day of done… :D

Viking rougue and his wife – the fabric store along with vlad of ukraine playing the left channel, were my dining companions as guests of the same establishment, Bayou Bob’s where in we’ve cheered the downfall of scottish independence and discussed the topics of interest over a cajun delight of probably not doctor approved fare. I left courtesy of of the couple without the need to pay my tab and $100 richer for words i meant ” do NOT let anyone make you feel lesser for who you are.” Please understand I had discussed my weird journey to faith and where I am in this life and thus mentioning the good Lord, so if if anyone thiks I needed the cash for mentioning the Lord, that should hopefully always! be NO. (and thus, please let me thank HIM for the purest blessing, in cash no less, for feeling a moment validated for who I am but the cash ain’t mine and is to the nearest “church.” Also, may I be honest to say that many believe in me, so thank them for just the moment to help me on my way in general, but a kindly note of mention deserves this recognition – My supervisor with whom I will be fair I alternately am temporarily am convinced is Satan because she bedevils me to be a better person, is getting a thank you most kindly for all her honest lessons and hope to class me up. as always, thank you to my family and home and again why not, the Lord..) **I left hoping to be shot down to meet my only rare romantic interest who is on monday tests of death deadlines and couldn’t lose a day drunkly. a side note to my lady waitress, it is not often I enter any place to a whomp on the behind… thanks. I must ask pardon that I’m a stuffed fish in finery. I’m taught to consider my mark.
another asside was my first major attempt at work to ask for a combined effort of departments to carry further a theme was a well attended event. I point out today is the dawn of modern flight thank you to the French, specifically the Montgolfier Brothers and their hot air balloon. no, the actual manned flight despite my early research is not for two more months roughly, but the possibility was put fourth this day 1783. Verseilles. I was gifted the chance to put this out as educative interests ala video and demonstrations along with a followthrough French Themed Lunch. My local Library system gets zero thanks as they had my materials in transit thus unavailable at any branch evver til after I needed them. I have a computer and lugged it to work youtubed to disk and all. and remember y first words allll day were just that … not likely to happen…I’m glad it came together without so much as a stitich.
Since those who know me well will ask,
opening gin and tonic ala bombay courtesy lime.
two? one would have sufficed, gingr ale and dewarss
one lunchbox
aligator tail fried.
peach colber ala mode Chelsea offered up such wthin a smile of melting icecream
red beans and rice by the cup
a crawfish pie – I point out I’ve not had crawfish more than one whole time in my life.. and even then such was popeyes fried chicken which kinda dont count. *as ettouffe then and mcNO, the puff pastry pie? aww yes.
not a cheap dinner typically so to get a dinner drinks and all and a tip for being myself thanks to some careful encouragement rather tends to make my life.


day of.

I’m due to run my lil’ party on the inaugeration of modern flight today at work with a themed lunch YAY France1 after. I filed my request for library materials well in advance and they were of course not available after four pm yesterday and they open at ten am this morning good luck on whether they’re available bang on time or late. And, who is to say anyone will show up? Ah, nerves.

this is my first ask for the permission to try and obtain more than one angle of support for what I do which is activities. it is allll right if it turns out not to run to form. it’ll even be “ok” if people forget on purpose. I’m curious if there is any room outside stupid holidays I never did celebrate to get excited about… I have a suspicion the answer is no. I’m thus a tad non-traditional.

looking up celebratory beers ala australia as any long term visitor to said or those I think can’t hide their residency, seem to say different beers other than foster’s exist there and no one really drinks fosters there…they may while here or “abroad” but not huge at home. so, australian rules football league afl has their grand final on 27th september lat late late here saturday night in mountain time. friday that is. I thought I’d see if I could find beer. the answer is I can. I can find prickly moses, hoag or boag of tasmania and of course foster’s but largely nothing else. I was momentarily excited as victoria bitters is known as carlton’s and I’d heard mention of that and seen a victoria beer in the coolers about the beer supply…nope that locally available victoria is a crown import of mexican beer. andthus nothing is largely available in known beer that match experiences with anyone I’ve heard of in pz. and why pay the double rate plus double again to have old stale beer shipped my way?

