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running just as fast as we canaan.

I was going to be nice and send a penny out last night and got? defeated. I was going to send out a penny this morning and was defeated. what the blankity? have I had a run on my account? nope, just the weekending clears plus one bill thankfully on time but neglected in the count. I may try again …to send that penny, but I’m getting a universal hint that such aint a wisee plan.

I went to work and work tomorrow yay. good thing too as a couple wanted fresh air just when I had annoying paperwork to finish andmight have been too far along to quit that when the rarest of all things happened I got to shanghai company for them and they sure were ready to chat 😀 I saw the snap snap we gotta GO gestures and felt just a little self satisfied and evil 😀 while one or two days is isolated numbers, the week opener of proof I needed a different schedule has resulted in 11 versus 3–4 participants in the morning as with a simple break point at their break from work point sure doesn’t allow for help to be there in smiles. my afternoon point is still dismal BUT I have a second activity there which allows even with ONE person me to gain on where I was with afternoon attendance…BUT I get two and two and today 1 and 4 so thereby I have 2=3 becoming 4-5 which is at least improvement. now this isn’t just to be more productive mind but proove the viability of asking for an hour lunch break… as this may soften the bummer that I feel I’m a bit dead-ended…save company funds. and more importantly get me a shot at not being stuck in prison old folks home my own self 😀

I remember 2 beers 3 sausages a triple conndiment pleasure last evening fancy how taking b vitamins improves my memory..remind me to slack on that 😀

today was naught til lunch, meatloaf a veg and a bread/margarine slice; a slurp in the morning of sugar no so delight pop which we’ll call 3 oz so 40 cals, dinner was exquisite at a normal portion of chicken vindaloo/loose cooked rice, 4 pompadoms/cracker things or whatever 3 packets saltines would be, 1/2 cup pistachio icecream which was more like the mexican vendors kinds thats not amerisoup milk but still smooth and yummy. a bowl of daal or lentil soup which was very good. and the mint sauce I might have recognized but I really should have recognized the tamarind one…but alas brain death. 22 pz beer and 1/2 serving sake as I’m home.

the only thing I really remember about the oh yeah the lost item on yesterday was a ramen cup of soup that I just equate at 400 calls putting me at 2100 tops likely 2000 on yesterday and today about 350 dinner entree, 150 dessert, 350 soup, 400 lunch 250 beer 150 crackers but I’mbeing rediculous as I forget cracker cals. or about 1700 today minus sake 100. I did see improvement from the 471mg/dl yesterday morning, 370 something today but remember I’ll be 3 more days getting normal as I blew the meds intake all off time proactically.

but remember why I started to note all this, which is because it’s long overdue I prove why my control issues are issues. before I cant change.

I hit upon the notion to read the biblical story of joseph…the genesis story/person… joseph of the coat of many colors. I was curious about whether he was slick or not smart and the answer is?

yes, yes he is.

Joseph was sold into egyptian slavery because he was daddy’s favorite and so low on the rungs of inheritance he threatened those without favor enough to literally wish and plot his death but relented only because they couldn’t get away with it and better to make money off him than lose money. genesis pretty much beginning in chapter 37 or netflix joseph…dreams I forget cartoon after prince of egypt dreamworks. now joseph later gets to be chief of the house trusted then is chased after by the wife which after her no, she does him into prison…whereupon josepn is so good with dream interpretation he gets to the pharoh and becomes second in all the land. I know long ass preamble but let’s cover the two interesting to me’s
in the back of the senior bible the weights and measures as best can be approzimated are listed wherein 20 shekkles or pieces of silver are joseph’s price which if a shekkles as they put it is 2/5 ounce or 11/5g…note that metals are always in troy oz if they’re precious a 12 oz pound not the 28.xg voidupoit 16 oz to a pound… but whatever 8 oz of silver was joseph’s approzimated cost and at 80-`128 spot for silver which really hasn’t kept a parody with gold since 1870 is and 130 bucks aint crap in todays money multiply by twenty and voila it’s about closer and you have a man sold into slavery at a princy sum even then. jesus did better at 30 pices of silver an outright kingly sum providing you remember it’s about 3 months wages or what one likely could save in a year. which is quite an outlandish thing when you consider it in the light of an eengagement type of negotiation. and now the second interesting is that joseph sold. the surplus stored grain for the 7 famine years thereby netting pharoh grand control over the whole relm…no wonder joseph was second in the land 😉 7 years and one isn’t a king but a god?

