:) aftermath.

I neglected to attach a card to my lil offering, a nifty lil pumpkiin of the season. πŸ˜€ that makes for a delicious day spent figuring out it had to be who was it? πŸ˜€ yes, I did do that. kinda slick timing as I managed a booboo about being a moment late which isn’t an often occurance that doesn’t of course somehow excuse out from being work related. I need my meds sunday and got them on late lunch….I was 8 minutes late into a scheduled time and believe me It wasn’t intentional nor cool I just don’t aim to do that…but having an i’m sorry gift there already… kinda slick πŸ˜€ heheheh

monday food intake before I forget
3 wine early am weeee!
wake to visit mom’s taco bell was slated for breakfast, toastada ala dolar menu and burrito supreme
1/3 udi’s pepperoni pizza gluten free
3 toasts one with turkey on toasted, two with toasted and mayo
3 hotdogs simply toaster ovened
2 beers 3 wines for evening
and one 8 oz worth over 3 sparkling soda watered and iced in champagne flute juice spritzers
peach mango ala target where the clum at the pharmacy refused to open box me a few syringes as she didn’t want to find me in her system not thee system…which I’m most certainly in…not keen on that target πŸ˜€ king soopers across the street did it with 3 people in line ahead of me in less time than it took me to ask at target with no one there.

I tried to set up for a showing of my little margie the fifties tv offering but wouldn’t it figure I hadn’t the exact cords and lol bought what should have been the right one when I a needed two but b the tv there didn’t accept that type of connection and laptop isn’t loud enough with all this new fangled safety levels to be heard over people who want to talk with this in the background about memories!
poor mom again had the ghoul that it internal things being slow and those are, once in a while dhcp switches addresses points for the internet and it takes ex period of time to reset… no internet and all it would have been should she have known is a reset the equipment and then it’d be better behaved… but when I got there it logged online automatically πŸ˜€ ghouls of electronics. :D(my best guess as I too was up at one am and it didn’t wanna work the turd across town same service and πŸ˜€ )
I went shopping on the way home at my town’s target not mom’s and of all the bloody things, I got vegetarian razor meals
masala chick peas and rice
vegetarian stuffed shells which actually is offputting labeling to me but it’s manicotti florentine and that to ME sounds better advertizing than the other
pot pies,
a meatloaf freezer thing
sweet italian sausage and required buns this time
a half gallong of milk as I didn’t finish the last half gallon. but who’d touch 2 week expired milk?
lunchmeat turkey

doodleicious by tracey hare – dare ya to google search it.
and a mp3 playere where I couldn’t spot one and almost despaired of having to ask that awful question, do you guys still sell those old fashioned mp3 players?

now I know I’ve a lot of prep stuff. I do. I’m even posessed with a round of soups likely my lunches at work. but πŸ˜€ consider one thing, you can see that I’m not in the habit of cooking and I’m not going to be in it with not a damn thing in the house to make so I figure that I might as well learn to cook and eat at home then worry about cooking cooking.

I thought the doodleicious book was neat as it’s all girl pink….that didn’t sound right… but it offers pages where much of the scene is there but little whole for one to put their imagination into it onto the page. this is a picture concept versus me explaining it this imagination crap. I look forward to it providing a spark of more interest than I currently have.

so, I got shot at a fine month of neat things. let’s see the numberss improve. I hope to erroniously interpret them into being an hour lunch perk for me just in time not to be fully able to use it DEAD of winter :D… there’s always books πŸ˜€

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

10 replies on “:) aftermath.”

remember, you could see for yourself over time exactly all I consume. this means I’ll look exactly like a sinner in someone’s eyes. but over time this is what I have chosen/choose so to make changes is also a deliberate effort.

pretty nice. I think orange is the best choice. Let it never be said I won’t take a pumpkin for a bribe.

I can make a nice turtle bean one. a potato cheese, otherwise, I’m not to up on the world’s soups that I’d lend my name to my handab out. I mean I can stock up a standard chicken noodle/grandma’s chicken noodle too. but I’m more into refried beans than anything πŸ˜€ so, I haven’t practiced all the soups… like I can make a bechamel from scrath and the ensuing alfredo or green bean casserole with creminis cooked in butter or add fried clams for the new england clam… but I’ve not done up a new england clam per say. hugs to the souper your are ma’am of soul.

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