brakfast was half a combination dinner from last night of burrito and chili relleno plus the whole can of pepsi… then two cups of coffee black. I was so hungry I wanted that before the lights went on so oops I didn’t do my fasting level. last evening was another beer so three on the day, half a combo dinner beef/bean smothered with lettuce tomato, taco about 1/2 fluids 8 oz of which was sugar lemonade for the tea. a bag of good and plenty 5 x 140 or 125g sugar, 8 more oz in wild cherry pepsi, a platter bags of chips/salsa so four oz chips corn, elsewhere I’ve my email of the beginning of the day dietary intake not exactly a hallmark day of proper dietary choices but um, I’m after the actual log lately. we’ll just see how much the sinner i really am.

we will also see if I am to expect support ever either. as I said, it DOES NOT MATTER that it may be no. I’m simply checking. might as well sort out some ….




for those of you who remember the 2008 USA presidential election whereby John Mccain was the main proponent of Brarrack Obama, whom ultimately won with a message of CHANGE…ahh the memories of the lies we believe…. anyways names are names and now imagine that I want to assimilate myself into a story of togetherness and the Lady I chase ‘s main brand is… Mccain’s vegetables of southwestern coatal Australia… it’s amusing to me to McCain once more.

for those of you who do not really know much about me, I’m a failed Jehovah’s Witness that thus many times did do the internal church early education in professional public speaking… as well as, the required education of one F and One earned C in highschool’s same program and Second College Try’s A in same after a few years of Telephone customer service work. Somewhere along he way i had the confidence to speak such silly things as “if It’s Thursday night Cold Shower night, if You aren’t cussing, It isn’t cold enough! – let’s face it boys, you all stink including me so I know the water heater broke and thus it’s straight from our well cold as the rocky mountains, and while you’re old enough to enjoy a coors, I’m not allowed to serve you any and wouldn’t as then we’d all stink for diffrent reasons. so one at a time ME included, we shall all brave the mountain waters and so as to be more delightful to the ladies be clean and fresh as we are refreshed by the way it shall be. Thursday night cold shower night, if you aren’t cussin it isn’t cold enough. I ask you to remember please to limit your blasphemes against the lord’s name but if a few f bombs come out or perhaps a holy s bomb? so bei it. Who wishes to get it overwith to make serious love to their covers upon completion?”

8 men braved the cold water’s of my leadership to bathe in the shower despite the broken hot water heater.

so now, imagine me on a whim as a store demonstrator – which for my mind is the shoppes just on the north side of Perth Western Australia, Australia. there it is Coles groceries. which I know only what their shop online site offers, and that is thigs like McCain’s brand vegetables. of course this can mean bird’s eye or green giant and I could be chasing your cute behind American Ma’am. but for now and years it has been 260,000 mesages traded with this perth perfection.

okay, you took too long so here’s rotten #2 while you continue to decide. I’ve hit upon a novel way to improve your odds of meeting me, shoppe demonstration. green beans many mccains ways! frozen green beens lock in the nutrients of their freshness and by themselves are a hearty side. but lets face facts, the ten thousandth green been side is boring til I tell you they’ve a drug in them that makes a person happy. then you’d look again at them with renewed interest. but even then they’re just boring the ten thousandth and second time. now, how to cook them is required and then the cornacopia of yummy new ways to have the same old same old. motor on up to mccains new ways to remain happy and healthy! we’ve got to talk nuts. some of us just need to be a bit nuttier . so how about fancying up the green beans with butter and almond slices for a classic on french cuisines of green beans almondine. or perhaps your brood is pickier so we must pecan. firecracker green beans are just a bit of diced away from a fantastic celebration of health and tastiness exploding the colours in your mouth with bits of tomoto capsicum and onion with the texture crisp of pecans.
if your male neanderthals can do a darned thing without meat present, lets of say that’s a crock! and bust out the bacon and here we go stewed breen beans with bacon, perhaps onion and more.
even simply adding a bit of butter makes the ordinary become extraordinary and their you have it, five ways to keep healthy with mccains flash frozen fresh green beans. flavor seeled in the frozen section for the freshest one can get without grandmas’s garden.
it is at this point or any you may holler that I’m who? mackaboy? well aren’t I just all kinds of naughty!
would you fight a mob of housewives to hug me ?

