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Sacred Blue

the holy heathen. scre bleu! bet the smarter of you can guess I’m about to be on the colour blue.

blue moons or 2 moons in a one month period occurs by average 3.5 years. yippee skippy.

Blue corn chili rellenos have never occured for me.

that excites me some

I was on the story of joseph coat of many colors feller and how that relates to the later pondring rippling of jesus in the gospels being done in for 30. it would seem that in that day as in today there is a low value on human life but i suppose the insult is in the quantification of that expressed.

the pastor didn’t like my retelling of the dangers in coloquial expessions with pontious pilot leaning over to a gaurd and ask about jesus only to be told the job was NAILED. I’m not very surprised. but, I am pleased he’d read my to do on the value of cash as expressed.

corndogs and beer are today 3 each so far. 1200 calories if one counts.

I’m too tired and up too late to trot over to comcast to bitch at them for doubling my cable bill. I’m thankful that I cant get any of the extra sodomy of their promo channels so at least getting that taken care of shouldn’t be much issue.

my thoughts range from how to make an excitig chicken not pork green chili suace/stew as pork isn’t allowed for in jewish traditions…whether they practice or not, it ends up just not tasting good to folk. I’ve noticed i cant stomac the turkey, the pork any longer at work I barely can handle the stewed meat which I remember proudly doing up years back. I also seem to be about 7 years out of date in general for what’s current bleeding edge. I suppose my excitement is that of the old clown fireman rushing bumbling to put out a fire only to have it out before their ministrations and the crowing haha is the water on a fire already out. I’d like to think there’s a way to use not so impossible to find tings of wild game to do up the mexican magic ala institution but I’m reminded of my first taste of chicken chili and what a let down it was. chicken just isnt for that but neither is beef/game it’s just a pork thing so I’ve found.

this limp exploration of the old and again new to me it’s been so long is what I’m on about. to reinvent from the ashes the phoenix of my everyday come a gain alive new…. reborn. my ending week was good on numbers but i was reminded of how I shoot myself and others.

I met the upcoming new person and managed to say something in retrospect doesn’t sound truthful as it sounds let downy. I have a month of numbers to show that i want a hour lunch that’s best suited to my weekending duties but in truth it seems suited only to me. I’m easily the biggest pushover ever but but I’m often told I happen to be rather forceful in how I put myself out there. I’m shown yet another nurse new this time is hubby free and hopes her police and fireman might rescue her. I was out to offer a minor kindness and it took 2 hours not 2 at worst and thus was a shambles. and yet I cant let this be an undoing of the game the new powerhouse me and yet I’m wondering how to not give a shit about what I just said…when right now unfortunately i do very much.

I’m told some places make the relleno of corn batter but i’ve no idea what /where. I don’t want to cook again. as it seems that such is less than appreciated only of my hands. I don’t mind work so much but want something MINE damnit an achievement I can point to that is both powerful and undeniable and I told the nurse i had an overload of compliments as to my value different from what they had before… i’m there no one else was. here i am as to what can be said when god calls out for you… here I am. and yet I want to not get that and stew in the sacred blue.


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 responses to “Sacred Blue

  1. You have the best titles…and I love how they always tie into your posts. 🙂 The color blue is soothing to me. I love blue corn and blueberries 🙂 And blue popsicles (spelling) are exciting. 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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