Swan Supper.

food intake was
a couple of coffee’s black
6 diet pops which have a sodium notation but otherwise calorie free
one four am glass O wine mmm if I didn’t note that already
lunch portions mixed veg and mashed potato and gravy with 2 negligable bites turkey that was all I could manage
2 oz cheese slices
3 small grabs 3/4 c best polite to reality guesses chex mix
4 oz dip
2 tblspoons frontera chipotle sala
3 oz chips either way toal to over guess 4 butter club type cracker, 5 multigrain round type cracker
4 whole candy corn or maybe 20 calories sugar there. maybe.

didn’t win at scratch lottery and mom’s 11.5/6 gallon tank took 12.5 gallons to fill not lucky 😀 there anyways nor in hurry to return!

one of the gang found and restored to functional /clean a 70’s80’s era pachinko game. I cant figure out the fundamentally supposedly simple workings after 3 different examples diagramed so feel silly and have a foggy idea about a forrest for the trees simpler version sorta of clockwork traps and specificallly changable games with of course different odds. maybe that’d be neat. but in general pachinko is today’s neat lookup.

if I noted the wine, oo la la I’m having one

if not boo, it’s nearing bed time either way.

I feel I had a somewhat successfull work week with a few boogers of worthy note one being huge and ‘ll get a holler for deservedly. I’m on target for a new month to gain some data about the hunt to try and be after a new angle of life the one I create versus the cards dealt me…where if it’s dead end so the hell what? perks are free if one realizes the game of extorting a compliment not given that if perk is gained so is the pseudo affirmation otherwise they’re just buzzrds after a carcass nothing unual about workplace feelings 😀 but I’m hoping to collect data to file for a nothing personal to me or my desires method of seeking what I want as they deterine what may suit me 🙂 but in reality is just a good business idea of consideration…I want an hour lunch, I’m fairly sure this alters my schedule in ways that can be shown by patterns to elevate a weekend person’s obtaining the best of the day possible. you and I both know it’s to get a shot at a breath of freedom as I can not drive I cant go anywhere nor really get much done me worthy,…oh sure it’s ample but it’s actually somewhat if provably ill suited to my day and shedule of how to serve others best 😀 famous last words thinking I know how to serve others best. but that’s where numbers come in useful.

to mom’s is planned for more program vetting.

the sydney swans LOST to the whoever hawks in what was my worst installment of an AFL australian football league grand final or, swan supper.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

9 replies on “Swan Supper.”

I saw a movie that featured a pachinko parlor. Apparently there are millions of Japanese women addicted to the bustle and noise. It seemed totally depressing to me.

“Swans” are a football team? How lame is that?! Reminds me of the “Alouettes”. I’d be ashamed. Might as well call themselves the Weenies.

for all the threatening, t was a mike rowe’s dirty jobs episode on how with a mangler of a machine to defeather a bird and I’ve read a story here or there where hey didn’t bother that much and had burnt hair dreams thanks to an old now demolished sears hair salon by the back restroom…remembrances. 😀 although I’ve never whacked a canada goose nor have I burnt feather that i ever can remember. 😉 though I do knowthat simple flouringed pan fried duck breast I have at alamo’s I know it was alano but shh! americans like getting things wrong! oh yum and no offense, It actually fairly good we do as a rule as it’s a memory association technique and thus the best blessing sometimes is the memory 🙂 so no, I don’t know if goose, swan quail pheasant are any good. I know cornish game hens are I know I’m told anyways that deevil ray is the darker red of fake seafood which isn’t fake at all….and all my memories of imitation “crab” are not hopeless but also not fond, I remember getting canned crab pretty label at the asia mart and vomit city on opening that tin…and I mean it was propperly prepared and stored disgusting! not bad! serious NOT bad just too much for me… so lol I’m still not up on the home done crab rangoon I remember that I hope I find it before I forget only that I have a memory of it. I cant consciously do crab legs either same with crawfish / crayfish, as in animal… I do like softshell crab a lot all nicely fried 🙂 be honest 😀 what is some of the things lol that YOU HAVE tried that aren’t perhaps mainstream dailies?

I’ve had shark…and some other more normal ocean things like crab, squid (I didn’t like squid) I like most fish I’ve tried…and lobster, etc…hmm…In my life time I’ve, also, had frog legs, elk, deer, bear, squirrel, quail, dove, pheasant, duck, etc…I didn’t like squirrel…but grew up with hunters/fishermen who provided meat for the table that way. Bear is really tasty! But, mostly as an adult I’ve eaten mostly fish and chicken.
I have a dirty crush on Mike Rowe. 😉 I’ve had it for years now. 😀

have you ever heard a story 20 years old and then saw a picture?.. a recent picture?
and anyways it’s not the picture it’s entirely whois behind the wrinkles 😉 and in the depiction of character as she’s an actress or was, what a crabapple delight!

miss dianna trent, waiting for god/bbc

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