day #2 of the greenbeansaganza is I’ll bet you never thought to bake them! breen beans can be just as delightful from the oven as they can the rangetop. holiday and party fuel ideas abound with mccains green beans. let’s start with the manly mention of meat! with the doctor’s tell us to make sure lean protien is the stuff of life and living. take a fine black forrest hamls ice or too many now gotta love that MET and roll this up with some smoked cheddar courtesy of boar’s head in your deli and mccains flavor seals green beans. and all of this in a burrito shell and oo la la with the olive oil or butter paint the otside for a crisp fountain of beans… perfect for any party. but what about those wintery nights chilly and bleak? why not celebrate them well with creamini mushrom and mccain’s green bean casserole? you’l nead to fry your mushrooms in butter delightful enough to torture a soul in heaven with the delights of healthy.. yeah oops nearly said a naughty word. this is made up with then the bechamel or country gravy available by scratch or the packet eaisle mix with milk. back in with the mushrooms and all of this into a casserole lined and mounded with mccains fresh from the field frozen green beans.. you’ve options you can coat with crisps crushed or all the way decadent with smoked gouda cheese.. also available in coles fine deli. this may break your mother in laws heart because finally unless she’s here now, just can not compete with the magic that is mccains

for those of you tired of me making everything always about meat and or cheese, lt’s us discuss a nother fine way to make magic that isn’t meaty. enchiladas! up til now we’ve covered easy peasy ways to make mccains into fabulously fantanstic fn new ways to enjoy our health. now lets skip about the world to soak in some seriously stolen stuff enchiladas are a baked dish similar to the burrito shell fountain but this time with the new world of corn. new world hah, you always show up to see someone else there! but this time imagine yourselves deep in the hills of mexico and a family of far too many to feed and all y ou have is the pil of mccains fresh frozen green beans and a few pennies to make what magic may be had. take a pile of corn maze tortillas and fill them and roll them and oven up while you straightn up for a feast of fine times with the whole family outlaw inlaws and all. take some mushroom, onion bunch if you can and tomato fry together and this all layers one! in a casserole with green enchilada sauce courtesy now of old el paso and the new mexico of your soul is now ready to take on veaganism. again the american magic of swiping mexico from the mexicans is dump cheese on it but if you don’t do the dairy consider this here soy cheese the will delight those of us still needing something from the world left behind for health. and voila feast your eyes on fourty five minutes to clean everything and set the table and do one more run through your hair and sneek a slug of vodka courage to face them people again. green bean enchiladas serve with a lil guac made with pico de gallo and thus you’ve an entire meal easily vegean and voluptuous.

and that perhaps I have a bit of schmarm in me for store demos

the last of the five baked alive is pot pie
I am sure I can achieve a third day with other veggies too but now hows about that… would you laugh catchng me in the bargain bins?
run that twice an afternoon and twice a week with a free for all mix medly ons unday and voila if I’m happy enough the store’s out of a pallete of mccains and they’re on the horn to get e a paying gig.
and surely there is at least one nice lady who keepss on showing up
however if you do, I’ll jut say youre a piglet for veggies

her respnses boded smiles and perhaps a smack too. but sorry, they’re not for you. and hey sorry I cant spell or type. :D.


simply AWFUL

for those who know their span-glish, this one is courtesy of the queeeeen of oreos of old xanga.
what do you call four bullfighters in quicksand

Quattro SINK-o!

to which house guest offers a realll charmer
what do you call two blonds in a freezer?

Frosted Flakes…tony the tiger says they’re GREAT!

roommate offers a rude and crude play on words with this ball of laughter…
how do you know a girl/woman is ticklish or not?
give her a a test tickle…play on that anatomically male bit a moment.

what do you call fake pasta?


would you say I’m rude when I say someone is really on the case as I offer her a basket?

please feel free to add yours to the painfulness.


s.i. units… (self–improvement)

I was watching a lot of the movies for me again!
the tv set – were dreams get cancelled, the lower depths – scoial comentary at it’s lowest common denomenator, a prairie home companion – norwegian bachelor farmers, we cant help it we’re men – for a higher understanding between the sexes…or one big appology. madadayo – celebrate and embrace character, the pink panther cartoon collection – for philosophy’s sake.
and I’ve read some albeit that’s petering out again save for the lil bit at work for work.
20,000 leagues under the sea/verne, reading lolita in tehran/someone, some new material in huckleberry finn /twain, a few other books from my little library be it my lost college days to tourist trap giftshop museum on the lichens which now seems to be all the latest most popular pictures on image searches. etc

I’m curious. I’ve now had my second example of someone pretty and single knock on my door. I mean as jokes go this just doesn’t happen! only for me now it’s beginning to lol.
I’m patently unable to return to the spending luck mixture that was prior to work as it is an ingrained habit but I rue to change it as that means aout the only thing I’m doing is sending the luck of having a few extra dollars away.
I mention that i can’t remember like I used to. oh don’t worryi it’s likely awhile before I remember that I’ve nothing to say …that anyone is listening to. I just don’t seem to care as i knew somehow that without this attitude I’d court heartaches double in giving a shit. if I can’t remember ergo I must not 😀 … give a doo doo.

