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a streamin’ river through consciousness.

I’m on the following subjects. columbus and related discovery era history, tangental china and the hint of australian outback. Food show derails into commentary…a warning.

I have a columbus day program of how to present meaningfully to those about mentally 3yrs old why we celebrate columbus day. all I am seeing is that all I’ve known is somewhat erronious. most of these hereoes are regretable people in deeds. and not so ironically, I already grew up to not be a celebrator anyways by religious then objection. but back to the columbus

he may have read all the right books, but some people aren’t colege material. columbus seems to have been given just enough information to be passionate about his side of things and yet smarters just would have rather paid to be quit of him. it therefore doesn’t surprise me that it’s more and more clear he bumbled upon everything so badly so that others rushed to make use of his value for him. deals broke and litigation for nearly 300 years is the result. kinda reminds me of the guy who invents the CD or compact disc and the company profits and he’s swept onlg another worker of the cause when most achievements that shape the world pay the inventors or discoverers avarice’s wages. but smart enough was columbus that he could do what he did. and so pig-headed about it others know not this side of the globe and it’s two continents after not him as to him it was asia only not looking like asia and thus it’s america after amerigo vespuci. the bastard even kidnapped woman as gifts and you know what kind for men. and we hail our conquering hero the bumbling blowhard and salvation not of other’s christian from lost souls but of another lusty groin. all hail the conquering putz.

marco polo was the obvious precursor to this comboputz bringing on the hordes of other euro pirates…at least we end up getting tequila out of this. but all the leading evidence of his ourneys seem to leave out critically important conditions he’s sure to have seen if he really were there great wall, tea, footbinding none gain any mention i believe i watched. and the great chronicaller is a popular novelist of the time…. this is starting to sound more like a lacing of the coffees rather than truth/fact. oh and spaghetti and ice cream? never ONCE mentioned ever in marco polo. so, it here too seems I’ve been handed a pile of rubbish to believe in . whole sections of polo are from arthurian legend. it would seem my world view is a fiction for sale.

rapist, slave taker columbus now liar novelist whoever rossolini… sounds just like a mini wine which requires one to take that as proof and yet, it is/was. couple this with the awesome similarity of machines of ww2 later inspiring say the jeep to be the landrover …brittains gretestest machine on that one 40’s version has a nice do up on the double decker bus. and worst of all the additive nature of the lies blames columbus lack of securing more support which seems because they knew the earth was x distance around but laacked proof at the time for positive as we all know theory is fine but eventually we’ve to have fact…and bumbler or not columbus was that fact.

marco polo did seem to have existed but might not ever have set foot out of town for the spaghetti and ice cream silk and whatnot. and yet we must hail the age of reason the age of knowledge to have come from such brilliant and romantic fellows.

the china studies included watching the terracotta warriors on netflix which ran into china reveal opening with the great wall. now I know you’re realing from finding out how what you know might not be salient or correct… but we must move on, lies like facts occur all the time. the great wall’s most famous photo op in beijing I believe is set with streamers of red and yellow just like the ketchup and mustard of our favorite ball park hotdogs. the movie gladiator has in it the scene where ones were sorted by red and yellow as to their value… I caught this triune allignment of symbolism as i saw that the vibrant colors of power a tyrian purple for the tyrant or the royal blue of robes is… um fake. it’s a manmade dye china purple and egyptian blue. tyrian purple is of course ver mollusk and expensive… but china glass or a fake jade is pretty much china purple. I’m rather intrigued that they know this as it seems to be a precursor of superconductive magnets or all this voodoo bs about worldwide free microwave power in ancient times from aliens!

of course I looked up lo mein as part of the spaghetti thread and surprise surprise it is spghetti but I actually already knew that because of the lies attributed to marco polo. who insidentally never appears in chinese chronicles anywhere and they did write lots of things down all neat and thuroughly. yet if they were so good at telling us stuff, why not about terracotta warriors when previously they just whacked the court for the tomb to the afterlife to solve the lonliness problem. noodles unbroken symbolize a long life but again surely by now you’ve heard that one too.