you can also see that I was reminded why I aced research and analysys composition…this above info is what I’d throw away as it didn’t suit my needs of a paper

as it was hard to find in an unannotated bible where judas was paid, it’s mathew 27:3 ish


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4 responses to “running just as fast as we canaan.

  1. Joseph did seem to show compassion except for the one who wanted to kill him.

    It seems you need more veggies in your diet. Try broccoli. You can steam it and you can pan fry it, also, roast it. It really is yummy food especially if cut in smaller bite sized pieces. If you’ve had enough of broccoli gorging, try mixing it with eggs or in a casserole.

  2. I would put forth that by the hint of words , joseph showed compassion even to those who would be quit permanantly of him. his scene to test whether the brother’s remembered him tossing or threatening to toss benjamin into the pokey read more like just that do you louts even remember you had a brother joseph? or what grudge to potifer or his wife? but, what to tell a king in cold terms he’ll increase his wealth easily within 14 years to godship as king to emporor isn’t enough, that seems very interesting as it was collect double taxes and then profit upon the misery of bit of knowledge… interesting indeed. for not anyone on a lower rung would be able to have access or create that infrastructure. it reminds me of a lawrence of arabia quote, “themisticles, sir…I cannot fiddle but i can make a great nation of a small city.”

    now to the vegggies. oh I eat them and go out of my way to eat them if it’s too low too long it’s a fairly simple matter to guzzle a half gallon of low sodium v8. and pathetic on the first look as beans and starchies cn be, you know mexican food the american way, they can be all vegetable in the case of bean toastadas. thus dietary fibres garunteed, note how it’s not weekly or semi monthly I’ve the trots unless having been ill in that month. if you gould simply smell what I have to let go of as far as these extra vitamins water soluble, you’d likely sense with me that I need them just not every day in horse pill for the rest of my life yet, it’s trickier to get a twelve hundred calorie loaf of bread into my intake page and thus skip the larger need of b’s. but of course, we’ll see soon enough what a month really is complete with salt/sodium/ fat percentage and calories as these factors fat for heart health, sodium for immediate heart and kidney health and calories for long term health/sugars. it’ll be easy to see beer is part of my diet which ll me saianara anything fun as we all know it’s the devil struggle to achieve the diet it’s relatively eassier to keep a ball rollling or the healthy momentum going.

    I don’t wanna work I want sit on the couch all day. pardon but I have to dress and holler a cab I got an extra bonus day of work and I’m late. unless 11’s enough

  3. I was always told Joseph was used as “the good example” to kids. Parents wanting their kids to be like Joseph.
    Myself…I wasn’t like Joseph. More like David. Or another of the Bible sinners. 🙂

    Beer and Sausage. It is October. 😀

    I love the song your title is from! 🙂

    Hope your week is going well! 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • 😉 I was enjoying the title as it what jody wattly, I think we’re alone now… runnin’ just as fast as we can. and with the biblican reference 😀 ahhhh. so like, 😀 ahh I have been on a bible kick lately, but then again I keep ultimately hoping selfishly that I’ll find more faith, I do and I don’t… I find more understanding for sure…and you’d laugh as you remember your akward moment post with the first picture of kitty love… I told the chaplain with the set up of vocabulary bummer joke about

      pontious pilot leans over to his guard asking how’d that jesus thing go only to hear his guard say… oh we nailed it.