I wonder who this will lead me to be. more sodden and yet financially useful. nothing comes without drawbacks but i sure do like beer.
I wonder if ever any dream of mine together will come true. I haven’t had that magic friend it seems in a while where we run to each other just to share what is happiness.
what it seems I’m shown is that because I finally make that choice to no longer care it seems that now what wasn’t possible once is now coming true.

it would seem to be just my luck. no single girl would ever knock on my door? now two have one a senator the other a pretty international. lets discount the cgod purveyors as they would be revolted to be included…but they come in bunches! 😀 I must be godless again. 😉 or at least somehow more alive when not a soul showed during the depression years.

again untrue as my favorite chase of 2010 was quite fun and did knock on my door albeit to jew me out of a few dollars…then be that first ever elecric kiss of romance only to effing up and die on me as ms chef had this thing against eating dinner which tends to be fatal.

am I just stuck being a juxtaposition?

to get ahead with less, instead of more. to have more when i thought it only impossible. to get drunk giving up all hope because that particular she chose and went elsewhere only to become employed because there’s something about the scent we put off that others are attracted to…to be a once happy cook who right at present might make a burger up bbq style tomorrow woo. I tend not to cook. to be more musical now than ever in my life now that I quit playing the instruments that learned me to even care about music. to know it likely isn’t a dream but nothing standard will get me where I’m gonna go… not that some financial discipline isn’t involved but that discipline wont be the factor that gets me about. to taste the possibilities in a sense when all hope of the usual ways to achieving them are well beyond me and thus poof here they seem to come almost easy.


an hour

tonight was Blondies for poker as in free poker. I was the first out but it took an hour. yes, a tip or two and please read out the cards for blind old me you. and I still was the first out as lol, my sister showed me once how people read my hand off my cglasses or with me in a crowded table…. but in fairness I don’t think I lost to chicanery just bum luck. I’ll go again.

I of course lost on the way home hitting the wrong button at the store fore a clear /void and then lost a bag of groceries tween there and home to boot so, thank you universe and there is a u in the the line thinking of that particular grocery store nothing on sale at all not even a 3% reductions on the use their card. and a double wait for techincal issue at the store for a double loss wee.

so 😀 now that you saw me smile and it disappear, bbq is at 4-6. I’ll be out collecting chips and smoked salt along with pecans or the most miserable trip for 4 items even for inconvenience sake and

munster cheese
onion as in yellow sweet
romain heart lettuce
to dress:
chuck burgers I’m short a pound for 1/3 patties 12 so there’s that 😀
onion or king sized honky bus

wavy chips
cheddar / sour cream chips
veggie dip ala sour cream

I have the rotel on hand for firecracker beans
so rotell
butter and any lef over minced onion

fire roasted corn

paper plates if they’re not yet all gone.

so about 14 bucks to round out the mix.. or 80/6 or 13/xx a person
not surprising as nothing whatever was on sale.

not including grill gas which needs filling wtch asshole will be late home tomorrow as it’s required and in his car. or in reality how to blow a bill without even trying not including the beer.

despite the burn at the store fuck you you worthless cunt way to make the customer unhappy.
I’m grilling.

lost at poker not a huge surprise. hmph.

ayone like a beer?


I feel special

I feel special. why? I just placed holds on my upcoming activity to celebrate the anniversary of flight, september 19th. this is also the date that one will have a shot at hearing something interesting…whether or not Scotland votes to become independant of England again.

the montgolgier brothers bring us modern flight with the hot air balloon in 83/84 of the 1700s and these facts are book form which is orderin a book about the brothers and that subject… and a dvd albeit childrens level of hot air ballooning in the midwest complete with the map sites and even FOODs of the areas. okay not expecting magic at 23 minutes and a book I get 5 passages out of, but, this is my first major activities request with a coordination of the building in that I asked for a french themedd lunch to underscore the feeling. if it’s any note, this can show I can build upon themes and how I’m likely to divine my ways of doing so. if it’s the same old usual boring at least its a chance to build with…a chance to cut my teeth.