does anyone catch on that today seems laughingly disillusioning?

now i cant think of a noodle dish outside of an asian pasta salad which is suspiciously like that of italian dressing and spaghetti. 😉 add a dash of soy now. 😉

a paint/pigment that is so suspiciously linked to crystaline lattice and magnetics and yet is fake and also the universal color schemes of only the elite through time or mexican velvetine couch cushions after some serious black laquer furniture? weird

weird also so much of life is decided between the red and the yellow as well of the masses, are you ketchup of the god’s ? or are you mustard of those who must’ve erred to come this way in life yet are by nature adults as ketchup is only for kids eff you emeril on that subject ketchup is divine on hotdogs and sausages! divinely inspired of heins.

and plochman’s as I always liked their bottles.

I lack now not the additive of red and yellow to be orange. I combine yellow and blue to be green as purple can remain on it’s rainbow own or remind me of purple of the rocket which I remind you also to see as

just send your shit to the skies for fortune to rain down on you,. it rained after every single battle of the civil war of the usa. gunpowder in the air does that.

I now remind you of the 80’s feel that was a western sizzlin a mr steak, a trail dust steak house a bonanza! the quintessential 80’s feel before the game up and changed do you remember that hole in the wall for extras at most of them where you could gaze into hell’s kitchen and perhaps never wish to eat their again? or just feel special all up until you’re handed a cafetia ware side at horrendous cost as this wasn’t the all you can eat days yet. remember it was tabulated each and every item at the furrs, wyatts, kingstable etc? having a heart attack if you wanted salad??? I bring that up because they had the steak platters of wood about a tin plate. they always could be made to sizzle.

now lets take java around the back alleys of athens for why I’d talk about timewarp dinner. spanakopia is a philo dough dish of vegetables inbetwen thin crispy bread as a casserole of great mm. now take a asian pacific to the indian ocean as well tamarind sauce with fish and that crisp and sizzle. do you think it’d work a fish spanakopia with sizzling sauce ala tamarind over that with it’s sweet and tangy tones/ garunteed to allow a lemon on the side. and all of that rustic style with the 80’s tossback stylings.


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6 responses to “a streamin’ river through consciousness.

  1. I like hotdogs with mustard and onions, unless it’s a Chicago dog with diced tomatoes and sliced pickles. I would love to sit in on your unvarnished history lesson. I love how the Vikings didn’t appear to care to impress a queen financing their missions. But I do wish they had cared about writing.

    “Arrrrr, let’s take the knarr out for a spin and grab some salmon and seal, Sven!”

    “Aye, indeed, Karl. And while we’re at it, let’s discover Canada and grab a few Innuit women for the sail back home, or at least during a layover in Scottland, mate.”

    Hey, if they can make up history about Columbus, I’m sure I’m not too far off the mark.


    mmmm, philo dough.

    • I’m just MAD reading most of the real reasons some of the slime is held up to glory. 😉 but enough of that 😀 the post above is sufficient
      as to your haha about the history. keep writin the hits 😉
      it’s odd though that the vikings did what columbus couldn’t, the knew enough to keep bearing and get there and it was just another journey that was repeatable…as was columbus’ yet because it didn’t conform to imperialistic greed, it was neglected. what shash.
      hug or shall I mispell it hugg 😉

  2. ****grrrr, the Vikings can’t spell — Scotland.

  3. 3 beers, one four serving pouch of mashed potato with two pats butter, 1 shot mandarin absolut, one chili dog ala hamburger stand or a normal store sized one with chili. one beef classico empinada and 100 cals sugar pop san pellagrino clementine. the texture of the meat filling was chunky pate which was lameo but it didn’t taste bad… it was a egg washed golden baked I will try not today the steak versions as I expect that to pass muster. and one chili pequin ramen cup of soup. before I forget. I had to count from midinght on as I cant remember if it made the other rolls. the torilla also sounds delightful.

  4. Great title to this interesting jam-packed post!
    You’d make a great (and fun) history teacher!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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