gathering lint of successful sweaters.
this is Omar the wizzard of persia. I’ve vetted it is safe enough as secular entertainment for MY purposes and group. but I want it handy as

I get to include more things this month I’m interested in.

I’ve no use for the adventures of johnny dollar insurance investigator. save one of my adult reader might like it but as a group thing no chance. the right way to handle michigan is with applejack? *sound of bottle being decorked* um 😀 but no 😀 in the public playlist.

selections here have yet to be vetted, but there’s potential, considering I wiki there’s 1600 some episodes available of the 5000 made… a great tv show is 52 to sydicate properly, a greatly successful show is like the near 200 of startrek tng, red green show did 300 some. but something of format should be considered 5000 by fifteen minute episodes? far easier to produce, 30 minute television video or an hour? much more of a struggle but not just because of ideas.
a website of the old look of one sponsor of the show, horlicks malted milk, yes, it exists in 2010’s but it brings up food. any of you farties remember malted milks? surprisingly, they’re not impossible to find but they’re sure rare. and thus 😀 considering health and safety I have another hope this old timey stuff catches on as what better way to be back in the day than malted milks and radio? my connections about the world say wendy’s australia may sell an actual malted.. jim’s burger haven of denver go to 88 and pearl! and remember places may offer them but few mmenu point promte them.;-harriet-upholstering-ep-2
because this was first radio, ozzie and harriet.

other programss are early tv and this one that doesn’t seem likel to woo a lady audience, ” the cisco kid” for those of you who don’t know how to read complicated gobbligook url language here’s also a lesson to you might see this to you’re own uses 🙂
http:// = what to do tith the follow chere this goes mainlyly not specifically
shows/ I’m on the seventh page of 140 listing into this as I start out deep
the-cisco-kid/ the show title if you knew how they wrote all the titles you could interchange this for other titles/episodes
watch/dangerous-shoemaker-95989/ the actual instance point and episode again without knowing thier ordering and titleing letter for letter, knowing how to change computery goop is nice to know but not useful… but, remember because that is useful and maybe you’ll like to see stuff you’ve never heard of but by popular songs reference/allusion.

war- “the cisco kid”

if it wasn’t for this song, I’d never have clicked the show.

and again, I haven’t any big hope for a punchm up passing muster with lady approved television for from the old times. but as you see, I’ve at least 140 shows with episodes to watch. and a cute commercial for chef pepperjack? gotta look that up to be offkey again or mail to hmn who thinks food like me… I know 😉 and santa’s watched the rise from good to bad 😀
yes new and old ads are worth investigation I know it sucks having to wait 5 years through them as most of the time we don’t want that junk. but still. I thought the above during the cisco kid was funny a video game about cooking that wasn’t boring old burgertime?

speaking of food,
dietary intake as I’m trying to note the real stuff not the guesses
I had 4 cookies and cream hershey’s kisses and 1/4 serving of the brach’s caramel machiatto candy corn
one whole beer yesterday that’s progress!
burgerking sausage and cheese and I like their snap of texture sausage.
taco bell bean burrito as I had to cruise home during lunch for the meds which I still forgot to take. there just isn’t the feeling of time for them/me I work on that.
I had 3 slices of toast after the nap with mayonaiise which oddly I like 😀 and 6 halls cherry which to me is the best candy almost ever! I’m werid I like weird spicey things

thus for record I haven’t had meds past d vitamins a candy, since thursday 7:19 is pm round one and 7:30 ish round insulin pm.

as you might imagine I felt lousy from waking but oddly the saving grace wasn’t more starving which by the way I suspect is why I got diabetes anyways skipping things til there wasn’t anything left to skip but a lil bit of me. but yeah busy as I was late back 8 minutes into activity and ouch bad, I did have a great amount of activity in but live and die by timing and paperwork, I’m still 20& better than the place penalized by state review but still ouch. and I rushed! crap crp crap. like that wont be something mentioned

well to the diet pepsis. no, I didn’t make 1500 calories yesterday. but I ate. sausage/cheese 260 cal
190 burrito
salt wise oh god just at the fast foods, 1800mg irritating as taco bell used to be a tad high salt but relatively healthy! now remember I fact check

Click to access MenuNutritionInformation_November2012.pdf

as my fitnesspal was fucking wrong. it’s 330 calories for the sausage and cheese and 750mg not 0 mg sodium. they list 250 which is for the ham version of the muffin sandwich.and as I say 0mg sodium.
but as I say 520, 200 in candy 120 beer 400 toast with mayo 1240 being fairly quick about math and lets not talk fat calories as I don’t count those. I didn’t make calories or salt but I lessened the damage of highly sugary bombs here and there. and I knew this minus the look but its nice to remind me that I should keep after the 1600mg sodium a day thing. that I do not remember off my head nutritionwise 😉

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “gathering lint of successful sweaters.”

Why hadn’t you had your meds?!?!
I like your link posts…you share interesting and fun links.
I’ve never seen that show…but, have always liked that song.
Linty-HUGS!!! 🙂
PS…I am currently watching episodes of Boardwalk Empire. I’m binge watching as I can. Mostly late at night when the world is snoring. 🙂

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