scottish independance holds little interest to me in that of the peoples/plight of it all. I’m not saying there isn’t any interest… there is and it’s to me this… whether in our modern times a country demanding a switch in the same old same old to chart a different corse…but doing so bloodlessly…again nothing new…but doing so eaccepting the bill that is coming for services rendered. this is a time when the young may want their power but whether they accept the bill to date is worthy of my interest because

a favorite of this area is senator mark udall anti campaigning saying in political lampoon of an old guy crazily grabbing everything off the shelf then saying this young girl’s got it… to which she says pay for it yourself.

this is why scotland intrigues me. will they do just that, pay for it? wee shall see because if they do this sets up the most powerful reality of all which is to accept whats there and while demanding a new course, honouring their responsibilities. if the scots choose the bill, this is when you can honestly look up and pay attention to REAL change… not this promised obama shite. real change. I care about obamacare and liberal politics as my bread is buttered that way by the way. but it’s surely fair to say it’s nothing more than the seemingly shame old shite again business as usual in the name of change. if scotland accepts responsibility and still votes freedom! I vote braveheart! for popcorn and a movie… but I warn alll of you against scottish ale that shite gross. scotch might be a bit much…heh as in cost but I might just be out after an ancient age bottle of swill called scotch and gingerale.

as to the special again? I wonder still if this can be imagined or seen that I might prove in actions my little abilities and the desire to be that more. I hope there is a real bit of more of scottish. I know there’s some french coming after my lil programme.


it didn’t happen one night.

I’ve this grand theme for halloween rewriting the hits so, sorry christmas but my teeth are sharpened for another holiday cheer been reworded ala beer.

I was working in the lab, late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
For my monster from his slab, began to rise
And suddenly to my surprise

He did the mash, he did the monster mash
The monster mash, it was a graveyard smash
He did the mash, it caught on in a flash
He did the mash, he did the monster mash

t’was slammin’ the cans liquored up right
when my tummy growled to me it’s plight
sandwich monstrous many to grab and some fries
pockets afire and my feet did fly

I did the crawl, the whitecastle crawl
whitecastle crawl, they lead to the stall
I did the crawl and peed behind some wall
I did the crawl, the whitecastle crawl.

From my laboratory in the castle east
To the master bedroom where the vampires feast
The ghouls all came from their humble abodes
To get a jolt from my electrodes

They did the mash, they did the monster mash
The monster mash, it was a graveyard smash
They did the mash, it caught on in a flash
They did the mash, they did the monster mash

hey maybelle Carling’s black label cans twinkle tonight
and surel it is quite the illegal delight
to be stumbling drunken anywhere past twelve
I should’v e holed up where I dwell

I did the crawl, the whitecastle crawl
whitecastle crawl, they lead to the stall
I did the crawl and peed behind some wall
I did the crawl, the whitecastle crawl.

The zombies were having fun
The party had just begun
The guests included Wolfman,
Dracula, and his son

too bad it’s called being a bum
but I’m why your employed, hun.
us pests to the seven eleven man
oops that’s white castle run.

The scene was rockin’, all were digging the sounds
Igor on chains, backed by his baying hounds
The coffin-bangers were about to arrive
With their vocal group, ‘The Crypt-Kicker Five’

They played the mash, they played the monster mash
The monster mash, it was a graveyard smash
They played the mash, it caught on in a flash
They played the mash, they played the monster mash

with stars light dancin and all the normal bedded down
beer in cahoots with belly and suddenly its perfect sense
I mean you know what it’s like when you cut loose yes, imbibe
you’ll take 3 sacks of burgers please whatdaya mean it ain’t my 2.05?

I did the crawl, the whitecastle crawl
whitecastle crawl, they lead to the stall
I did the crawl and peed behind some wall
I did the crawl, the whitecastle crawl.

Out from his coffin, Drac’s voice did ring
Seems he was troubled by just one thing
Opened the lid and shook his fist and said
“Whatever happened to my Transylvania Twist? ”

It’s now the mash, it’s now the monster mash
The monster mash, it was graveyard smash
It’s now the mash, it caught on in a flash
It’s now the mash, it’s now the monster mash

from out of the menu the voice did waffle
she’s got it wrong again damn lady you’re awful
oh and there’s that smile half-baked smug
3 SACKS of burgers what are ya, DUMB?