      talk about not quite setting that one up right! 😉 he winced. but i’m not flinching the BAD joke has a point in that that is precisely what people think or know not where it comes from that “nailed it!” part of speach. I’m not entirely dumb. 😀

      as to my week? okoay, yeah I’m a tad unhappy about the status of my journey lately. I didn’t count on being sent down in flames only to find out that it was worse than that it was just kindness til the last moment and then no more… if you don’t remember I think to when I became starmanjones on xanga and why. I once was someone else and that being uncious and it went over poorl then too but that’s another story 😉 I remember well what that even if i gain no fame from my words I cant exactly say I’ve reached no one. 😀 of course I’m selfish! I want that easy out be it love to last or a job of prestige and note and heres where that faith part comes in, I’m not going to get it. least which the way I want it as that isn’t for me. I’m not getting anything meaninglessly easy, I thus get slog slog oh and that toil to work for the brightness of what possibility. and lately it seems I foget what I have…and more importantly to be both thankful and grateful.

      never fear, I get to read again the bible, dear 😀 I get to see that tonight 😀 3 are listed in the bible 2 men and one woman. sold into slavery. one by the family, the other I have to read about her but she was sold back to her husband at 15 shekels the cheapest rate of anyone in the bible and to those of the bible, jesus at the then going slave rate. which isn’t yet jiving as I’ve of course no bible reference of actual value and economy. but I do know that the true meaning isn’t the money but the symbolism. the bible rarely mentions value as the spiritual value is far higher…otherwise someone fibbed to me about the point of church…that’d be annoying 😀

      now, yeah, I’ve the first week done at work where I’ve numbers that over time can mean I’ve an angle for that prize of an hour lunch…since i can piss away advancement in the title sense and also so far monetary sense. perks fought for and won! something I can say I did! i have lately had the subtle suspicion that it wont matter and all I’m achieving is actually doing more of what I was hired to do. hence turning the pages of the bible brings understand but not yet comfort/faith. and no, long ago I had no faith means why live issues and they were solved I’m not talking about black depression only the blue of what am i to do? now that said that is precisely why in the state of marijuanna aka colorado I don’t smoke as it does turn blue to black and thus screw that and also i learned early lucky me that black is easy to get past as mine always came before the reason to feel blue hence it’s again fairly easy to side step black moments even if I don’t know “wy” only that they pass. 😀

      now the little point of all this novel infront of ya is I know it wouldn’t serve me to quit even if I don’t adore the work who ever does for long..not many! and lucky them 😀 so I have goals for that reason to go in, I have hopes to feel I’ve taken something precious when in reality i’d be given it should it suit the company and my needs. there isn’t this “take” stuff in my world just that dang hoping I’m gifted and ooo is that annoying in love, there is ties to bind people but it isn’t within my control and such would be love but control then anyways.. as to work, gee yay what it proove i got an hour lunch anyways nothing. I don’t have an actual set schedule which ends at 11:30 and doesn’t begin until 1-1:30 I cant not work but it isn’t like I’m expected to not get a lot achieved tween those times. what would an hour lunch mean? pardon me if in the midst of fighting for something I invent mean to that I don’t feel silly as i had it all along 😉

      now do you see my little problem with faith. I want to take what I already had or wasn’t mine anyways and thus I will never get.

      so there i am mad still. and if ever you wondered about why I don’t save/archive the xanga, it’s fairly simple. I remember not the subject but the tones and mine’s working on getting over it… whatever it is. I know this sounds dumb to me anyways but that’s where Ime be wondering why I’m upset i can not be someone else. to know maybe love marriage isn’t always ideal nor is work…but lol I seem to succeed despite this and in droves yet I want dumb things that amount to yay me! lookie lookie what I did. I do far more without ever voicing a word. but unfortunately for you, 😀 you’ve still a novel comment to read.

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