so much for laundry and beer…sheesh

time gets away from me when I’m just trying to amble this and that way. I went out of my usual travel cycle to fix a problem I knew how to fix for ages, it’s just not a fix for my time. I fooded it up. Ithought I didn’t need to tip as well as I did but glad I did. I’m home and my major moment needfuls aren’t touched.

I need to laundry so I’ll be about as brief as i can here.
I didn’t get my beer for home and lounge swilling suds
I hit two places I liked, landau arms- highland’s ranch and mckinner’s pizza littleton
I paid my target card over the balance owed as in paid off entirely plus.

I didn’t spot shoes at target, they offered 7 total styles
I got cod tostadas happy hour offer, cup of soup and a swithwicks courtesy of landau arms where I asked for m little table in the corner. oo I forget the beer and handful of cornnuts..
I got an apricot dry dock and pierogies at mckinner’s
I missed a LOT of busses and now to rush in a load so folks can sleep and pell mell to kmart to get them paid down. I have soups for next month as I expect to prove a point in action that 1pm is late and most are just konching out for after lunch naps so I ordered my schedule to offer later afternoon formal visits…this means rush to work or lose a half hour leaving earlier, and no lunch whereas I can! do dinner but who’d stay often for THAT?
now laundry

oh and if you’d like I’ve black box malbec.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “so much for laundry and beer…sheesh”

I get the impression beer is on your shopping list most of time… ? Chocolate is on mine. I meant to do laundry today and did not but you sound more productive – or maybe just busy – than I. I’ve done very little. On the up note I’ll have a lunch/dinner with a good friend this afternoon. peace & smiles

lol, ma’am I dare you to walk into or puroose online and adult beverage offering of usa, I have gotten my way through a lot of choices available. however yes, it does enter my mind that while it’s nice to know the “right things” it comes at serious costs. and don’t think sugar isn’t kind to my mornings. so yeah I like beer …a lot. but even work on changing some living points successfully so it isn’t a shorter enjoyment 🙂

I don’t know if you’ve heard of forreters life insurance but since you’re not a lady’s night soul, something similar might be up your alley…that isn’t tornadic. free outtings nearly quarterly. yes basketball games, elitches gardens.. those are two I managed with mom that offers you planning and an outting with yourself or a friend 🙂 sometimes many. I jus hope you’ll remember that magic things are out there and it is budget friendly or workable too 🙂 good luck. if not consider that a museum pass and semi weekly teas isn’t a fun bit of exercise 😀

Hope you got your laundry done. And I imagine beer helps a person get through the drudgery of laundry.
A root beer gets me through the sorting, pre-soaking, washing, drying, folding, ironing, hanging up, putting away….whew 😮
Now I’m tired! 😉
HUGS!!! 😛

I know I did the wash and switched it to the dryer but I don’t remember putting it up so what wasn’t work is now re for that detail oopie 😀 hugs speeaking of rootbeer, I got a twelve of diet mug 🙂

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