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dealing with history, build up part 2

its rather fun to see how challenging it is to make soundbite simple why our age is as it is yet payss homage to the past it wants.

I’ve the 1910’s in prgress to offer out a way back in time offering of history. it’s rather challenging as all i have definitively is the not definitive social leanings of those time. the were built upon to unravel later as time plays those games. yet, so much of attitudes still heard today aresolidified then. a workman’s day now the working person as guys and gals hit the drudgeries. what is a good job isn’t in doubt but who gets and keeps theirs to that end is still a whisper of that long ago past’s attitude. nothing modern you know doesn’t come into being about the nineteen hundred tens to the twetnties that probably wasn’t from earlier times in operation but it’s that it becomes available to all that is important. and of course the voiting block back it’s butterers of their bread also does too along with down with the ney sayers to our righteous and god given cause. place becomes so much more in this time-frame.

yet, it’s duece difficult to make social reality relevant and simplified!

back at the grind. I mean I’m likely to have to run a thing on british times over that of usa as they offer it up to the simpler angles versus what I have available to this time of america. I mean I haven’t heard of a leyland but it’s a bus of sorts that began the freedom of movements there whereas all I have is noir level shorts of a workingman’s job in america here… I’d rather talk of a CAR than some pie in the sky social ideal. and to watch gallipoli which does a better job from a foreign point of view of rural times than again anything of america I’ve found is out as I don’t want to watch a war movie where millions die as that’s rather a downer.

the way to make history fun isn’t to be honest about it – damn it. it’s to play to who wants to remember it.


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7 responses to “dealing with history, build up part 2

  1. ordinarybutloud ⋅

    you are almond coffee again

  2. There are some interesting shows on YouTube that depict a time travel feel via reality T.V. a la lifestyle swap. One is called Manor House. Another is 1900. Finally, another one is Coal House (c. 1927). Contemporary families give up all of today’s luxuries and go back in time (so-to-speak) and live the lifestyles of the eras. It’d be cool if they did another one where today’s children and teen would go back to the 1980’s or 1990’s and play video games. πŸ™‚

    • one of the comments about that when “dad” pulled out the dust was the old games were HARD in that they repeated at greater speeds til you died. I am bummed i didn’t get to run radio today, my computer was set to an unrecognizable resolution and I hadn’t another monitor to fix it. but I set it severly down so it should work now! πŸ˜€ as to coalhouse which i think I saw and if not nineteen hundred, grand shows but the largest problem I personally have is the lack of understanding of complex social issues/history. it is why I have a brittish show on “cars” and a silent clip on the 1910 running of the met…nyc train….not the subway part. I have difficult touching the era as it’s landmines everywhere where it’s the social change not the exact technology that was so neat…but well beyond the comprehension of my folk…even their children get mad when they feel stupid sitting in…. I try to be conscious of that

    • if that’ll find you finding me…. I can’t find you on my own.

  3. I like movies and TV shows and historical novels where I can learn about history. Lately I’ve been binge watching Boardwalk Empire set in the 1920’s to 1930’s.
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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