I did the crawl, the whitecastle crawl
whitecastle crawl, they lead to the stall
I did the crawl and peed behind some wall
I did the crawl, the whitecastle crawl.

Now everything’s cool, Drac’s a part of the band
And my Monster Mash is the hit of the land
For you, the living, this mash was meant too
When you get to my door, tell them Boris sent you

Then you can mash, then you can monster mash
The monster mash, and do my graveyard smash
Then you can mash, you’ll catch on in a flash
Then you can mash, then you can monster mash

order was wrong and they threatened to call the man
corporate’s phone bank lit up and them roaches scrammed
I got another round of hot 3 sacks
smug baked was canned for all his flack

I did the crawl, the whitecastle crawl
whitecastle crawl, they lead to the stall
I did the crawl and peed behind some wall
I did the crawl, the whitecastle crawl.


here’s the birdie!

hamburgerstand stumble vs. whitecastle crawl.

what are some of your moment in moo? I’ve a few…thousand 😀 stories to share.

do you remember when you noticed you never could duplicate the macdonalds signature taste at home? do you remember the foam container that if they were thhhaaat harmful, we’d never get chinese takeaway or bar leftovers with them…. do you remember that first bite dribbling all over your shirt or blouse. do you laugh at me for thinking it’s time to croon jimmy buffet’s “cheeseburger in paradise” yet you’d feel right at home if it was on at the neighborhood haunt?

do you remember laughing when bk tried making the bigmac ripoff the big king? I feel heartsick for having tried that chicken version lately and no longer being the purist I once was.


self improvement slippage.

I can’t remember shite like I could even a month ago. I have entirely succeeded at my makeover me plan of relying on blunt pattern to drive my existance. “going with the flow” I am not supported in me making critical steps forward within these little details of daily minutie. I am however not losing ground just the feeling I’ve left my soul somewhere else.

today’s movie portions was finishing the other half of “the lower depths” by akira kurosawa. I like how this movie unlike the bundled french version of the same let it not end happy/resolved but “real” the play is russian which has a taste of what is available to those of us who get translations of chinese novels where we know it’s just not going to end happy.

crime and punishment – dostoevsky
russian 1860’s ish lit.
rice – tsu tong
chinese modern

I’m saying I enjoy some media that isn’t glowing and or uplifting but “real” I don’t enjoy REAL crime per say and such but that doesn’t mean I don’t cringe at what is agatha christie in this modern age or

omar the wizzard of persia. 30’s crime drama

I would like to put in a word now about pendantry

to become president under US constitutional law one must be:
a citizen of over 35 years of age, having resided in the usa 14 years at least and furthermore having been born a natural citizen as in within the usa’s states.

the pendantry here is one cannot be president without being elected.

this is somewhat purile as argumets go. but it is an amusing question from within the game mindtrap.

a thuroughly useless game for to play with those of a functionally 3 year old mindset/abilities when even I after the day of being calm cool and collected am not edgy mind-wise and or sharp…. 😀 but perhaps you’ve little hooligans in your house who want to know it alllllll

like trick questions of how much dirt is in a whole 3 x 33 x 99999 as in who cares the pointbeing 0 x anything is 0 unless 0 dividng 0 equals 1. or some silly junior high advance algebra crapinski like that.

I fell for it oh the cussing!!!

well it is time to return to what movies I’ve remaining and more beer. because I have cancelled the miracle pills autoship and provided critical information about how to reason with me and others of negative opinions because I got a random call of great importance to be invited to a meeting on this miracle pill and it was a delight please lets be kind, it’s just that I feel I’m not advancing socially into this new me but just a rarely used miracle mark for the suckering , I’m becoming forgetful and I wasn’t ever the most logical. why didn’t I skip to the chase and did up the dirt prior to purchase. or simply say rather be dead in aplague pit because free tends to cost a whole lot how much no thanks. bummer if this ias the new microsoft mega oppurtunity as even snake oil can be but most mlms are just I work you get paid. or yeah, I’m pretty but Iwant to control some of the joy of together meaning I’m instantly and forever avoiable and suspect so far so big surprise I’m as grandly datable. I wonder for this moment of lower ebb that I’m… slipping.

I know I’m re-angling. I know I’m learning. it just that I’m asked to question my path. hopefully this isn’t too long a trial.