon me as she’d have either a day without activities and no good exxcuse like I was very ill or have to work my days…the galssaid I was naughty to fully understand that.  I also got to hear what is the upcoming shindigs.  or in a different way, I got to plug in a tad more.  I crowned this as a high achievement of sophistication of upending a side salad by accident into the center of the plate….ooops.  I may have redemption in that I run activities on my days as the latest repackaging of one of our activities is previously bean bag toss – a fine measure of coordinated motor skills – as the all new, bean bag shuffleboard.

I went to the reopened east european deli for unpronouncable products and russian roulette variety choclates.  I got what appears to be a naugat pie  not unlike a moonpie.  I got some small hazelnut somethings too.  mmm.  I got a jar of young walnut preserves anda seasoning packet for either stuffed cabbage leaves or bell peppers…  I thought it said stbell peppers stuffed with cabbage but read best i could and saw I was mistaken.  I couldn’t affard the fancier tea as I didn’t have the feeling I’d like to make that complicated sequence of banking calls to afford it and hadn’t the cash on me but mmmmmm. wicked good offerings.  I didn’t spot pelmeni which was a shame as that is the literal reason i wanted to go there.  while coffee offerings were cheaper and so was the smaller teas, I couldn’t settle for just anything.  I also nearly got some butter as in what? imported butter, but i just didn’t feel the urge to do so yet funny butter at the domestic but premium prices is not particularlycheaper all less than a dollar with similar weights. but here this is in links

конфеты konfety

while I cant spot exactly either i got, it’s fun to show you what I mean by russian roulette with chocolates 😀

while my label differs slightly, this is about the exact thing I got.

zergut’s (Germany) young walnut preserves.

i swear I was looking at a cherry/currants one and thinki the blue’s the prettiest

please understant i don’t speak russian or any language past Americanized English so when confronted with foreign, I do my best to search for the specific names/spellings online

this is how i dealt with having to produce script in cyrillic

I fixed mom’s paper jam and thus have not wasted all her gas to shuffle me 🙂  I hope.  I very narly was late to work as I woke to needing to be at work at ten am and do not drive it’s 8 miles away and my clock said 9:32  I was to work at 10:05am   so, all of my learned skills of trying to be what others count on and do it despite critical drawbacks of disabilities..meant I walked to the atm got cash and called a cab second day in a go.  Ouch as I lose over half of what I make that day from taxes and cab fare, but please understand that it wasn’t the sky is falling end of the world why bother depression I’m blanked… I simply tried to get something to change my breath and my best at hair attention blurry-eyed.  I’m done with my month’s dietary intake i believe.  I know enough to sort out the trip.

I’m ten years into being a diabetic.  I’m not controlled as in 6.3 or below a1c tests 2 or more in a row.  I’m also not without some notion of trying to keep myself going.  I can despite concern if you actually read my dietary intakes maintain about 1700 calories a day fairly consistantly and only gain weight when I’m more than good 6 days or more insulin consistantly or I maintain about 158 vs the 178 I’m fairly close to attaining….I hope.    I’ve no evidence I’m trained enough to be employably valuable elsewhere but I’ certain to gain a checkcycle of november 3rd/5th so I’m 18 months in reliable.  I’m beginning to find new ways to get excited about cooking again and not just dream but achieve…this more than anything may see me give up a 1 bedroom apartment seperated from the main house I live in to have all my damn pans and pots tools!  kinda hard to cook without them!    I hope you get the idea that I’m passionate enough or returning to passions that I have much to be thankful for and work after.

music therapy lady said she had something on her shirt and I said I cant see it so she said get closer and I said decorum 😉  I mean I should behave…she said she might not…  I am fairly sure I’ve complained about that not occuring for me and there it occurs when and from the least expected sources and I’m a big fuddy duddy.  hhmph.  😉

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “repackaging and returning”

You’re feeling stronger and stronger. The music therapist could be the real pay off. Speaking of, what you spent in cab fare probably amounts to way less than what a person pays in car payments, upkeep, insurance and gas. You are still on top and with a smiling outlook to match! Prost! Nostrovia!

again with the shhhh! of course I come out smelling like a rose 😀 hence some cover grumble 😀

we should gather for food. if not in reality then a lil shared tme to instant message the other on what is the art of russian elegance? you know that there is something that’ll get us to buy that 33 a plate chicken which wa what 16 year ago so it’s 55. you could try saying it’s an elegant sauce silky smooth of au jus and cream topping a large roasted chicken breast…but the mirth of the fennel top fountain is the eye candy to delight… it isn’t mashed potates but ones you grandma would approve. I mean the wicked good cooking grandma. that kind of feeling but consider I’m thinking cabbage 😀 of course cabbage can withstand a marinara and the stuffing for i offers up a fonde for pan sauce .

I’m glad you have much to be thankful for and work for! And that you have decorum! 🙂
10 years…wow! You are an inspiration as you deal with diabetes and take care of yourself. Please keep taking good care of yourself.
PS…I love stuffed peppers! 🙂

stuffed pepper hugs then 😉 right now I’m annoyed looking up blasts from the “past?” geez just 2 years ago and my favorite fire devil hot stuff is no not 9 a bottle but 17 not including tax/shipping?? and it’s a 3 hour not including actual shopping trip?? ug.

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