out of three

pond rings ripple out
in bigger rings but less matters
as its less than new.

I know who you can blame for the thought but perhaps they’d not like such credit.

here it is wednesday of the wok most social and explorative to me 8 am. I being up just before six. I still haven’t mustered myself fully. I’m on caffeinated beverage number #2. I will say that albeit fridge chilled and thus beyond boring, there is still magic none the same in a slice of sourdough. diet pepsi as with any can is convenient and I admit I’m a can-a-holic. not persay an alcoholic, but I sure do have a problem with convenience. I did muster the oomph to make freshly ground coffee…yes, surprise! I cleaned my grinder and ground the coffee and wiped it again ready to be looked at upon next use to be cleaned again… because of course I cant see like you can nor think straight in the mornings or at all tasks anyways so I have to care and it takes longer and is more arduous for me. but as I say, it’s 8:05am during the most social time of my week of weeks and as you might guess by tone, I’m not yet motivated.

today I shall make use of that copper heart pan to maybe make hear shaped popcorn treats ala boozed again jello jolly rancher watermelon with that booze up of more watermelon flavor to counter the corn takeaway of watermelon pucker. you ought instantly remind me to have fire supression on hand as alcohol burns and I intend to do just that, heat it sufficiently. this minus calls to the fire department of brother about tragedy is my hope and it requires me to venture to the store and clean not one but 3 spaces then disinfect my working area. this is to say I am sure main house kitchen which has a metal range hood meaning less danger if things get exciting cooking 😀 has to have a wash down and disinfection. before that I must by this new habit cycle attend first to my own space needing a tidy and thus of course clean up after myself for the third space attended. I know you don’t care per say or this is overstating the obvious, but I can’t seem to do things out of order anymore. I have me this new problem called growing old that means I must do it a certain way or its wrong past salvation always.

thus if I can be out at one of the nine hour’s two buses, I can collect my bus pass, tickets for bus as los what a surprise I’ve fallen short and must plan ahead to scrimp twice if I want to succeed. collect my favorite nuclear corn as I don’t want to wash even one more pot/lid. and both jellos and then across the lot at the booze shack watermelon pucker. right now I’m considering food color as I don’t mind the jello approah but I want orange but not specifically that tang orange flavor…so I might have to adjust a lemon to being orange. I wont have time to buy the black food color unless by magic walmart actually decides to be useful which if I hit the first of the nines can be done and get that walk in and mosey over to the …why must I kings oh yeah bus pass/tickets too. and thus I c an lounge some on home coming.

it’s now 8:25 and I lost my flow. again. my coffees almost icey. I’m half stoned off caffein again for the umpteenth time this year and it really isn’t help motivate me. I guess I can sum this up with that I know I have issues. I know I only need put the energy to them I complain I’m out of to like exercise in the physical world get more oomph by oomphing. or, shut up and do it! Sorry if you made it this far.. or shame on you for thinking I’d be nice and orderly to summarize in a concluding paragraph.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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