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Mountain Country.

I’m back from 3 days and nights of fine mountain town tourism. let’s get you lot your bibbs so you don’t dribble as we dive into the links.
it is developed off a river with hot springs. it is NOT wheel chair accessable – so exercise due caution to bring a lamp and good pool shoes or be suspect of your actual ambulational skills. however, if you’ve some risk in you, remember the reward is here. delightful imax like mountain views in your face while soaking in a warm pool. clothing optional after dark and children are spirited away. $12 per adult week $15 weekends. CASH ONLY, no atm either.

one lady by herself was late fifties as her hubby was a boobski and wouldn’t come took it on herself to be present. she’s now from middle state missouri. Mom, of course at 65 came and did well. I didn’t wish to stay after dark as for me it was bothersome to have 20 steps of stone to stub myself upon in the ink blot of true dark. so no moons rose. aww.
Long link as it’s only googleable… bonfliglio drug store, Oak Creek. they have a nice odd selection of neat things like old fashioned wooden ship/train puzzles, good halloween candy I see rarely like clark bars, a few old fashioned looking oddities like sassafras candy… but neater than this they had cheap christmas gift like for office party thingums…. I got a pocket book on chocolte with gold leaf gilt edges, a funny box containing pins and a “scapegoat 😉 fuzzy posters and something I may have to return after, a faberge simulation eggs with a music box that opens to reveal a spot about the size of a signet ring. similar to some of the ones bonfiglio drug has but bonfiglio’s are 50 each and thus predictably neat.

some of the scenery is imprinted on my mind as I didn’t have my phone along so largely no pictures are available. but, gore pass into oak creek from the routt national forrest has some well mixed stands of both aspen and pine. from oak creek to hayden and west of main steamboat along 20 mile road passing the 21 mine has a stand of exposed rock not quite topped with dirt so it literally is a castle factory going by. deer and or cow’s everywhere and even the moose were spotted…so hunter paradise. craig is a town I’ve heard of all my life from this or that person but I’ve finally been and the vibe is sooo not my people… it advertises work on the way in in case you wonder of mountain living and views at a price you can afford…but this place has a reputation of being meth city usa and otherwise is a low class hard drinking town… I got a taco bell. Steamboat by proxy is fantastically ritzy anti pot except the rebel children of those with more means and you’d love popping in to wild plum a small sprouts/whole foods market yuppy food shop – the lemon olive oil was delightful but they didn’t charm money out of me.

of course I ate there both in steam boat and oak creek craig as I’ve mentioned. so lets get to this:

arrival to home cooked
Steak to order, seasoned withgarlic pepper and onion with optional sauteed onions and mushrooms to top.
yam with butter
side salad with a simple lemon oil vinagrette and croutons.

bagels and cream cheese all mornings from wednesday on.

Middlepark Meat packing – smoked ribs, apple cured half pound pork chops, bacon and a shoulder of pork for tacos adobada– I got the ribs in me cant remember the sauce blues something
I shared the mussels appetizer, and liked the melanzana entree and probably ate a half a loaf of fresh bread. before winter season during early week it can. be 2-1 entrees night. even still $108 across four adults….WITHOUT tip.
while the given menu ere is replaced, you get a different feel of a place that is also very quickly far more expensive than the fine dining of riggio’s above. $118 with tip but this time for two food nuts on a mission!
we shared everything and so,
one gouda burger with homemade chips and pickle
one meatloaf which I got the fried beet root it included yes of course mashed potatoes!
scallops Rockefeller
2 bottles readstone meadery’s juniper honey wine.
I got a butcherknife morningside coffee porter

this morning’s pre drive about was colorado bar and grill co 131 & sharp ave. the service was quirky but I enjoyed my tea and french dip while mom and sis got breakfast proper. $8.45 in case you get the notion there’s nothing but outrageous costs.. not entirely so.

while I didn’t cook up the popcorn balls, it was handy to have parchment on hand to see how well it did up my reheat of ribs with a dabbin of the sauce on in a 300 oven. mmmmm.

I guess the most haunting image I can impress upon you is how some of the 5 foot brush bushes both grey white desolate bare or reds and mute yellows across the hint of green of grass yellow in an old fashioned muting of colors painted the hills. there is also nothing quite like a coyboy sentiment of the cows loing at night.

I did try to recon about living there by looking up the work possibility but alas in town it’s only a sernior apartment building not a “home” wherein lies the trap of all activities are library/community center which means a massive rethink on how to get effng paid for what I do which is activities. of course I considered steamboat proper but I warn that this option just really sees me moving to move not finding asweet opportunity. so work wise, it wasn’t a waste, but I can not drive so it’d be murder for me to find ways 20 miles here or there ontime in a blizzard or live a city away at improved rents to bus and walk in the same evil weather a mountain town might get more of the year than not…frigid snow. nothing impossible but this didn’t warm my heart to see. I also am not jazzed to work part time for walmart which at my rate of paycut would be nearly low grade full time.

or in short gorgious but for me it’d be a vaction like life not a working one. I really don’t adore that notion of going backwards. so I end this visit and recon, why not, with the game/word…FARKLE! it’s lovely and fun but the niche for me seems not to have shown itself.

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7 responses to “Mountain Country.

  1. kaylar

    such a sagitt. i love that. the fire in your blood to feed new scenery. ❤

    • the infiltration
      Piners within the Aspens
      each, nature’s fashion.

      one, a signal fire
      white youth shown yet bitter within
      a signpost fleeting.

      mother earth’s teardrops
      to entrap irritations
      and conquer hilltops.

      Piners and Aspens
      an autumnal streak of color
      which would catch your eyes?

  2. Beautiful and you can always visit (right?). It might even even out depending on how often you go (as far as pay cut vs. amount you spend for a good time). But think about this, if you lived there, you’d also be spending more often to exist there, so, visiting is the way to go! Yum as always on the food.

    • lol, how pragmatic of you to say. I suppose i just know this plae changes as in my current home and all my home projects come closer to completion. I also was hopeful to just magically walk out and about to be instantly valued and valuable and while sure duh I am, it just didn’t show up as easy town like bed hopping.

      I hope you get ye a gouda burger ma’am I’m rather fond of it simple pub food notapparently as common yet…but trends come and go, one “season” it was all about applewood smoked bacon for me to find the previous mesquite with chicken…and the lust of my life to take that green it up some and SELL it back to me… in common venacular I’d say, “I’d kill yo, bitch” but tragedy was she left on her own. I’ll tell you though, I have no rankor, I laughed then as I do now spotting too late that I was duped…but then again for me life is some feeling and thus I didn’t get one where I belonged. I don’t hunt, I’m not a bad cook but I’m not a salable chef with my own hands. I’m not unemployed but limited in options of employment. health and movement about are limitation in an area demanding a freeness. but because all this is whiney seeming like a trip back from the woodshed… poetry. you’re just as inspirational of it so,

      mountain mine along my way
      shows castle factories minting
      god’s laugh at our efforts

  3. Yay for you being a mountain tourist!
    Sounds like a fun yummy time!
    I will check out the links!
    Curious about a farkle.
    Back in The Dark Ages there was The Farkel Family on TV. They made me snort-laugh! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  4. David

    Loved reading how you enjoyed the Butcherknife Brewing Morningside Coffee Porter. As a staffer at the brewery, we appreciate you giving us a try!

    • you lucky devil d! okay actual new brew is gross smelling 😀 lol but there is something cool about the idea of some jobs… like wow I’m getting paid! and I shouldn’t say gross it is yeasty though..thanks for stickin the knife tween my ribs or helping to. the beer is worth the mention. and another round!

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